7:: Eat Shit, Billy Boy!

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I hope you guys enjoy this extremely belated AU train ride, cuz for some unknown reason its route was a *total a pain in my ass* to map out 😦 There are currently like four versions of it. Yeah, I know I’m a lil bitty insane what can I tell y’all. Welcome to my Crazy of obsessiveness and self-doubt. Thankfully my awesome beta is there to tell me to get the eff outta my own head and get a move on. Thank you jules3677 and treewitch7031!

Now let us get this train moving. Hold on tight it’s going to be a jerky one.

Full speed ahead y’all ! 🙂


Oh, Eric Northman was most definitely in full berserker mode, actually scratch that, he had now obtained permanent residency in Apeshit Nutsville, Zip code CRAZY. His new phone number was 1-800-EAT-SHIT ext. Billy Boy and his ID picture was a high resolution snapshot of Eric shoving the asshole’s flaccid excuse for a dick down his haughty throat.

Bill Compton’s eyes conversely were bristling with challenge in response. His physical demeanor radiated far greater authority than it ought to for the State Vampire Investigator of the Queendom of Louisiana. His tone was one of someone addressing a lowly underling caught in treason, his expression supercilious. He strode to the front of the room to confront the arrogant Viking. Why everyone was so eager to bend over figuratively and literally for the egomaniac was beyond Bill, the self-proclaimed computer expert, whose data encoding was clearly still being processed on a punch card. For Bill the entire Supe community was either too cowardly or too blinded by superficial aesthetics to acknowledge the enormous threat Northman and his just as unruly rogue horde of Ancients imposed. A smirk spread across Bill’s fugly face, not because he thought he could take them on, but because he had worked hard to put himself in a position that could grant him the power to do so. He had big plans for the children and the annihilation of the almighty Sheriff in the process was just a delightful bonus he would gleefully sanction. Add his snobbish Childe to the mix by publicly confessing to her infraction of draining a youngling and it was a great night to be a State appointed figure. Indeed!

The prosperity of Billy’s unexceptional existence was heavily intertwined with the destiny he had mapped out for the miniature bloodbags and himself by association. It would be unfortunate, if the boy had perished as they claim, but then again it was the perfect opportunity to attest to the Queen of Northman’s ineptitude as a law enforcer plus Bill can make do with only one of the children just as well. If all went according to plan he would rule the entire Supe Community in due time.

Eric was not aware of Billy’s precise intent, however the weasel was already marked for execution the instant he opened his mouth and if Eric was ever to discover Billy’s true objective, let just say the obliteration of the bombastic cretin’s entire bloodline would not be enough to pay for his grievous sins.

“As you know I abhor the idiocy of the 2 for 1 bargain, but as my Master previously informed you Compton, tonight wasn’t my finest hour. Accidents tend to happen when sharp fangs are involved. The offensive rags you deemed clothes are prime example.” Pam answered immediately with an impressive mixture of ghastly boredom and revulsion in her effort to quickly put the issue to rest before Eric lost his shit and did something impulsive like rip the moron’s head clean off with his bare hands in front of a room full of witnesses.

“It’s State Inspe …” Bill hissed in indignation, but Pam hurriedly disregarded him and his impertinent outfit. She had way bigger problems at this point and virtually no time to rectify the situation.

Eric had obviously fled the cuckoos’ nest of rationality, because even though both kids were alive, albeit not kicking yet, that did not stop him from roaring internally in outrage over the implication of her words. She wasted no time in averting her eyes to the ground as she bared her neck in display of unconditional submission.

“If it pleases this court and my Master I would take any additional punishment for my poor lack of control.” She spoke hastily in humble voice interjecting before the pompous idiot. If ripping her ass a new one for Eric to subdue his irrational fear, so be it. Maybe that would get her out of the whole Walmart calamity, one could only hope.

Cranky Eric was an unbearable pain in the ass to begin with, but apparently cantankerous Daddy Northman was a force not even facetiously to be reckoned with. All of this over some troublesome Fairies? The one Supe species that Eric despised with a zeal for their never ending fuckary, as he was so found of putting it. Pam just did not get it, but if her Master fancied a coitus with a wild grizzly bear just for shits and giggles by golly she will wrestle the damn rancid pelt herself into compliance. There was nothing she would not do for her Maker. Her devotion simply ran that deep, including taking the blame in front of the entire population of Area 5 for something she definitely did not do.

“A thousand silver lashings will do nicely for her offence, Sheriff.” Andre spoke instantly. He just could not help dropping his fangs and purring in satisfaction. He had waited far too long to see her grovel on all fours, before an audience no less. “I hold the highest title here, so I will be executing the order.” He proclaimed domineeringly, while stroking his raging hardon.

The thought of mangling that porcelain perfect skin of hers was doing all kinds of things to Andre’s psychotic personality.

There was no stopping it.

Eric lost it entirely.

Bill looked like he was on the verge of saying something, but after seeing the lethal blaze in Eric’s eyes he froze immediately.

“You ever so much as touch what is MINE and that pubescent phallus you are so fond of jacking will not be the only thing you will lose permanently.” Eric roared with such venom the whole building shook. His right hand moved faster than the majority of vampires could follow as it tightened like a vice around the Queen’s dearest Childe embryonic testicles. “MY Childe has already been dealt her due punishment to MY satisfaction. Pam’s next month will be undead hell, which is far beyond what Area 5 laws mandate for such a crime. “ He hissed through clenched fangs inches away from Andre’s contorted face in unbearable pain as Eric kept squeezing tighter and tighter.

Fuck a Zombie and that swampy shithole Arkansas for their Walmart fuckary! Pam just kept praying her precious babies, that Eric was so keen on holding hostage, survive his foul mood for the next month and return home safely to their mother!

“That goes for all of you. Touch what is MINE and NO mercy would be shown to you or yours. Am I understood?” Eric thundered.

A vibration from the collective nods of the attending vampires rang throughout the conference room.

All five of the Queen’s representative were surrounded by Ancients and their sharp swords pressed against their necks before Eric even descended into his mini tirade.

It was well known in the Supernatural community that Eric Northman answered with an unconscionable savagery, even for vampire standards, to so much as a mere hint of threat to his progeny and self. More so where his Childe was concerned. When he first turned Pam he almost lost her to an idiot who saw her as his ticket to get vengeance on the Viking. The level of barbarity with which Eric reacted at the time was a clear warning to the entire Supe world that the Northman’s Childe was sacrosanct. Period. No one ever attempted again and to ensure it stays that way Eric took the position of Sheriff. This gave him enough status and power, without the headache of running a kingdom, and surrounded Pam with the strongest warriors he knew. It was not just him who had an atypically close relationship with Pam either, all the Ancients perceived her as their own baby vamp ever since she rose. That was also the reason why she took her vacations as far away as possible from the new world and her ample folks. Well, all Ancients with the exception of Thalia, but the feeling was all mutual. Who in their right mind accessorizes with a sword twice their size? Like Seriously? No one that Pam was willing to publicly acknowledge any kind of association with, that’s for damn sure.

“You will pay for this Northman!” Andre roared painfully from his fetal position on the floor.

“Put it on my tab. Pam get the Queen’s Second in Command some cold blood, again.” Eric smirked from above.

She was gone and back in under a second. No way Jose, was she missing this genius performance of ‘A modest little person, with much to be modest about’.

“The Queen will never let you get away with this, Northman!” Pam’s Supe Stalker kept hissing between large gulps of virtually frozen blood.

Eric only raised his signature eyebrow in challenge. Just try me asshole!

That shut the Andre right up. For the last 75 years Eric held a big black cloud over him and never let him forget it for a second. During a real estate negotiation with representatives from the Daemon realm psychopathic little Andre lost his cool as per usual and killed them in a fit of rage. It was his second unprovoked offence in less than a century and the Supernatural Council was going to have his head for it more than likely, if the Queen did not beat them to it. Eric, the true opportunist that he was, covered for the impulsive idiot. Of course the Council did not buy any of the shit he was selling them, but they also would not miss on a prospect of punishing the Viking into a contract of two jobs he was due to execute as a Great Enforcer on their behalf for each Daemon he claimed he slew. Not to mention the small fortune Eric was ordered to pay the Prince of Daemons and Andre was left with no choice, but stare at him with nothing but pure hatred.

In the Supe world there was no such thing as a favor. There was only being in debt and Eric was a master in amassing a fortune of them.

Eric just kept repeating to himself the two reasons the jackass twins Andre and Bill were still undead to calm himself. Not to mention the shitload of paperwork that would follow.

One: He needed to find out why Billy Boy was so fixated on HIS little ones and TWO: he really didn’t want to be a fucking King of all things.

Naturally seeing the little shit screaming his head off in insufferable agony on the floor soothed Eric’s tightly wound nerves. The satisfaction of turning Andre’s miniature privates into a bowl of bloody gruel did wonders to brighten his mood. Vampires are not a sympathetic bunch by any means, nonetheless all males in attendance were unconsciously guarding their own soldiers at the sight of Andre writhing in front of them. No one was going to lend him a helping hand, Queen’s dearest Childe or not. If anything they were enjoying the show on principle. With only a glance from their Chief, all Ancients were back in their seats, like they were not just a second ago ready to rage war like total lunatics. All Eric wanted at this point was to get the meeting over with so he could return to HIS family. A feeling so foreign he had no point of reference for, was starting to rise within him and he did not like it one bit. He had mastered suppressing his emotions so profoundly that he was incapable of recognizing that what he was experiencing, was, that, he was simply missing them.

All it did was make him irritated and he was more than ready to wrap up this little shindig.

“What is the plan of action?” an Ancient Spartan warrior and former High Enforcer asked next. Leave it to Tyndareos to only care about the upcoming skirmish with the Union.

Before Eric could answer him, the bond with his Maker busted wide open and a massive wave of calm and an urgency for caution flooded his body. His phone simultaneously vibrated signaling the arrival of a new text message, which he was not done reading yet when Billy’s annoying southern drawl viciously minced through his core like a silver stake.

The fucking cocksucker just didn’t know when to shut the fuck up.

“There are still events surrounding the bombings that need to be accounted for, Sheriff. Where are the supposed bodies of the two children you claim dead?” Bill asked in an officious tone with his hands clasped behind his back.

‘DO NOT end him Viking…..’ read the clear as day decree from none other than the Ancient Pythoness. It continued to say some other shit that Eric had no interest in. Just as he no longer cared to discover why the asshole’s sole focus was on HIS little ones and he showed no interest in their breathtaking mother.

The beast inside him had broken through its cage like it was some kind of a bad joke and was now crying a call for battle, for carnage and savagery the world had never experienced before.

All bets were off as far as Eric was concerned! He saw, heard or tasted nothing, but a burning red bloodlust.

Was Eric in his right mind to consider the consequences of having a room full of witnesses seeing him rip the head of a State appointed figure, just because the dimwit rubbed him the wrong way?

That would a big HELL NO.

Was he rational to contemplate the dreadful punishment The Supernatural Council inflicted for behavior such as that and not to mention the field day they would have over him not acquiescing to a formal decree?

That would be a big fat FUCK NO! Not when HIS Angels safety was concern.

Fuck them and their pain in the ass bureaucracy of three signed copies.

Let them fucking come!

He had a long overdue score to settle with those conceited fuckers anyway.

What got Eric’s blood literally boiling was the fact that the Old Bat had dragged his Maker into doing her bidding. As he was halted motionless under a Maker’s Command before William T. soon to be truly dead one way or another Compton was even done getting his first word out. The piece of shit was singing his words in some kind of self-deluded triumph.

First off, how fucking convenient of the meddling bitch to finally drop that enigmatic twaddle and get right to the point and even more enraging was the question of since when did her murky eyesight clear enough for her to be fucking text messaging? The fact that she could have been doing that all along and spare him listening to her croaky nonsense all those times just brought Eric to an unprecedented level of fury. Most importantly, since when did his Maker and the Old Bat become such bosom buddies? The mutual love those two exhibited for each other was why the Supernatural Council opted of having separate sessions for the new and old world after all.

A second Maker’s Command shredded through his core like silver poisoning in less than a second forcing him to read the text message in its entirety. The pain one experienced under such command was excruciating, to put it mildly. There was nothing gradual about it either, it tore through you and took over your mind and flesh before you knew what had transpired. Leaving you only with the sensation of its sought after directive. Your blood literally became a solitary extension of your Maker’s needs and desires. Had he been any ordinary vampire and not one with a very unfortunate dark history that trained him to build up an uncanny resistance to torture Eric would have been convulsing in pain on the floor right now.

If Eric was pissed off up to this point he was now fucking livid with anyone and everyone interfering regarding to HIS living family. Bloodlust was radiating off Eric at a level even Accalu was unacquainted with, in all honesty the Ancient vampire was not convinced that even the Viking’s own Childe would be spared.

‘DO NOT end him Viking for he abets thy sprawling darks!’ read the rest of the Ancient Pythoness message.

All that Eric had learned tonight came rushing on to the surface.

They are coming. The paths are to cross once more, strive for abeyance shadows. Now that you have claimed them, they are no longer hidden to those, who seek to destroy them. A very powerful Magic, one Eric never encountered before was unleashing like a plague into the Earth realm.

Eric instantly changed tactics. There were too many players on the proverbial chess board and too much at stake for him to lose focus on the end game or worse show his one and only weakness; his devotion to HIS family. Something Eric was still trying to wrap his head around. Was this overwhelming need to claim them as HIS going to cause his downfall? Were the Fairies behind all of this and was HIS family just a trap to lure him in? Could he even walk away from them? The thought of continuing without them scorched his undead heart. The moment her first lay eyes on them Eric was more than enthralled by them, he felt a Pull towards them more powerful than any he had heard of. He plainly sensed the purpose of his entire existence being spellbound to theirs and if waging a war with the entire Supe world was how he was going to keep them, then, so be it. He was never letting them go, they were HIS and only HIS for eternity.

One thing was certain Compton was not only privy to their existence, he was the key to defeating whoever was after them and maybe even the Union itself.

Feeling the change in his Childe’s attitude his Maker quickly released his hold on Eric, but continued to closely monitor their bond. At least that nuisance was over, Eric thought. The pain of his Maker’s Commands were really starting to annoy the hell out of him.

And phone number two for the night was also reduced to million pieces.

Pam could not help, but give Eric a dirty look over his childish behavior. He smirked at her, feeling utterly vindictive in finally succeeding in his desire to obliterate something, anything.

“Where are their bodies, Sheriff?” Bill hissed through his fangs, frustrated over being so blatantly ignored.

Eric raised his signature right eyebrow. Did he look like someone who would leave evidence laying around for all to find?

“Their bodies are in a bayou filled with alligators that I would gladly take you to, but there’s no guarantee you will be leaving in one piece. You are testing my patience with frivolous matters, Billy Boy! Such behavior is not conducive to one’s continued existence in my Court.” Eric spoke harshly. “More importantly, my sources are not producing any valuable suspects on the Union front.” he snarled angrily as he tossed the shattered phone components on the table in front of him.

The surrounding vampires visibly relaxed discovering the cause behind his sudden ire, though none of them was stupid enough to think that they would ever be in the clear in the presence of the Viking or his little band of lethal Ancients.

“As the Queen’s personally appointed State Investigator I am bound to examine all events taking place in Louisiana and an attack on the queendom calls for the utmost specifics.” Bill spoke directly to Andre this time, as if that would get him what he wanted.

Nice try asswipe, but do not even try again. This was not the place and certainly not the company to have this heartfelt tête-à-tête regarding HIS precious Angels. The proper locale for that little party was in Eric’s personal dungeon and in the delightful companionship of countless torture devices.

“Do you have any evidence to their involvement with the bombings?” Pam’s Supe Stalker asked briskly. He was still struggling with the burning pain between his legs and was also getting irritated over Compton throwing his mommy’s name like they shared a nightly pussy buffet or some shit.

“As I was saying I am establishing, if …”

By the all mighty Odin, the fucker was getting on Eric’s last nerves.

“It is a yes or no question, Compton?” Accalu interjected impatiently. If Eric had not killed the moron yet there was only one reason. He knew or had something that his protégé was after, as Accalu himself was ready to send his pompous ass to his final death.

“No. However as I …” Billy addressed Andre in a placid tone, ignoring everyone else like their existence did not matter to someone of his stature.

“Then you are wasting this Court’s time, underling!” Tyndareos roared in exasperation, hitting the wood table so hard with his large first that it made a loud cracking noise in protest.

The self-absorbed State Investigator never broke character. The dimwit was under the misguided assumption that he was untouchable as such. Billy opened his mouth to address Tyndareos outburst.

This oughta be fucking precious, with full out load-blowing potential for the intellectual spank-bank.

Eric grinned in anticipation at the verbal diarrhea to follow.

Alas, that was far as Billy Boy got. He did not even have time to introduce himself after placing his collect call to the 1-800-EAT-SHIT number.

Alas, indeed.

The 2,600 years old Spartan, a freaking mountain of a male specimen, has had it with disrespectful little dullards the moment Andre first open his filthy mouth tonight. Like hell was he going to sit and stomach some even bigger halfwit and his ugly sideburns waste his time any longer. This warrior was interested in one thing only and that was the upcoming battle with the Union. It has been centuries since the Supe world has had a good rumble and no one in their right mind would miss such an opportunity. By the looks of all the Ancients occupying the conference table they more than concurred. The pompous underling was now fair game for first come, first served. Amendments scarcely took place in the archaic canons of the Supernatural world and one decree trumped them all.

You leave your fucking attitude two doors down the hall when addressing your elders, regardless of what title you may hold.

Tyndareos was in front of Beehl that instant. Wrenching his bottom jaw in unnatural configuration as he ripped the annoying vampire’s tongue out and tossed it unceremoniously over his shoulder like a piece of filthy garbage. The spurting blood and Billy’s ear-piercing screams of horrid agony had all the vampires spontaneously dropping their fangs.

Fucking Spectacular were the words Eric would use to describe the scene in the future, he wanted to close his eyes and relive Billy Boy’s agonizing screams as his useless yapper was forcibly removed.

“Enough! You will learn the proper protocol for addressing Court and your betters, youngling.” Tyndareos boomed, a wide open circle was instantly cleared around them. “You may speak only when spoken to and only if you have relevant information to deliver. Is that understood?”

Just another night at the office for vampires, heavyweight gouts of blood were now gushing in all directions from Bill’s mouth. He made no attempt to answer the Ancient and only screamed louder like the little bitch he was. The young buffoon went on the attack on pure instincts. Big fucking mistake, as that only resulted in him effectively being brought down on his knees with a harsh kick and an iron grip around his scrawny neck. A loud cracking noise filled the room, no doubt Campton’s knee caps were shattered to nothing on contact with the cement floor.

“Silence!” Tyndareos roared displaying his own razor sharp fangs, more incensed than ever. “Or I will silence you permanently!”

Seeing as he had no choice on the matter Billy Boy stopped resisting and fell quiet, albeit more than begrudgingly. He would bide his time for now, but this was far from over. Those kids were his golden ticket to rule the Supe world. He did however have the good sense to avert his eyes to the ground and present his bare neck in a show of submission. For now.

That put a satisfying smirk on Eric’s face. Wrong crowd to pester Billy Boy!

“Next time there will be no warning, young one. Am I clear?” Tyndareos hissed as Bill reluctantly nodded.

“This goes for all of you. Any form of disrespect or trivial interruptions of this Court will not be tolerated.” Eric added authoritatively looking directly at Bill’s broken body.

Even arrogant little Andre made himself look invisible, it was one thing to bait a vampire and a whole different ball game to egg on an already enraged Ancient like Tyndareos. Dunce Billy, however never got the memo as he attempted to get up and was subsequently kicked so brutally that his whole chest caved in as he was propelled into the adjacent wall. This time the sound of broken bones was pleasingly accompanied with a loud bang from the cement wall cracking.

“You have not been given permission to rise, young one. You are to kneel until such time passes.” Tyndareos harshly instructed.

Belatedly getting the point half-baked Billy dropped down on his knees and remained still as a statue for the duration of the meeting, he did not even dare to show the slightest hint of discomfort.

Not a second after Billy lost his ability to spew shit his cell phone started ringing like the word was on fire inside the breast pocket of his striped long-sleeved Polo shirt. Whose fashion statement, by the way, failed absofuckinglutly in its efforts to complement his just as boring pleated slacks. The ensemble only succeeded in offended Pam’s eyesight in its entirety. The whole nerd getup was just straight up begging for a major beat down. Annoyed at Bill’s continuously ringing phone Tyndareos quickly answered it and from what he knew of the useless vampire at his feet his lunatic mommy was checking on her brainless handiwork.

“What’s happening My William?” came through the panic sticking voice of his Maker Lorena Ball.

“Your disrespectful Childe was in need of a lesson in traditional standings.” Tyndareos answered her barely containing the urge to roll his eyes at the absurdity that those two have not met their true death by now.

“And who the fuck are you to tutor MY CHILDE on what’s appropriate?” she mocked threateningly.

“The name is Tyndareos and both of your elder, thus your better.” He answered not one bit intimidated as he hung up on her by crushing the phone and effectively putting the matter to rest.

If the imprudent bitch had a problem with it she can come find him. In fact he encouraged it. The cunt sounded like she too needed a major readjustment in attitude.

The mouth on youth this day was downright deplorable, just begging to be put out of their collective stupidity!

“What did you learn from the prisoners?” Tyndareos asked next vamping back to his seat.

“Paid soldiers with no direct knowledge of the Union.” Eric answered not one bit happy over that or the fact that the little lunatic Andre just had to go all batshit crazy on them before Eric could find, if they knew anything of value.

As much as it pained Eric, he pretended to ignore the two imbeciles in the room as the next half an hour he assigned each of his underlings with tasks of tracking all the FotS, witches, spies and potential government officials affiliated with the Union in his Area. They were ordered to reach out to all their contacts in all the realms to identify the mystical Supe behind the bombings. Failure was not an option. Every decision, every command was driven by his overwhelming need to protect HIS family. With the meeting at its end Eric dismissed everyone, but for his most trusted vampires and as much as he was questioning HIS family’s involvement into all current events he could hardly wait to bask in their warmth once again. Everybody, but the Queen’s representative seemed to hear him as Andre made no attempt to clear the premises.

“Are you waiting for a formal announcement of some kind Andre? Or are you in need of more blood for the road” Eric smirked.

“On the contrary Sheriff, I am here to issue you a formal edict.” Andre boastfully announced.

“Then let us hear it already.” And then get the fuck out of my face was clearly indicated in Eric’s tenor.

“Your presence is required at the Queen’s palace tomorrow. You are to answer for all of your infractions from tonight, Sheriff.” Andre screechy pubescent voice cut straight through Eric like a silver machete before he and his useless bodyguards filed past the brutalized Billy Boy and vamped out of the room like bats out of hell, but not before Andre blew a revolting kiss to HIS Childe.

With that Pam was ready to burn her clothes and skin herself in hopes to forget he ever existed.

“The offer to end your nuisance is always there, Pam.” Accalu spoke immediately, not even bothering to wait for them to be out of vampiric ear shot.

“I’ll never forgive you, if you deprive me of that honor.” That was the only date she would ever agree to with Andre.

“Eric what happened in the dungeon?” Accalu asked curiously.

“Why do ask?” Eric responded in the same manner.

Though he had no memory of his rapid visiting with HIS family in the Total Eclipse while in the dungeon, he felt the need to approach the subject with cautions.

“There was a very strong smell of powerful magic coming from there, yet Andre walked out with no trace of it on him.” Accalu stated with no readable mien.

“What do you remember of your time, while Pam and I were there?” Eric asked next, just as indifferent.

“Nothing worth noticing.” Accalu spoke thoughtfully. The rest of the vampires followed by nodding in agreement.

“But you can sense it on us?” Pam asked in a very irritated tenor.

“You reek of it.” Tyndareos hissed in discuss.

“Fuck a goddamn zombie!” Pam growled furiously. Not that she could not smell it for herself, she just refused to accept it.

“No worries Pammy, nothing that Chanel No. 5 you’re so fond dousing yourself with can’t take care of. I keep telling you it’s a dead giveaway to a hunter.” Accalu castigated, shaking his head.

“Fuck off geezer, I’m not the one who thinks dying for the day in the ground is still trendy. #solastmillennium. Do you even own a bed?” she jeered back.

“Wouldn’t you like to know, little one?” he lustily purred back.

“I’ll rather get a tan, thank you.” She deadpanned, not missing a beat.

“I’ll rip more than just your tongues out, if you waste my time any longer.” Tyndareos threatened. Those two could bicker for centuries, even immortals did not have time for that bullshit.

Eric on the other hand welcomed the normalcy, it was a nice confirmation that his sanity was indeed intact and he had not been hijacked to some alternate reality by three enticing Fairies.

“Are you telling us that nothing unusual transpired during the interrogation?” Accalu asked to which Eric only shook his head in rebuttal.

“That little fucker Andre unleashed a spell when he went all ninja on the prisoners.” Pam told them, more like vehemently hissed the words out.

That got all the vampires dropping their fangs immediately, as if someone just offered them a shot of a silver laced blood. Nothing a vampire hated more than being under the influence of some magical puppeteer, hence why Eric was having a hard time to coming to terms with the Supe origin of HIS family.

“He practically turned into an unstoppable beast. Pam and I felt bloodlust of unreal proportions, the next thing I knew there was no trace of magic anywhere in the room and we were our normal selves once again. The bloodbags’ carcasses were also like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Do any of you have any reference of origin?” Eric asked the group.

“That’s very strange. Spells always leave a trace of some kind. A change in smell, behavior, tenor of speech, hue of eye color the list is endless really and in vampires the change of glow is most common. Magic is like anything else, it has a physical form to it and thus evidence of it lingers on afterwards.” An Ancient Egyptian commented deep in thought.

During his human life Kashta was an Egyptian High Priest, which was just a fancy title for a witch and as such he possessed vaster knowledge on the subject than most. His turning put a stop on that little hobby of his, but he never lost interest on the subject. During his one and only attempted to practice magic he quickly learned that vampires are not to dabble in sorcery in any shape or form. The permanent discoloration of the left side of his body was attest to that. All perceived it as a scarring he carried over from his human life, but it was the backlash of the spell he had tried to cast. He was lucky he did not perish that night and only lost his left limbs that took painful centuries to regrow. Whoever penned the book on Supernatural rules and regulations thought that his kind were too dangerous to begin with and to allow them to wield magic would just be like giving a toddler a nuclear bomb in its Christmas stocking, therefore sorcery was forever off the table for them.

“The fact that only Andre seems to be affected is even more peculiar.” Kashta spoke to no one in particular, a million tales and myths were going through his mind and not one that would fit the given scenario.

“My Grandsire once spoke of a legend, a spell so powerful that could turn even the weakest creature into the most fearsome beast, so savage no one has ever seen the likes of. Magic older than time itself that no one in existence can sense.” Thalia looked like she was speaking under duress, she was not the social kind by any means.

“Was he just as chatty or did he by some miracle divulge what triggers the damn spell?” Pam hissed, exasperated. Talking to Thalia was like trying to get Mao Zedong or Hitler to confess their sins.

“You are welcome to ask him yourself” she barked back reaching for the sword, proudly strapped on her back.

“Enough!” Eric roared, this meeting was turning into a bigger pain in the ass than the one with Ludwig and her annoying sidekick. “Andre is unpredictable on a good day, now the fucker can go off like a Supernaturalnova at any moment.”

“I’m going to need a couple of days to reach a contact in the Gatilnic realm who may know something.” Kashta declared.

“And I’m having my spy in the Queen’s retinue devote all his time to Andre’s every move from here on.” Tyndareos added as he was vamp texting. “Are we all done here?” the Spartan inside him was more than eager for the war to commence. All this magical crap was cramping his warrior style.

“Find me all the spies in my Area, I care not what species they are nor who their Masters are. Area 5 is now closed for all political fuckary. I will personally interrogate them, so only leave their vocal cords intact, if you must. Andre gained access to the dungeon prematurely, I want to know how he did it and the idiot party responsible for aiding him slayed within an hour time.” Eric ordered, his accent clear indication that the Viking was mighty pissed off.

Area 5 of Louisiana was now officially cleaning house of all the morons, who up to this point, were left to believe that they were successful in their missions to spy on the almighty Viking. Killing spree season was officially declared operational, licenses were not needed. Eric was done playing the game of know thy enemy by keeping a close eye on them. That ship sailed the moment HIS family appeared. From now on, he was building one hell of a fortification around HIS precious Angels. With a flick of his wrist Eric dismissed the rest of his retinue and Pam did not need to be told that her undead life’s mission was now tracking Billy Boy like a fly on a shit stain. To his inner circle it was obvious that there was more to the story of the drained children, but if the Viking was keeping it under wraps it was none of their business.

Eric closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose, as if trying to prevent an oncoming migraine, something more than implausible with him being a vampire at all.

“You never could get rid of that pesky human habit of yours. This would be the fourth time I’ve seen you do it.” Accalu scolded from the other side of the conference table.

Wishing upon a star for Eric to be left the fuck alone was just not in his favor.

“And my second time for tonight” Eric clarified pinching himself twice as hard, as if that would do the trick.

“Could it have something to do with some delicious Fairies?” Accalu asked in his long forgotten native tongue with as much curiosity as he held over what outfit the Viking would be sporting during his visit to Court tomorrow night.

Eric tensed instantly. If anyone was going to figure it out it was Accalu nothing went past him unnoticed. Just as unexpectedly as before Eric’s Maker urged him to stay calm through their bond. The fuck was with everyone acting like he was the one being unreasonable where HIS family was concerned? Eric may still be emotionally coming to terms with their presence, but the fact that they took precedent over everyone and everything else the moment he laid eyes on them was something even he could not dispute.

“Relax Viking, the Old Bat had me chasing one of the Crane triplets earlier tonight. Fascinating story really, as it was right at the time Fangtasia was being bombed.” Accalu simpered, he put as much stock in coincidences as in the Easter Bunny. Zilch. “Add that to Compton, who couldn’t investigate his own murderer, if he staked him point blank, looking for two younglings like their blood was some miracle fountain and you have Fairy fuckery dust sprinkled all over it.”

“Which Crane?” Eric asked in the same language his mentor taught him so many centuries ago.

“This is where the plot gets even more interesting. It was Claudine.”

“So the rumors are false then. She can’t be ascending to Angel status, if she is in the Earth realm.” Eric commented as he was trying to figure out what her connection to HIS family was. If they were royals that was an even bigger problem to be coming his way. Claiming a family of Fairies by a vampire was a true death sentence by all means, claiming not one but three of the Royal Fairies’ family was nothing less than a Supe war for the history books.

“Viking, you are assuming folklores to be certes. These are Fairies we’re talking about.” Accalu reprimanded in a severe tone. His protégé was not one to make rookie mistakes such as this and it really pissed him off.

“And I’m guessing you were unreservedly UP for the challenge of hunting said Fairy” Eric smirked.

“Imagine my disappointment when the Fairy not only didn’t try to flee, but seem to calm down when I got there. She was more scared from what the Old Bat had to say than my fangs or my raging cock.” He laughed not believing his own words.

“I’m guessing Granny didn’t give you a reason for hunting one of the Royals.”

“Now that was even more peculiar. She skipped her usual bothersome nonsense and got right to the point with a directive of ‘get me that damn Fairy Claudine on the phone NOW’ or should I specify screamed like a mad banshee. Nearly left me for deaf. They say retirement is a bitch, but what they really should say is you turn into a secretarial bitch apparently.” He shook his head.

“Did you catch any of their conversation?”

“Of course not” He said disgustedly, “The Fairy cast a silence spell as soon as I handed her the phone. Three seconds later she popped out of there even more freaked out, like vampires just invaded her realm. The Bitch took my phone with her too.”

“No one can accuse them of not being greedy.” Eric laughed. Fucking Fairies. After a long pause he asked. “What makes you think the two events are related?”

“Even that worthless excuse for a vampire Compton can track an aroma as delicious as that. Put the two together and I’m betting the Fairy had to perform some smell suppressing spell on a last minute notice. Now are you going to tell me if we started a war with those sunshine throwing fuckers for draining their younglings or should I just pretend to be surprised when they start popping like maniacs all over the place?”

Eric stayed still as a statue as he weighed his options. Obviously there were more players than he was accounting for. Pieces on the proverbial chessboard were moving faster than the speed of light and the Old Bat was evidently trying to appoint his old friend as his trusted knight. Was Eric capable of taking on the whole Supe world by his lonely wholesome? Hell fucking yeah he was. If Eric the Norseman could not do it then none could and this was not his inflated ego talking it was simply the fact of undead life or so this humble vampire liked to believe. Yet, something within him, aside from his butting in Maker who was now sending strong waves of encouragement, was telling him that this was a battle he would need to build an army of the strongest and most fearsome warriors in order to win the war.

“I did not drain them.” To which Accalu just raised his eyebrow, an open jab to his protégé’s signature mannerism for you better start singing like a fucking canary. “I claimed them as MY OWN.” Eric finally declared having made his decision. His instincts never failed him before and he prayed to all his Gods that they were now more finely-tuned than ever for the sake of HIS family.

“Niall is going to shit a brick.” Accalu whistled in his flabbergasted state.

“Just call me Big Poppa.” Eric laughed boisterously at the absurdity of it all.

“I’ll even call you Puffy, if you tell me you seriously think you can rear Fairy children no less.” Accalu smirked.

“It cannot be that difficult.” Eric spoke with conviction.

“You do know they piss and shit themselves, right? And I’m not even getting into the whole magical aspect of what they could throw at you for disciplining them by simply taking their favorite toys away?”

“Their Mother would be taking care of the first one.” Eric dismissed the issue with a flick of his wrist. “The second, MY children will be best behaved. I will see to it.”

No way was he going anywhere near that stinky mess. He was a man, a Viking Warrior, a provider, a protector that was the woman’s responsibility. The magic, well that could be a challenge, but this Viking thrived in such an environment.

“You are crazier than I thought. You claimed their mother?” shock was written all over Accalu’s face. “And have your met your brat of a Childe?”

“You’re not helping by taking her to Paris Fashion Week every year.” Eric smirked at the sore expressing on his old friend’s face.

“I should have never made that damn bet with her. I blame you for it.” Accalu hissed.

“Hey, I am just as surprised as you that she was able to glamour that hellhound into chasing its tail for an hour.” Eric shrug his shoulders.

“As I said I blame you for her vampire gift. I assume Pam is just tickled over your decision to lay claim to the Fairies.” Accalu laughed.

“Pam was reluctant to share, but after some long overdue spanking she quickly reconsidered.” Eric smirked. “As for claiming them. I felt a Pull towards them.” Eric explained before giving his old friend the cliff notes of what has been happening tonight.

Accalu showed absolutely no reaction, while Eric was recounting tonight’s events and only left him with a growing suspicion that everyone around him knew more that they were letting on.

“That still doesn’t explains why the Fairy would be willing to aid The Pythoness in covering up something that goes against their primal instincts, like rescuing their kin.” Accalu spoke after a while.

“Beats the hell out of me. What do you know of the Crease or the Total Eclipse?”

“Nothing, never heard of them. But there is an Ancient legend of beings that don’t need the use of magic, as they are what magic is made out of. From what you are describing THY and this legend are one and the same.”

“You never met one?”

“No one has, the sunny rondure is more likely just the physical manifestation of their will in this realm.” The Ancient Assyrian spoke studiously.

After a couple seconds of much needed silence for Eric Accalu abruptly stood up.

“I need to make a visit to Dr. Ludwig.” Accalu announced.

“What for? Are you coming down with something? Old age maybe?” Eric laughed exuberantly. He always laughed hardest at his own jokes.

“Must be, because I didn’t hear a word of what you just said, asshole.” Accalu hissed back still using his mother’s tongue, the ancient diction of which made his words sound more like a final death threat than a smart comeback. “I need to see, if the little Doc has something to counteract my reaction to your extraordinary family’s aroma for the next seven days. Pam won’t be able to stop whoever is coming after them and Desi’s boys will be dead before they could blink. If whoever is after them are going to attack, it will be while you’re away at Court tomorrow. The Queen is no doubt going to lash out at you for going after Andre tonight, so be on your guard, Viking.” He threw over his shoulder as he vamped out of the conference room.

A lazy shiteating grin spread across Eric’s face remembering the exquisite spectacle of little psychotic Andre convulsing in agony on the floor not once, but twice tonight. By his doing nonetheless. Ah, what a pleasant memory to reminisce over for eternity.

His first order of business was to take a long shower to scrub off the taint of any lingering magic from the prisoners tonight. He did not want to take any chances of it reaching HIS family, if Odin forbid they were its intended targets. Magic of course did not just miraculously wash away, but it was more or less to give himself some peace of mind that he was not just idly and fretfully waiting for them to wake.

His second order of business was to go back to his office and get a new preprogrammed cell phone from the safe. Someone needed to get on the vampire trend wagon and make those suckers indestructible or at the very least sturdy enough that he didn’t crush them so easily whenever he sat on his Fangtasia’s throne with a little more oomph in his swagger. Eric did not have a problem with butt dialing, he did however suffer from an extreme case of buns of steels and according to Pam his condition was poaching on their monthly spending budget, as if they had one. More like she would use any excuse to increase hers. After he made sure he had all his contacts and app preferences setup to his liking Eric too took off like a bat out of hell to wrap up the night before returning to HIS beloved family, where he belonged. He smiled to himself at the idea that there was now someone waiting for him to return home.

He probed the bond with his Maker and found it to be closed off on the other end once again, so he decided that there is no point in trying to reach him via phone.

With everyone in the Supe world being on high alert he proceeded with the evening by carrying out his Sheriff duties, as expected. Checking the damages to Fangtasia had to be his next stop, even if it was the last thing on his mind. He vamped to his car and barked out an order into his new phone, whilst the screeching tires of his precious Big Bertha left long dark rubber streaks on the road as an indication to the mood he was in. Pissed off did not even cover half of it.

When would this fucking night end already?

“Dial the Old Bat!”

After what felt like a perpetuity of ringing tone he was greeted with the all too familiar coarse sound of a trying chuckle. Wasn’t she just a bag of fun tonight? If it was up to Eric he would just as joyfully shove that chuckle of hers where the sun don’t shine and rid himself of her annoyance all together.

“How long before I can kill that asswipe Compton?” and your medaling ass? was implied in the tenor of Eric’s voice, which earned him another round of laughter in return until The Ancient Pythoness addressed his fatal desires in a very somberly nature.

“The magic thrīga need be attained for it to pass or the latter be forever lost to bareness.” There was a hint of despondency in her voice.

“The fuck is that supposed to mean? I have no time for your …” Eric roared exasperated. Driving through traffic like a total lunatic.

“Beseech SHE unearths it or it HER Viking, for Compton meanders thy clincher path.” she answered him in the same manner before disconnecting the call.

The Old Bat’s last words were instantly followed in Eric’s consciousness with a fading echo of “Not until I find the last of OUR …” Though Eric had not had the pleasure of hearing HIS Southern Belle’s voice yet he was convinced it belonged to Sookie. He was also certain that somewhere in the depth of his subconscious he must have heard the entire message at some point. However no matter which way he tried to retrieve it his labors were utterly futile. HIS Valkyrie sounded horror struck in her desperation and it terrified him. The thought of her getting lost to timeless desolation in pursuit of some imaginary objective was too much for him to bare.

An incomprehensible extreme sense of ice-cold and scorching-hot pulsed through his body making all his muscles painfully cramp. It was a wonder he had not snapped the steering wheel of his beloved Bertha. He was gripping it like his undead life depended on it, the ache was unbearable.

What was HIS Valkyrie searching for? A trinity of what? Could he even exist without her at his side? Why were she and the children so important to him? If you were to ask Eric, the Old Bat had an enduring proclivity for spouting nonsense, however she did so by very pedantically selecting her words. To decrypt her drivel one had to apprehend their individual import, just as much as their overall coherence. There was a spike of hope behind the term unEARTH, it implied of a portal between this realm and the Total Eclipse. He needed to find it and retrieve HIS family NOW, only problem was asking around for its location would put them in jeopardy. A chance he could simply not consider. He continued to analyze the Old Bat’s words, as he pulled into what looked like the remnants of a war zone in front of Fangtasia. Long Shadow, who was in charge of monitoring the scene and relaying any Intel he was able to discover was instantly at his side acknowledging him with a nod.

“Report.” Eric ordered in perfect Paiute not wanting to waste any more time than he had to or let anyone of the eavesdropping locals in on their conversation.

“The humans’ bomb squad was on scene twenty minutes after the first responders to clear the rest of the businesses, redundant if you ask me since the vamp police already had that covered. Neither found any more explosives. The bloodbags have been sifting through the blast ever since trying to recreate the device. An insurance representative was here taking pictures and is going to submit his findings to you tomorrow night. That idiot Lt. Johnson of the Shreveport police has been demanding to speak with you and Pam. The local TV stations …. ” he answered him in Paiute, his native tongue not missing a beat.

“I’m not here for you to tell me shit I already know Long Shadow.” Eric menacingly hissed, dropping his fangs and getting right in the face of his underling. His facial expression was so fearsome it prompted Long Shadow to take a step back. The irate Viking’s hair trigger temper spiked at his blatant show of cowardness.

All the while Eric was paying extra close attention to a conversation taking place on the other side of the strip mall.

“There is this one thing Sheriff, but I’m…” Long Shadow stammered not sure how to approach the subject.

“Speak, before I rip your head off for wasting my time!” and it was not an idle threat by any means.

“I could swear I caught a smell of magic inside that toy store on the other end of the strip mall, as I was leaving for the meeting. But there was no trace of it when I went to investigate.” He hurriedly replied.

“Was it anything like the smell on the prisoners?”

“Close, but it had more acidity to it.”

“Give me a reason why I shouldn’t end you this very moment, Long Shadow?” Eric demanded calmly, but his ice cold stare said it all.

It was a good thing he did not bring this up in front of that Queen’s asshat twins, but there was no excuse for Long Shadow not to divulge it to Eric immediately.

“It must have been the wind picking up the leftover stench from the prisoners. There was no trace of magic inside or outside that fucking toy store. I double checked. If what I thought happened there should’ve been a trace and there was none, nothing. Unless the Union is not only bombing us, but somehow fucking with our heads too I have no explanation or excuse, Sheriff.” The Native American vampire was already regretting not keeping his mouth shut.

That troubled Eric a great deal, someone powerful was after HIS family for certain. The only reason he did not fly like a berserker to be at their side was the fact that there was no trace of their ambrosial aroma anywhere near Fangtasia either.

“Was Compton here tonight and who did he talk to?” Eric asked next.

“You would think Columbo will show up, but neither he nor Andre and his storm troopers ever did. Andria said she saw Compton interrogating some of the punctured bloodbags in the hospital when she went to set up an open account for the ones with no insurance. She should have sent you a list of all of them by now.” Long Shadow answered showing no signs of duplicity.

Eric of course already knew of this. He had looked through the list Andria sent him before the meeting, she had also included her discoveries of what Campton’s questions were. They were all the standard queries one would expect from a State Investigator. Eric had also already instructed Pam to utilize her vampire gift of super-glamour to confirm his suspicion that Compton used his own milled version to remove the part about HIS family out of the bloodbags’ memories. Her little odyssey to the hospital was undoubtedly going to cost him a fortune. Pam’s tolerance for whiny hypochondriacs was right up there with lime green fanny packs. Sigh.

Covering those massive medical expenses for some of the bloodbags was by no means due to Eric’s compassionate nature. He could not give a flying fuck, if all the bloodbags dropped death in the next second or if they left their grieving families with a debt it would take countless generations to pay off. It was simply a wise PR move on his part to gain the humans sympathy in the ongoing persecution of his kind and it worked like a charm as the local news stations were praising him for his good deeds and the story had now gone national. His inbox was filled with requests for interviews and thankfully Andria was taking care of that too. She had scheduled him for a sit down with CNN for 2am tomorrow, which also guaranteed him not having to spend the whole night in the Queen’s Court. A win, win, on all fronts. The only way Eric Northman did things.

The lack of fresh scent from any vampire close to the Queen confirmed Long Shadows statement, but for HIS family safety Eric was triple checking the validity of everyone’s report.

“Anything else?” Eric enquired, there was a Toys”R”Us employee he was much more interested in interrogating.

“I’m not even sure if what I told you even happened to be honest.” Long Shadow spoke truthfully.

“Continue to monitor the situation here and inform me immediately, if anything strange ensues. Next time you fail to inform me or bore me with bullshit it will be your last. Am I understood?” Eric’s ancient Norse accent was oozing into his Paiute, the idiot should have known better than to piss him off more than he already was.

“Yes, Master.” Long Shadow lowered his head in show of submission, wishing to get as far away from the irate Viking as fast as possible.

Not wanting to set any more panic amongst the already squeamish bloodbags Eric quickly strode, instead of vamping, to where a very young boy wearing a vest with a Toys”R”Us logo was vigorously being questioned by Lt. Johnson, the lead detective of the human police in Shreveport. Eric had a decent working relationship with him, he would have much preferred for a Supe to hold the position. But then again glamouring the bloodbag into getting what he wanted was that much easier. He was only a few feet from reaching them, when the young boy noticed him and looked like he was going to pass out in fear at the sight of the flaxen massif of a vampire heading his way.

“Tommy, you are certain this is the woman you helped last before the bombing?” Lt. Johnson asked again holding up a blown up copy of Sookie’s driving license and pointing to her picture.

The teenager only nodded in agreement looking sicker by the second. By the time the Lt. Johnson turned to look at what was scaring the boy Eric was looming over both of them.

“Breathe, Boy!” Eric ordered sternly.

Tommy took a colossal gulp of air and promptly ducked behind the police officer in front of him. The poor little fella was trembling like a lonesome leaf in the middle of a hurricane.

“Mr. Northman I’ve been tryin’ to reach ya all night. I got questions you need to answer.” The Lieutenant addressed him, irritation written all over his face.

“Ask them quickly.” Eric replied crooking his right eyebrow at him in challenge. He was willing to give him the curtesy of 5 seconds as a fellow law enforcer, though even that was pushing it.

“Ok, Mr. Northman where were ya when the first bomb went off?” Lt. Johnson asked while flipping his little black notebook to a brand new page, pen in hand.

“Look at me!” Eric’s patience had ran out the moment he arrived at Fangtasia. He had him under his glamour that instant. “I answered all of your questions and you are now satisfied that I had nothing to do with the bombing. You believe that the FotS are behind the unwarranted attack on vampires. You will write a lengthy report of our conversation for your superiors in support of it. Am I clear?”

“Yes, Sir.” Lt. Johnson answered in a dazed off fashion, bobbing his head in accord.

“Now go!” Eric hissed.

Tommy took that as a dismissal all around and tried to follow, but Eric quickly grabbed him by the back of his collar.

“You stay!” Eric spoke calmly, since the kid looked like he was going to shit his pants and the last thing Eric wanted was to have to throw away his favorite Iron Maiden concert T-shirt, on top of everything else tonight. Pam had already tried to separate them unsuccessfully more than once, but shit pong was certainly going to do the deed.

“I didn’t have anythin’ to do with the bombin’, Sir. I swear.” Tommy declared, barely holding back his tears.

“Relax, Boy. I’m aware of that. I want to know, if you saw anything suspicious, while the young lady was shopping for her young ones.” He continued in the same calm voice.

“No, Sir nothin’. I swear. She was very polite and came in to pick a gift from a birthday register. Hunter, the little boy…” The teenage rambled on, still trembling.

“From what?” Eric interrupted, confused. He made a point to keep up with human’s trends, but some of them just eluded him all together in their weirdness.

“Uhhh, it’s a list of items folks create as ok gifts for the birthday party they’re throwing. She was runnin’ late so she bought the cheapest left on it, but we both agreed the price wasn’t worth the Barbie outfit. I don’t blame her though….” And he was back to rattling on nervously.

“Did you see anything strange after they left?” Eric cut him off impatiently.

“No, Sir nothin’. She looked like she were ready to bolt outta of there, all moms do after an hour of being nagged on with ‘Mama, I want it’. Though hers weren’t like that an’ Hunter was super excited for his new toy and the ….” a smiled spread on his face, remembering his interaction with the little toddler.

Their mutual love for toys was way bigger than it ought to and so they had a great time exploring the store in search of the perfect toy for Hunter.

“Follow me.” Eric ordered as he strode towards the back door of the store incapable of listening to one more second of whatever that was. “Did the police tell you why they are asking you about her?”

He quickly sent a text to Spider instructing him to cut the CCTV inside the toys store until further notice and to check the surveillance video around the time Long Shadow reported sensing the unfamiliar magic.

“Mmm, No, Sir. Police askin’ about everybody who’s been in the store today. I think to make sure they ain’t the bomber. Sir, the store’s closed an’ the police said the whole strip mall’s an active crime scene now. We can’t go in, you’ll get arrested.” warned the boy, as he jogged behind the frightening vampire.

“Do you have keys to open the door, or I’ll rip it open.” Eric spoke unfazed by his words walking towards the first door he saw after turning the corner.

“Not for any of the loading dock I don’t, I only got a key to the employee’s back door further down.” Tommy answered whipping his head in all directions afraid someone may see them.

“I only HAVE a key.” Eric corrected harshly as he continued his march.

“What?” Tommy looked at him in confusion.

“Proper English, Boy. Your version is butchering the damn thing.” Though Eric was fully settled in his role as a Sheriff and the location of his Area, he could not stand the redneck slang of its locals.

“Sorry, Sir.” Tommy mumbled.

“My apologies, Sir. Is the appropriate response. Learn to articulate, Boy.” He sternly corrected, while reading the text from Spider letting him know the cameras did not catch anything suspicious. Not surprising when Supes and magic are involved.

“Yes, Sir.” And Tommy was back to fighting off his tears. Eric intimidated the hell out of the scrawny teenager with his massive 6’5″ presence, not including the fact that he was the big terrifying vampire boss of the bar next door.

“Open it.” Eric ordered standing by the door that had the most saturated human odor around it.

“How’d y’all know? I mean how did you know that this was the back employee entrance? Sir.” Tommy quickly amended himself after seeing the irritated features of the vampire before him.

“Better.” Eric responded in regards to his gaffe and ignored his question all together, only tilting his head towards the door for him to hurry the fuck up.

Tommy was on it like a tramp on a bag of chips. As soon as they entered Eric took off sniffing the entire store from top to bottom not missing a single inch. He even flew the vast length of the ceiling to make sure he covered everything. Tommy may had found his best friend in Hunter earlier tonight, but Eric was now the undead incarnation of all his superheroes wrapped into one.

There was not any trace of magic, that Eric could detect, what was even more peculiar there was no trace of HIS family’s ambrosial scent anywhere either. Inside or outside for that matter. Accalu was right, this whole ordeal had Fairy fuckery dust sprinkled all over it. What the hell was really going on here? After not finding anything of significance, Eric quickly appeared in front of the now awestricken teenager, who was too lost for words over what he had just witnessed.

“Bring me the items they purchased.” Eric ordered.

“Yes, Sir”.

In his desire to impress his new idol Tommy ran with such vigor between the aisles he barely escaped falling flat on his face each time he turned a corner. Eric just shook his head at the strange boy. Tommy was covered in sweat, panting and quivering like a lost puppy who wanted to be petted for job well done as he handed Eric the three items he fetched for him.

“This is all they purchased?” Eric asked incredulously, while inspecting the small boxes in his right hand.

“Yes, Sir. Well, ya see this one” Tommy pointed to the Barbie Fashion Editor’s outfit, “is the one they got off the birthday registry an’ I think it eat all of their budget and then I think the little girl had a little accident before they got here…” he was back to rambling, at least he was making an effort not to sound like a total hillbilly.

“Where was her injury?” Eric demanded punitively. Whoever dared hurting HIS little girl was going to be begging for quick death by the time he was done with them.

“No, no, she weren’t hurt. She had a little accident, y’all know, she pooped herself” Tommy whispered the last part like he was the one who painted the town brown. Which was not a stretch of the imagination, with the sinister glare, Eric was glowering him with at the moment. “an’ ya see the diapers an’ wipes ain’t the cheapest here and ya can tell her mama weren’t happy ’bout that an’ …..” Whether from nerves or scared Tommy seemed to revert to ranting and sounding like any other redneck.

Eric didn’t even know how to respond to that one, except raising his eyebrow in bewilderment. Shitting oneself in his book of unpardonable offenses did not constitute as an accident, not by a long shot. It went straight under the catafuckingstrophic column. Tommy continued to nervously give him a detailed account of his interaction with Sookie and the children, while Eric scrutinized the items he was holding like they were the key to everything. They looked cheap and of poor quality, not deserving to be in the company of someone as extraordinary as HIS Angels. HIS family would never had to bother themselves with silly things like budgets, ever again. He had acquired enough wealth and power to see that every single one of their needs and wants were meet with the best all the known realms could offer. Hell, he had more capital that even Pam could burn through in the next several millennia’s. That did not mean he was going to give her shopaholic ass Power of Attorney any time soon. That Childe of his was known for achieving the impossible, if she set her stubborn little mind to it.

“What is this? Eric asked cutting Tommy mid rant.

“Uhh, it’s a bubble wand, Sir.” Tommy answered, a little perplexed, as he pointed to the large label prominently plastered across it.

Eric just raised his signature right brow at Tommy in annoyance this time. Reading it or hearing it out aloud meant all the same to him. Jackshit, that was.

“Ya know. Ya blow bubbles with it an’ babies love them.” Tommy clarified.

“Show me.” Eric ordered irritated.

It infuriated him that he did not have the slightest clue when it came to rearing children, things as simple as what they enjoyed or reviled. The reality of it was gradually starting to sink in. Very, very slowly mind you.

The skinny teenager eyed him, a little puzzled by the request, but complied without voicing the million questions that were running through his sci-fi endowed brain. Maybe vampires had found a way to clone themselves and were now secretly raising baby versions of themselves for spare parts? Or worse they had underground human farms where they were raising the tastiest blood specimens soon to replace the entire human population. Images of countless incubation pods like in the Matrix were running through his brain with each bubble Tommy blew into the air.

“And younglings love this?” Eric asked with no readable expression other than studying each individual bubble like a hawk.

Tommy somehow must have gotten sucked into the Twilight zone, or the scary vampire was really an undercover agent for the Consumer Product Safety Commission and running the vamp bar next door was just a cover. Because this week’s episode was just bananas.

“Well, yeah.” the mystified boy retorted.

“Very well then. I will take twenty of them.” Eric declared.

Tommy just stood there, too stupefied to move or say anything.

“Where are your toys for male children two years of age?” Eric asked still analyzing the uninhibited movement and multicolor reflection of the last of the bubbles.


“I believe you have better assortments than this, do you not?” Eric pointed to the LEGO Highway Cruiser without looking at it.

“If it’s for Hunter he’s too smart for those toys.” Tommy murmured offhandedly too mesmerized with the sight before him.

“How so?” Eric asked beaming like a proud Papa Bear.

“How many toddlers do ya know that can read?” Tommy asked raising his own eyebrow.

The whole scene was way too bizarre for the young teenage boy to handle. He turned without even waiting for a reply and walked towards the section of toys he was sure Hunter would have a blast exploring.

“I take it he is of above average intelligence?” an enormous ‘that’s MY Boy’ smile was spread across Eric’s face, it was threatening to rip it in half.

“Uh huh” was all Tommy could muster.

The next 20 minutes were spent with Eric going over each item meticulously and firing a frillion strange questions from the method of fabrication to demanding to know the identities of the delivery men supplying them. He would read the directions to every one of toys like they were medical charts, sniff them like a mad hound dog and some he even licked to the astonishment of Tommy. He also spent a great amount of time among the stuff animals, rejecting anything of the rodent variety even though Tommy tried in vain to convince him that Mickey and Minnie were not only loved by all children, but they were the face of the entire Disney Universe. Eric then informed him without a trace of irony on his face that no such realm existed and he should know he has been to most of them. Of course Eric knew of Disney, his immature Childe has been torturing him with their fucking tuneful movies from their get go. It was just too funny to see little Tommy all riled up. Yet, a black dragon was deemed an appropriate sleeping companion for an infant babygirl, at least Tommy talked the scary vampire to go with purple fearing the nightmares it may give her. It was a good thing that Spider cut the feed to the surveillance video, because the entire shopping expedition was like watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory meets Judge Judy on steroids. By the end of it the nerdy teenager had somehow earned Eric’s respect for not only knowing everything there was about games, toys, action figures, etc. but he was also pleased to find a fellow sympathizer to his proclamation that ever since the remake of Battlestar Galactica the sci-fi genera had gone to utter shit with its unoriginal Marvel remakes. Two full shopping carts and one could safely say there was an adolescent boy hidden inside even a millennium old Viking Warrior.

“Where are your training swords? I need a suitable shields and armors for both male and female.” Eric stated as he tossed a rainbow colored unicorn on the vast pile of items. HIS babygirl was a Fairy after all, a probable Fairy Princess at that.

Odin help them all, if that was the case and Pam found out. Glittery pink was going to be the least of his problems. There will be no singing toothless candlesticks and fat teapots in his house, he was putting his foot down on that one.

He may not know anything about raising younglings, but he more than knew how to teach them to fight and defend themselves. HIS Children were going to be Fearsome Warriors just like him, he will see to it, personally.

“Right over here, Sir.” Tommy said as he led them to the opposite side of the store.

“What is this shit?” Eric hissed in repugnance gazing at the plastic assortments. “Where are the wood or light metal ones?” some were even knitted, like the Art of War was some kind of a fucking crafts project.

“Mmm, ya ain’t gonna to find wood or metal anywhere for safety reasons, not in children’s sizes. Sir.”

“Very well then, I will just have to forge them myself. Was there anything that their mother was interested in purchasing?”

“I don’t think so, she looked like all she wanted was to get outta here.”

“Then we are done here. This should cover it. Keep the change.” Eric handed the boy an enormous stack of bills.

“I’m so gettin’ fired for this.” Tommy murmured lower than a whisper under his breath, too scared to refuse the vampire. “Breaking and entering, closed out register…”

“Relax boy, I give you my word you won’t lose your job over this. Now look at me.” Eric demanded and had Tommy instantly under his glamour. “You will not remember anything of our interaction tonight except that I asked, if you knew anything about the bombings. You will now go straight home and go to sleep.”

Tommy nodded and proceeded straight home, exactly as instructed. It took Eric two trips to his beloved Big Bertha to load everything. In a single night just like that his red corvette was no longer his favorite girl, she had been demoted to fifth place behind HIS two Angels and of course who could forget HIS new BFFs, the most glorious tits. Eric smiled and shook his head at how quickly one’s priorities change when family enters the picture. A quick text to Spider to turn back on the cameras and one to Bobby to take care of any issues the Manager may have with Tommy and Eric was out of there. Though he will not fess up to it, he was all kinds of giddy of the prospect of spending times with HIS little ones and playing with them.

He will be playing with their gorgeous mother too, but with entirely different set of toys. Nipple clamps, butterfly crotchless thongs, remote controlled plugs anyone? Those were just a few for outside the bedroom to tease themselves with before they could go at it like champions. A deep growl escaped his chest at the thought of having her divine body squirm while he discreetly played with the vibrators settings. It was giving him a raging hardon and threatening to make him shoot his load as he pictured HIS Valkyrie’s heavy chest panting for release.

A bloodthirsty rage washed over him just as quickly. No one, but HE should be allowed to see that.

Maybe over time he would not feel like slaughtering everyone at the thought of it, but he highly doubted. She was only HIS.

As he was driving back to the Lake House, he knew that his next logical step should be to go to their former home in Bon Temps and investigate them further. It would not only give him an insight to who they were, but possibly an answer to why he felt so strongly connected to them. Yet, the irresistible need to check on them was once again making him act against his better judgment. He parked his car in front of the mansion and grabbed only two items from one of the many bags on the back seat and ignored Desi and the twin Boys as he vamped straight to his daychamber.

The moment he laid eyes on HIS family all the tension of the night evaporated and their unique sunny warmth invaded his body. The burning pain around his long dead heart eased and he deeply inhaled their enticing scent. He needed every confirmation that they were indeed there, that they were HIS. Eric did not move for a long time and just stood by the side of the bed watching them, listening to their almost inaudible heartbeats, commemorating every tiny detail of their extraordinary beauty to his eternal memory. He sat down on the bed and gently traced their faces with the tip of his cold fingers. Their skin was softer than the most luxurious silk, warm like a summer breeze. They were alive, they were here. They were made for him, they made him feel alive. Eric exhaled the breath he did not know he had been holding. He bent down and tenderly kissed each one on the lips wishing more than anything that they will wake at that moment. He reached and placed a small Thor’s Hammer plushie over Hunter and arranged the toddlers little fingers to hold tight to it.

“May the great power of Thor grand you a safe passage home, My Son.” He whispered in Old Norse and kissed HIS little boy on the forehead.

He then tucked the purple dragon under the covers next to Addy. HIS adorable little girl looked peacefully asleep hugging her stuffed protector. The sight of it put a genial smile on Eric’s face.

“May a thousand sleighing dragons carry you on their wings safely home, My beautiful Daughter.” He whispered to her and kissed her forehead too.

He did not know how long he stared at HIS Valkyrie. She was breathtaking, he was truly lost in her. He prayed to his Gods and then to every known deity, pleaded for them to return her and the children unharmed to him. It had been a very long time since he had paid proper homage to any of them, though he never lost faith in their prominence. Worry and sense of dread was starting to creep into him. He refused to lose them before he even got the chance to embrace them. Long ago he had come to terms with what and who he was, embracing it fully and thus never longed for things that were never intended for his kind. There was nothing remotely human left in him by this point and yet here he was staring at three stunning creatures, who so effortlessly evoked emotions within him he had not possessed even when he still had a beating heart. Sure, he was young in todays’ standards when he was turned, but in the culture he was born he should have fathered numerous children by then. A great Viking Warrior as he, was expected to contribute to the growth of his people by taking a wife and a large family to follow. He was not opposed it per se, it was simply something he never cared for, ever. Call him a selfish prick, if you must, but the idea of being free to stick his horny dick in whomever, whenever the mood struck him was much more suited to his personal preferences.

So why was he so dead set on wanting to start a family now?

He pulled the heavy blanket down Sookie’s naked body and lovingly started drawing the runic inscriptions of his peoples on her velvety stomach as he whispered the words out loud. Pangs of intense hurt flashed through his handsome features. He will never see her belly swell full of life with his seed, he will never witness her bountiful breasts getting heavy with milk to feed their sons and daughters. He can give and provide her with everything and anything, BUT that. He could NEVER give her the one thing she obviously wanted more than anything else. A FAMILY of her own. The fact that she was untouched and yet had not one, but two little ones spoke volumes of where her priorities laid. Do not get him wrong, he would forever be grateful to the almighty Freyja for the little Angels she blessed him, Sookie, THEM with. They were a precious little miracle that he would always treasure no more or less, if by some magical marvel the Goddess were to gift them with more. Yet the harsh reality of what he was, his ultimate inadequacy to bear witness to Sookie’s gorgeous hips widen to accommodate the birth to a child of his doing was really eating at him. At the man and Viking Warrior inside him. Even the inhuman beast within him that cared for nothing, but bloodlust, cried wretchedly at the thought of it.

Would a woman with maternal instincts as strong as hers forever resent him for it? Would she ever forgive him for it?

The vibrating phone in his back pocket, thankfully, snapped him out of the massive pity party he was throwing himself.

What the fuck was really going on tonight? Since when did Eric fucking Norseman start wallowing for fuck’s sake?

Eric shook his head in utter disbelief. He quickly reached for the yellow crystal on the bedside table and placed it on Sookie’s chest before he tucked the blanket back around her. He leaned down and whispered in her right ear.

“When you get home, Lover, I give my word of honor I will bring you to my side. I will share everything I am and own with you. Every vampire who owes me fealty will honor you.”

That he could do. He bluntly refused to consider of what he could not.

His phone vibrated again and he quickly picked it up this time.

“I am here.” He answered sounding like his usual imposing self.

“The fuck Eric? I’m feeling like a hormonal teenager ready to tear my veins wide open with a dull razor blade.” Pam hissed furiously at him, prompting him to instantly close off the bond between them.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about Pam.” He countered cool as a fucking cucumber.

“Like hell you don’t. Too late for that. I. Already. Felt. You.” she grunted.

“Drop it Pamela.” he ordered in a cadence that left no room for buts, ifs or maybes.

“Master?” her voice was small and written with worry.

She had never felt any sort of despair coming from her Maker before tonight and it petrified her. He had all, but drowned her in an ocean of anguish a second ago.

“I said drop it, Childe.” His accent was oozing off him.

“Dear Abby, says…” she tried a different approach using her most conciliatory tone.

It was a great effort on her part, which was plenty obvious. Pam’s nurturing instincts never evolved past suck it up, buttercup and grow a fucking pair.

“I mean it Childe. This is none of your business.” He cut her off in warning.

“I’m here, if you ever want to talk about it.” She told him sincerely.

“Nodded. What have you learned?”

“I can’t account for Compton’s whereabouts for entire nights starting exactly three years ago to the date. That would be two months after he began working on the Queen’s secretive project to create a directory of all our kind. Astutely after tonight’s bombing she is trying to capitalize on the demand for it and moved the launching date to next month during the Summit conference, so Billy Boy’s gonna be one busy little bitch until then. He wasn’t even supposed to be at the meeting tonight, Eric. Certainly not acting as the State Investigator. He was ordered to drop his Investigator duties and only work on finishing the program. He was only tagging along with Andre to interview the Ancients for the database, since they have been refusing to meet with his pathetic…” Pam sounded bored out of her mind.

“So, Queen Dearest is now throwing tantrums that the moron got his tongue ripped out and will be lucky, if he regrows it by the time the Summit comes around.” He sounded just as bored, if not more.

“You know it, she is going for your balls tomorrow for messing with her money flow. The nights of his Houdini acts appear random, always on different dates never more than once a month or sometimes every other month and always while he is away from the new world working on the project for her.”

“See if you can find out if he left this realm on those dates.”

“What’s your theory?”

“Don’t have one yet, just a suspicion. Anything else?”

“Billy’s mommy has requested a meeting with the Queen for tomorrow. And even I’ll let you guess why.” She snickered.

“I got a good one for it, DGAFF. Tyndareos doesn’t give a flying fuck about meeting with Bill’s mommy.” he smirked proudly.

“It’s actually DGAF, so you can knock off a point from your score for getting it wrong. And while at it knock another one too, because that was not what he told Queen, Dearest.” She smirked right back at him.

“WYS I’m still leading with 6 points. What did the Spartan tell her?”

“The nutty Spartan is dodging her calls” she grinned “he’s not interested in anything other than the battle with the Union right now.”

“Of course, he’s not.” Eric actually doubled over in laughter picturing Tyndareos telling the Queen and Lorena to go suck on sunshine.

What was even funnier for Eric was that first Tyndareos was completely within his right to spank Billy for being an insolent twat and by Gods was it a glorious sight to witness. Second the Queen Dearest would not dare lashing at any Ancient for something senseless like lawfully manhandling one of her many Investigators, because that would have the Supe grapevine buzzing to find out what was so special about him and thus risk exposing the secret project she has him working on. Perpetually hormonal teenager or not the Queen was too shrewd to take the chance. Third and best of all was that Sophie-Anne was obviously livid over having to deal with a lunatic bitch like Lorena and obviously delusional to think that Tyndareos should share the dreadful experience with her. Which at the end was truthfully the only punishment she could really dish out at him.

Good luck with that, the Ancient Spartan Warrior would end them both before he allowed some apeshit cunt like Billy’s mama posturing him over utter nonsense.

“Have you been to the hospital yet?” he managed to ask between bellows of amusement.

“NO. It’s next on my list.” Pam grunted out.

“Have fun while you’re in there and don’t forget to send our regards to the bloodbags. Google says it’s customary to bring balloons and flowers. LMFAO, Big Sis Pammy.” he laughed exuberantly over her utter desolation and swiftly hung up on her.

She did not need the phone to tell him to GFY, since he had reopen their bond again.

Eric laughed even harder as he headed to his underground office.

For the next two hours Eric converted his custom crafted boat of a bed into his new workspace. As Eric worked on his laptop he had HIS family on each side of him gently caressing them on their faces or absently playing with their silky hair and of course squeezing, tugging, twisting and massaging HIS BFFs, aka the most stunning jugs he has ever had the pleasure making an acquaintance with. It took all his willpower to not say the fuck with it all and just get lost in worshiping HIS Valkyrie’s divine figure. Her perfect soft curves, her hot flesh, her plumed red lips were making him feel like a day old baby vamp drowning in desperation to sink his fangs and cock into her. It was the cruelest torture he had ever endured. For now he had to make do with having HIS Angel’s left leg spread over his muscular thigh, where he could enjoy the sensation from the delightful heat of her sweet pussy on his cold skin while he worked.

Instead of spending the next hours with his tongue and other parts inside her like he craved Eric painstakingly answered an obscene amount of emails and made phone calls to his numerous contacts to gather any Intel on the Union. He desperately wanted to ask, if they had any knowledge of The Total Eclipse or The Crease and the creatures residing there, but did not in fear for HIS Angels’ safety. Checked on the construction of the new mansion, which he was going to make into a home with HIS Family. Eric smiled at the idea.

He received updates from his underlings and provided them with further instructions on how to proceed. Area 5 was buzzing with activity tonight and Eric was right dead smack in the middle of it. Pam stopped by for him to sign a few fucking tomes of paperwork, for which she almost got staked with a flying pen. That and for calling him a cranky fossil. He also heard from Bobby, his dayman who dropped the rest of the supplies for the children and thankfully left immediately thereafter or he might have killed him this time. Dr. Ludwig called him to confirm Accalu’s request for an antidote to HIS family’s aroma, but her tone sounded like she might have better chance for developing a cure to vampire staking before discovering one for their scent. In the midst of the never ending shitstorm, he had to deal with reports of a group of pissdrunk Weres passing through his Area picking pissing contests with the locals as they went. A night such as this would typically have Eric ripping some idiot’s head off by the end of it just to relieve some of the built up stress followed by a massive orgy and gorging on a sea of blood.

However he was more than content to forgo all of it and just lay in bed engulfed by the tranquility HIS Angels emanated. Bathing in their extraordinary sunny warmth was the calmest he had felt, ever. The savage beast who roamed the darkest depths of his vampiric nature was also softly purring in ecstasy basking in their peaceful presence. Their healing light was gradually sealing up an infected wound, which unbeknownst to Eric had been slowly poisoning him with sorrow and longing for over millennium. He had been desperately awaiting HIS family’s arrival all this time and not even known it. They were finally here, they were finally HIS.

HIS to worship, HIS to protect, HIS to provide for unconditionally till the end of time and nothing was going to take them away from him not now, not ever.

The foreign emotions they evoked in him frightened and exhilarated him all at once. The euphoria of it was making him experience sensations so alien and fiercely vigorous as if fresh living blood was running through his undead veins. Giving his future a purpose beyond mere existence.

One thing Eric was certain of he would lay down his undead life for them without thinking twice about it and no it was not due to the delightful tugging war he was currently playing with HIS BFFs, the perkiest girls one could imagine.

It was all due to his overpowering need for HIS family.

It was simply the Gods honest truth.

Less than an hour before the merciless pull of the sun was to claim him for the countless time he heard the familiar sound of the black Mercedes-Benz engine, he had purchased not too long ago for the exclusive use by the witch Octavia Fant when she was conducting business in his Area. It was speedily approaching the main gate. By the earsplitting sounds coming from the gearbox Eric could tell that Octavia was in the passenger seat, while her irritating as fuck apprentice Amelia Broadway was torturing the damn thing to a breaking point with her shitty driving. Moments later it was her annoying as fuck high pitch voice torturing Eric as they entered the Lake house and were greeted by the sleepy sounding Mrs. Desi Kostova, his head housekeeper. He quickly kissed each of HIS family before exiting and securing the underground lair to talk to them before the sun forced him to seek shelter for the day.

“Report.” Eric commanded abrasively as he vamped into the kitchen.

Octavia just glared at him in indignation through red tired eyes, complemented by a severe case of bedhead and creased night gown. She had been peacefully asleep, when she was ordered to be ready in 10 minutes for a driver to pick her up and get on a plane heading for Shreveport. Giving her only enough time to gather the supplies she would be needing to take with her for casting spells and locking her front door. Amelia on the other hand looked and positively stunk like someone had dragged her out of a dance club, where slutty wardrobe was mandatory and not a choice.

“Hello to you too Eric. How are ya, ya ask? Oh, you know ’bout to drop dead, pun unintended, from exhaustion, but thank ya for asking…..” Amelia ranted on as she made her way to sit at the kitchen table before she felt asleep where she stood.

She was too tired to deal with rude assholes right now and not say something. If she was sure Eric would not rip her heart out and use it a juice box, she would have just called him a jerk and be done with it.

Eric got the message no problem and was in her face that instant bearing his razor sharp fangs at her.

“One more word from you witch and it will be your last. Am I clear?” he snarled menacingly.

Amelia nodded her understanding vehemently, too scared he will follow through with his statement if she was to answer him verbally.

“Would you ladies like some coffee or tea?” Desi spoke softly trying to break the tension in the room that was about to burst open the gates of hell.

“No, thank you Desi.” Octavia politely replied before she too joined Amelia at the table and addressed Eric. She knew him well enough to know that for him to be acting like a complete jackass right off the bet meant that the reason behind their sudden summon must be extremely urgent and bothersome. “We cast all the smell suppressing spells you requested. The protection wards however are a different story. Some of the Supe species you have listed I’ve never even heard of before tonight. I’ve special ingredients being delivered at noon tomorrow for casting the most powerful ward that I know of, but I’m afraid it may not be strong enough for what you are looking for. May I ask a question?”

“Go ahead and Mrs. Kostova you may return to your rest now.” Eric said, sitting across from Octavia.

Octavia was now starting to get really worried. She knew the lack of use for first names meant only one thing whatever had the Viking all riled up must be of grave importance and consequences.

“Yes, Master.” Desi said before leaving them and praying the brazen young girl will still be breathing when she wakes in a few hours.

Eric was not happy at what Octavia was reporting, but he expected it. He was asking her the impossible, he knew that.

“Viking, you know better than me that there are Supes much more qualified for the wards you are looking for. Why not contract one of them?”

“I can’t. Not now any way.” He said somberly.

“I’ll do all that I can and keep researching for solutions.” Octavia said and looked at him with uneasy in her eyes.

Octavia knew to how closely guarded vampires held their secrets, discovery would result in nothing less that death. But over time she came to care for the Viking and if the spells and protection wards he required were any indication then things must be very bad and it troubled her greatly.

“There is more I need from you, but before that I need to know how much you trust the witch and how attached are you really to her assistance?” Eric nodded towards Amelia.

If the answer was ‘as much as the next person’, Eric can do them both the favor of killing the little witch bitch and get rid of the nuisance already. Or glamour her to forget she ever met them, but the first option suited his personality much better.

The blood drained from Amelia’s face, she knew that the Viking could end her before she could react. She looked in desperation towards her mentor, Octavia.

“Cards on the table, Viking. I’m not getting younger and magic takes a toll on my old bones nowadays, so yes I most certainly need her. If you are implying I can pick someone else to be helping me then you should know I’ve chosen her to be the next leader of my Coven. So that is a yes to your first question as well, I trust her explicitly. She may be young and inexperienced still, but she has incredible magical potential making her the best suited.”

Well, that was the first time Amelia has ever heard any of this.

“What? Really?” was all she managed to squeal out from all the shock she was currently experiencing and of course the happiness and pride that came with the news.

“I respect you enough to give you the choice to walk away now Mrs. Fant. However, if you chose to stay I give you my word to provide you and yours with my protection and I will be glamouring you to keep my affairs confidential.” Eric spoke authoritatively, leaving no room for debate.

The choice was simple for Octavia she nodded her agreement immediately. She had owed the Viking a life debt and this was her chance to pay it and even if she did not Eric had earned her respect over the years. So, if he needed her help, she was there for him. All the way.

However Amelia did not owe shit to any of them. It was up to her right here and now, if she officially chooses the life of a witch and submerges herself fully in the Supe community. There was only one way of quitting it, feet first. The wooden box was a luxury she may get, if she dropped the stupid preceding her name and if there was anything left of her body to stuff it with.

Octavia and Eric both looked at Amelia expectantly. She just stared back vacantly at them.

“What? He is asking you to help him, not me.” She turned with a confused look towards her mentor and teacher.

Eric just raised an eyebrow at the, earlier cited, utter stupidity of hers. What he really wanted to do was roll his eyes at the absolute moron before him.

“Do you accept your mentor’s proposition to take over the Coven’s affairs when the time comes for her to step down?” he asked annoyed.

What Pam saw in the pixie headed moron Eric would never comprehend.

“Of course I do. I still don’t see …”

“Then it’s settled. I’ll give you your first lesson in Supe laws for free witch the rest will cost you, dearly. By accepting the position you swear fealty to serve and protect the integrity of your Master and his/hers decisions and affaires. In this case that would be to serve your Witch Coven, thus Octavia Fant, until she grants you the power to be the Mistress yourself.”

“Ooookay. So I’m in it now, huh?” Amelia slowed audibly. Vampires just could not help themselves. Just deadly dramatic.

“Not, if you don’t want to. This is your chance to walk away Amelia.” Octavia patted her hand in reassurance that there will be no bad blood between them, if she thought this life was not for her.

She ignored the dirty looks the brooding vampire across the table was shooting her. In his eyes the young witch accepted her offer, walking away after doing so was a betrayal punishable by death.

“NO way. I know what I’m getting myself into. Well kind off, but that’s why I’m still a student and you’re a teacher, head of the Coven, uhh Mistress, whatever. Right? And…” Amelia started to rant, but quickly caught herself and declared with all certainty to both “I know more than anything that this is where I want to be, where I belong.”

Eric’s face was some combination of pursed and fuming, he was really looking forward to ripping her pixie head off. Now only the Gods knew how long he would be forced to deal with her. Octavia had what 15 more feasible years left in her at the most before the young witch takes over and he is forced to look for a new Coven to work with. Then again accidents always happened when you are least expecting them. Like getting run down by a bus driven by an annoyed vampire, the possibilities were endless really.

Octavia smiled at the enthusiastic girl beside her, who reminded her so much of herself half a century ago when she too struck a very similar deal with the Viking before she jumped head first into the Supernatural world. She then shot a very dirty look back at Eric for being rude as stubborn mule tonight.

“So Viking, did you wage a war against the entire Supe world to need such powerful wards around your house?” Amelia asked curiously, after rediscovering her self-confidence now that she is Octavia’s official partner, so to speak.

“I see you’ll have your hands full with this one.” Eric quipped to Octavia.

“Cut her some slack Eric and she is right to ask. What is really going on with you?”

Beginning to feel the sun’s pull, Eric quickly glamoured the two witches into secrecy and gave them a very brief summary of the attack on Fangtasia, his claim on HIS family, the magic unleashed by Andre when he killed the prisoners, the Union’s existence, his and possibly theirs as well future relocation to New York for the next month. He left out the details of how unique HIS precious Angels really are with their double Fae Sparks or that they are now in the middle of fucking nowhere, some mysterious place named the Total Eclipse. They were not Supes according to Supernatural laws so things like the sunny rondure were way above their pay grade and even if they were Supes there was no way Eric was going to divulge more than they needed to know. He respected Octavia enough to work with her, but trust was something he gave to no one outside his bloodline and a handful of his fellow High Enforcers and even then it was not unequivocal. When it came to HIS family’s safety Eric trusted no one, but himself.

“That being said, until they come out of their coma I am unable to arrange the proper Supe guards for them. I don’t know who exactly is after them, nonetheless I am certain they are not only formidable adversary as in terms of their physical strength, but they are also capable of wielding some extremely powerful magic. Your job is to use any magic available at your disposal to keep them safe, failure to do so is not acceptable. Understood?”

The whole time he has been talking both witches deferred from passing any judgment and only nodded in agreement when needed. Amelia was virtually a baby to all of it, but knew enough to keep her mouth shut when Eric proudly informed them of kidnapping a fae mother and her kids. Supes were known for how heartless and cruel they could be when they went after something and she was getting a front seat to the harsh reality when it came to the Viking.

Octavia on the other hand had a small smile creeping on the corner of her mouth. She has known the Viking for 50 years now. Their relationship has taking all kinds of twists and turns. She was sure that, if she was not a witch and Eric’s firm policy to never mess with them casual fuck buddies early on would have been thrown into the mix as well. What woman in her right mind would not want to have a go on that pogo stick? They started their relationship as him being her protective older brother, business partners and then surrogate parents commiserating over their bratty daughters especially when Amelia and Pam started fucking like rabbits. But somehow in the span of all this time Octavia developed motherly regards towards the millennium old vampire. As crazy as that might sound.

To her there was something very beautiful about the thought of Eric the Norseman settling down. She could see that there was also immense joy under the fearsome way every time he pronounced the words ‘MY family’.

“What?” Eric asked her curiously.

“I’m happy.” She smiled genuinely.


“For you having found YOUR family.”

“Thank you.” Eric returned her smile.

Amelia only gulped, this was just fuckedup on so many levels.

“Mmm, so where are those soldiers, uhhh, I mean bodies you want us to check out?” Amelia asked changing the subject.

“Pam will take you to them first thing tomorrow night. Make sure you take all precautions necessary not to track any magic back to MY family. I don’t need to tell you what would happened to you, if you endanger them in any shape or form. Am I clear?” he glared at her.

“Keep them safe. Got it, Viking.” How many times was he going to say it, like seriously? She heard him the first time.

“You clearly not hearing me, you stupid fucking witch. I have found 746 ways to stick that many metal cloth hangers through a bloodbag’s body just like yours without killing you and keeping you painfully conscious for all of it. I know the location and the function of every single one of your body’s cells better than any physician on Earth and I can easily avoid your major organs and arteries so I don’t end you prematurely.” Eric’s voice was chillingly calm, making him sound that much more petrifyingly savage, ” I don’t even have to try, all I have to do is listen to your coursing blood to direct my hand. This little fun exercise usually takes only two to three hours and mostly due to the necessity to go very painfully slow when drilling through your bones so you don’t spoil the fun and pass out from the pain, but I am always eager to beat my previous record of clothes hangers before I move on to something much more pleasantly painful. I can torture you for decades and never get tired of it. You couldn’t even imagine the number of torture techniques I have learned and invented myself in a span of over millennium. I can promise you one thing. I will truly enjoy discovering new ones using your pitiable flesh and bones, if there is so much as a hair out of place on MY FAMILY. Are you hearing me now witch?”

“Yes, Sir.” It was barely a whisper she was white as ghost.

746? A debilitating shiver ran through her entire body, knowing the grisly image would haunt her forever.

“And stay away from My Childe, witch. If I have to deal with any kind of bullshit, because of you two you will sorely regret it. And Odin help you all if MY family gets hurt, because of something you two did. Am I clear?” he said in the same uber calm voice.

“Yes, Sir.” She gulped loudly.

“Are you done scaring the bejeezus out my apprentice, vampire? If so my old bones are crying for a warm bed to lay in.” Octavia asked a little irritated at both of them.

Five years this has been going on with no prospect for those two to ever have a civil conversation among themselves.

“Yes, you are free to rest.” Eric said as he got up from the table. “I won’t forget you helping protect MY family Mrs. Fant and you have my word you will be generously rewarded. Same goes for you Miss. Broadway.” And he was out of there.

“I don’t even know what to say to that.” Amelia whispered.

“That’s probably for the best, child.” Octavia chuckled as she started to make her way to one of the bedrooms.

Eric had only enough time to wrap up the last of the affairs from the longest, most stressful and joyous nights of his existence with quick phone calls to check in with Pam and Accalu. Leaving them with instructions of what he needed done tomorrow in his absence. He contemplated the idea of taking HIS Angels along with him to NOLA. The thought of being away from them for any span of time or distance was flaming the scorching fire around his undead heart making him almost gasp for air. The vicious beast inside him was tearing at its cage and roaring at the thought of leaving them even for a few hours. Logically he knew they were safest staying where they were, but emotionally he felt they were safest next to him.

He grabbed his phone and snapped a picture of them. Smiling of how peaceful HIS Angels looked as his new screensaver. This way they would be with him. Eric was now grinning. Their first night together as a family. Not how he would have liked for it to go. For once he truly understood the phrase beggars can’t be choosers.

He was a vampire on a mission as he quickly showered each one of them. Mindful of the water spray obstructing their air supply, he also made sure not to wet their hair this time fearing the vast approaching sunrise will prevent him from drying it. He was following Dr. Ludwig instructions to the tee and one of them clearly stated avoiding letting the children going to bed with wet hair. He did not have a slightest clue as to why, but he was not going to experiment to see what would happen either. Cursing Pam seven ways to Sunday for her rough treatment of them while he put a new layer of the rancid smelling herbs on their mangled skin, which was not looking any better from earlier. With only seconds to spare Eric crawled into bed with HIS precious Angels and drank a drop of the sky blue liquid from the vial Ludwig had supplied. The purpose of which was to waken him immediately in case anyone from HIS family returned from the Total Eclipse, while he was dead to the world.

Eric hissed furiously the moment the cool liquid trickled down his throat.

Unfuckingbelievable was most certainly the word of the day. The fucking millennium really.

His outburst was due to both: blinding rage and improbable bliss.

Eric was experiencing the level of wrath of a berserker for having listened to the little hell troll and waiting until dawn to drink the substance. A blinding euphoria overtook all his senses when three congruous hums, sounding the sweetest symphony he has ever heard, began coursing through his ancient blood.

“I’m going to massacre that little garden gnome the next….” and he was out cold for the day.

Eric’s troubles may have magically disappeared with the sun, but they were just gearing up to a new high level for Adele Stackhouse as the tour bus for her The Descendants of the Glorious Death historical group dropped her off at the closest airport the driver could find. This trip was a gift from her grandkids for her 70th birthday and ostensibly too wicked to feel realistic. She did not want to go in the first place and not only because they did not have the money for it, but because she had an irksome feeling that something awful was going to happen whilst she was away. She should have trusted her instincts, they had never failed her, she should have known better. Now she was stuck, God only knew where, in the middle of Pennsylvania thousands of miles away from her grandbabies, feeling as though she is on the verge of having a heart attack since Jason called her to let her know he could not get a hold of Sookie and the kids. The last she heard from him was in the wee hours to tell her he was going to go look for them. Jason could always feel his sister and physically locate her. When he did not phone her back she was beside herself with worry. Her cell phone battery was about to die any moment from the countless times she tried to reach either of her grandkids anyplace she could think of. No one had any idea where they might be and thought she was upsetting herself over nothing. But she just knew in the pit of her stomach that something was not right.

Something horrible has happened to her family.

Adele painstakingly got in line and silently cried as she waited to purchase the first flight available to get back to Louisiana. She felt broken and the weightiness of her age was heavier on her that ever before forcing her entire body to hunch over for the first time. Her grey stricken hair has turned white in a matter of a few hours and was now loosely falling out her bun from her continued pulling on it. Her usual immaculate look was now on the disheveled side with her flower pattern dress ridden with innumerable creases. Her normally bright happy face was now covered with thick ashy traces from dried out tears forcing the freshly spilled ones to find an alternative path as they silently seeped down her colorless cheeks.

She had to stay positive, she reminded herself. Her family needed her now more than ever. Maybe Sookie’s car broke down and all of this was just one big misunderstanding. Lord let it be so!

“Ma’am are you ok?” the attractive young lady behind the ticket counter asked with concern.

Adele just nodded and wiped her tears before stepping up to the ticket counter. She had not even noticed the line moving.

“I’ll be ok, dear. Thank ya for been so nice and askin’. I need a ticket to Shreveport, Louisiana please. It’s a family emergency. My gran-grandbabies and their mama have gone missing and I need to get home to find’em.” She sniffled. “I need ta get there as soon as possible, please.” She wiped away the new set of tears that had rolled down her wrinkled ridden face from hours of endless worrying.

“Yes ma’am. Let me see how we can make that happened for you. I hope they are found soon. I’ll say a prayer for them.” The girl spoke gently before she started to type fiercely on something Adele could not see behind the raised counter of the ticket desk.

“Thank ya, my dear.” Adele sniffled again sending her own prayers for their safe return home.

After what felt like hours the young girl, that appeared to be in her late twenties, looked up at her with compassion in her eyes. Adele gave her small smile in return, it was the most she could muster at this time.

“Ok, I can put you on a flight to Chicago, Illinois that actually leaves in 30 minutes. From there you will need to take one connecting flight through Atlanta, Georgia before arriving in Shreveport, Louisiana. The layover in Chicago Midway Airport is 3 hour and 45 minutes. The layover in Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta Airport is 2 hours and 15 minutes. You will be arriving in Shreveport, Louisiana in 5:35 pm local time. That’s the best I could do. Any other fight combination will get you there after 11pm.” The young lady named Mellissa, according to her name tag, said looking at Adele apologetically.

“I believe you, dear. I’ll take it.”

“That will be $1037.46, Ma’am. I’m truly sorry, I tried my best to keep the price as low as possible. But the flight from the Chicago to Atlanta is first class, all the economy seats are already sold out.” She explained after seeing the utter anguish on the elderly’s woman expression when she heard the amount.

Adele swallowed audibly. She did not have enough in her checking account to cover it. Not even in her savings account or the fusion of the two. What cash she brought along with her for this trip was pretty much it.

“It’s ok, my dear. I’m sure ya did ya best and I appreciate all y’all help. I have $234.78 in cash. I’ll need to write ya check for the rest of it.” She sniffled again wiping more tears making her vision blurry as she rumbled inside her purse for her check book.

She will figure it out by the time the check came around to be cleared.

“We don’t take checks ma’am. I’m sorry. We take only cash, debit or credit cards. Any combination of the three and we accept any card provider.” The young girl now looked like she was fighting back tears of her own.

“I don’t have a credit card.” Adele whispered feeling more broken than ever. Her body slumped impossibly low.

“Here. I have racked up enough frequent mile points to cover her flights.” A middle age man with salt and paper hair wearing expensive business suite stepped from behind Adele’s hunched figure.

“I can’t let y’all do that, young man. I really appreciate your offer, Lord knows I do. But it’s too much and I can’t accept it with a clear conscience. I’ll find myself another way.” Adele protested pushing his hand back and turning back to Mellissa. “Ain’t there a cheaper ticket, dear? Or do ya know where I can catch a bus ’round here?” she pleaded weeping. A flood of tears were pouring down from her puffy red eyes and soaking the front of her flowery dress.

The stranger took Adele’s hand and gently covered it with both of his prompting her to turning and look directly into his compassionate eye.

“I lost both, my only son and my daughter in-law on 9-11. She was pregnant with my only grandchild at the time. The unbearable pain I felt when I watched those towers falling down that day is the same I hear in your voice and see in your eyes right now. I’ll give up all my money to have one more minute with my family. Let me do this for them, for their memory.” There was such indescribable agony in his deep brown eyes, one that would surely follow to the next afterlife.

“I… I.. I” she cried harder. Panting heavily trying to catch her breath. Her whole body was trembling. Adele was sure she was going to go into cardiac arrest at any moment.

“Now take a deep breath.” he soothed her taking a deep inhale along with her. He needed it just as much as she. “You just go back and take care of your loved ones. That’s all you need to do.” He whispered to her never taking his eyes from her as he handed the card to the sobbing young girl at the ticket desk.

“Only if …. you tell … who ya …..are, good Sir” She finally managed to say in-between all the loud heart-wrenching cries that were now uncontrollably tearing off her heaving chest. “My name is ….Adele Stackhouse from ….Bon Temps, Louisiana …..and I’ll pay you back every cent ……. as God is my witness.”

He gave her a genuine smile and grabbed one of the blank suitcase tags on the counter to write down his information. Which was nothing close to his real name or his actual home address, but the older woman did not needed to know that.

“Take your time. You can pay me back whenever you can.” He assured her as he handed her his ‘information’. “You should probably hurry, if you don’t want to miss your flight. I hope you find your granddaughter and children safely waiting for you.”

“Thank you … some much, Mr. Joe Smith. ….. God bless ya and I promise …. ya I’ll pay you every last …. penny back, young man.” Adele gave him a bear hug and kissed him on the cheeks before she came to her senses and changed her mind.

“There’s no rush on it. You need to go through the checkpoint that is to the left over there and good luck to you and your family.” He smiled at her.

“God Bless ya ….. kind Sir.” She hugged him again and hurried off in the direction he pointed her to.

She frantically called Jason and Sookie’s cell phones leaving them the each a message with details of her impending arrival. Called the farmhouse praying to the good Lord above her granddaughter will pick up the phone and she would hear her grand-grandbabies happily playing in the background. It did not happened. It only drained what was left of her cell phone battery and now she was left with thoughts of worst case scenarios to swirl inside her head as the hours ticked by agonizingly slow. She cursed the damn thing and her old age. Not only had she forgotten her pocket address book with all her contact numbers inside the suitcase on the bus in her hurry to get back home, but she had somehow gotten much older and lost all her memory too. For the life of her she could not remember a single phone number of anyone she knew. All her nerves were tightly wound springs as she moved through the countless airports and planes like a mechanical robot. She did not rest her eyes for a second, did not eat or drink the whole time, barely remembered to breathe. She did not feel anything anymore, there was only physical or emotional emptiness inside her. She just silently cried until she could not physically do that anymore either. After that she just stared into nothing. Numb to the world around her.

The moment she was finally able to lay eyes on her grandson Jason, who was lacking three other blondes next him Adele’s instincts to fight or die for her family kicked in with a vengeance of a tornado about to touchdown. Nothing and no-one was safe. She could feel it in the pit of her stomach that her family was somewhere wandering lost in an abyss of obscurity trying to find their way home. Every fiber of her being was screaming at her that they were calling for Jason and her to locate them and bring them safely back home.

Blood was pumping into her old body at such accelerated rate it was making her sick. Her head was spinning.

Jason stopped his distressed pacing mid stride and ran to embrace her squeezing the air out of her old worn-out lungs the moment she cleared through the security glass doors twenty feet away from the baggage claim area.

“Gran!” he yelled relieved to have her with him more than ever before.

“Where are they, Jason? Where my grandbabies?” was all she greeted him with. Determination radiating of her.

“Gone Gran. There are all gone. There are all dead.” Jason let out a wrenched bellow unable to hold back the tears any longer.

It was too much for her old physique to take. She felt herself go limp right before everything turned into black. After that there was nothing.

If Jason had not been holding her so tightly to him she would have hit the floor like a sack of potatoes taking him down along with her.

Jason lost it. He was shaking her violently yelling her name like a deranged banshee as the swarm of passers-by made a wide circle around them.

“Gran! Oh, God! Gran! Wake up! Gran! Gran! Wake up! Please God don’t let her die. Gran! Wake up!”

“Here this should help.” A pleasant looking woman in her mid-sixties rushed to them putting an open container of Vicks VapoRub under Adele’s nose making her instantly scrunch at the pungent smell. “You should take her to a hospital to get checked out.” She told Jason as she moved the small container side to side under Adele’s nose.

“Gran can ya hear me? Gran?” Jason shook her again with a lot less force this time.

“No hospital.” Adele croaked out in a strained voice, her eyes fluttered open a second later.

“We need ta go get ya checked out Gran. Ya passed out.” Jason angrily said to her.

“I said no hospitals, child. I need to find my grandbabies.” She returned his angry voice and straightened herself pushing away from him.

“Gran!” Jason whispered yelled.

“You watch ya tone with me, young man. I said no hospitals and that’s final.” She sternly glared at him. There was no budging her on it and that was that.

“Dear, y’all should really go get yourself checked. He’s right to worry about ya.” The woman who ran to her rescue spoke softly rubbing Adele’s arm for comfort.

“Thank you my dear, but I’m just fine.” Adele politely told her with a reassuring smile patting her own hand over hers for confirmation. “Jason let’s go!” She hollered over her right shoulder as she marched towards the exit.

“Gran wait up. Gran!” Jason called as he hurriedly tried to catch up with her, doing a perfect imitation of the frogger trying to avoid getting splattered to shits, as he awkwardly maneuvered between a mob of arriving passengers and people waiting for their luggage to appear on the rolling conveyors. “Gran?”

“Hurry up Jason we ain’t got all day!”

“Where we going Gran?” he asked breathlessly once he was just a few steps behind her.

“To find my grandbabies. Where is your car?”

“Gran, they are …” Jason throat swelled up on him, he could not say IT again.

Adele abruptly spun to face him and scanned him with the most somber mien.

“Jason Mitchell Stackhouse can ya feel your sister? You concentrate hard and tell me if you feel her or a big empty void instead.” she squinted her eyes at him.

She was convinced Sookie was not dead, just like she knew her grandchildren’s’ abilities to be factual and not a figment of overactive imaginations. She did not have to be able to hear other people’s thoughts to know three of her grandbabies could do it effortlessly. Adele did not have to be able to feel other people’s emotions to know that Jason did best through skin contact. She grabbed his hands and centered herself mentally staring fearlessly straight into the demesne of her conviction, the profoundest precipice of her essence. Her three grandbabies were aimlessly drifting in there she was certain of it. She pushed all her resolve towards Jason patiently waiting for him to come to the same conclusion on his own after feeling for his sister.

“Uh, .…” Jason had his shart face on, which meant he was working extra hard through something. With any luck his contorted features were not due to his usual case of Gamble and Lost. “Yes, No. I don’t know Gran. Uhhh, my head’s been killing me since last night, can’t think straight.” He grunted massaging his temples after freeing his hands from Adele’s deathly grip to alleviate some of the pressure.

“Jason Mitchell Stackhouse I better not find ya gotten yourself pissdrunk instead of looking for your sister and kids. I’ll whoop ya tail so hard ya ain’t ever gonna sit on it again. Y’all hear me?” She had swung her purse off her shoulder ninja fast and was now gone into a full blow assault mode hitting him anywhere she could get to.

Jason did not even see the can of whoopass until it was on his doorstep breaking down his door.

“Oh, ouch. Watcha doin’ that for? Uhhh, …I weren’t drunk Gran. Oh, Ouch” all he could do was block the worst of it. Adele was not letting up anytime soon. “I swear. Ouch. …I swear on mama and daddy’s graves, uhhh, ouch, I weren’t drunk, Gran.”

That stopped Adele dead in her tracks. There were a lot of things you could always count on when it came to her grandson. Like sell a box of ketchup popsicles to a lady wearing white gloves with just his emotional ambience, you could certainly count on getting a call in the ungodly hours to pick him up from the Bon Temps police station for starting yet another bar brawl whenever the local drunks touched on the subject of Crazy Sookie and her creepy brood or charming the pants off any girl with his good looks and not his Nobel intelligence. But most certainly you could count on him to never ever lie when he brought up the ghastly destiny of his parents. There was a reason Jason never talked about them, the raw pain from that horrid night would never allow him to casually mention them.

“What happened last night? Leave nothing out.” She commanded.

“Don’t know Gran. I was doi… uhh, on a date with this chi…. uhhh lovely young girl. Next thin’ I know my Johnson ain’t working…”


“Ya said leave nothin’ out, ‘member?” he gave her a hairy look. She should know better. What else would he be doing, if he was not drinking? “Second later I felt like Sookie were scared outta her mind screamin’ for me go help ‘er. Called her cell, then the farmhouse, but she weren’t picking up an’ I suddenly couldn’t feel her clear no more. I got worried so I went looking for them. Then uhhh …. I ….. uhhhh” he did not know how to say the next part. Jason was not sure, if he dreamed the whole thing, because recalling the memory was like looking at it though a fog tinted glass. Adele nodded encouragingly for him to continue. “It’s all too weird Gran. I got this memory of ….. findin’ Sook’s burnt car with burnt ashes inside, uuuh…., in front of that vamp bar in Shreveport next to the Toys”R”Us they were going to …. but it don’t feel real none of it … but somehow I’m sure I did….. if I try real hard I can feel Sook’s alive, but I saw them burnt ….I don’t know Gran. What if it’s all true and I just don’t wonna believe it?” tears now freely spill down his face.

“Sook and the kids are alive Jason. I know it in my gut.” She hugged him and did not let go, while Jason emotions poured off him “We just need to go find them Jason. Stop worrying about everything else and only feel where Sookie is, ok dear?”

“Ok, Gran.” He wiped his face with the back of his hand and nodded.

“Use a napkin, Jason! Where are your manners, young man?” she chastised him as she dug into her purse for one.

Jason only smiled glad to have Gran back with him. He had been going out of his mind all day waiting for her.

After what felt like an hour of aimless driving in the desolated western suburbs of Shreveport Jason suddenly without any warning shouted “I feel Sook” on the top of his lungs. Scaring the beejeebers out of his grandmother. They have been relatively quiet only speaking when necessary to allow Jason to fully concentrate on feeling his sister. With Jason’s infamous track record for attention span the last hour was nothing short of watching a miracle in the making. The whole time Adele sat silently and kept sending emotions of encouragement and reassurance towards him. She had never been prouder of him than at that precise moment.

“I can feel her Gran. Sook’s close I can feel it.” He put his foot to the floor and almost send the truck rolling onto its side as he made a sharp right turn down what looked like a dead end road.

“Jason Stackhouse you almost gave me a heart attack, watch ya driving young man!”

“Yes, ma’am.” he nodded, but never eased on the pedal. He can feel them, all three of them now.

Both of them tensed getting a bad feeling. Something wickedly dreadful was in the air. The switch of energy was so sudden it could easily stun an elephant straight into next Sunday. They felt like their skin was on fire, their heads were spinning and were on the verge of becoming physically ill.

“Do ya feel that?” Jason grunted trying his best not to resurrect the leftover pizza he had for lunch earlier in the day.

“Ignore it, just follow ya way to Sookie and the kids.” Adele rumbled holding on her seat for dear life.

Jason gunned it with such a force it was another miracle they did not plow straight to their deaths. They found themselves in front of the largest most expensive looking double gate both of them have ever seen. Until Jason vaguely remembered seeing one just like that, identical if you asked him, the night before. He jumped out of his truck before it even came to a full stop and marched straight to it. This time there was no obnoxious bloodsucker throwing him an inhospitable party, not that he could currently recall such event what with how much anger was clouding his thoughts right now anyway. However there were two formidable and identically looking young men behind the gate with the largest automatic rifles he had ever seen. Even if Jason did not adore his gun mistresses, as any self-respecting southern oughta do, it was obvious even to a lame person that one of those camouflaged bad boys was a Barret M98B sniper rifle and no joke especially when aiming for your bullseye.

“Where’s my sister?” Jason screamed with all his might the second he open his door.

“This’s a private property y’all need to turn ’round and head back to where y’all came from.” one of Desi’s twin boys holler at the two intruders, while his doppelganger nodded his head in agreement.

“We ain’t going nowhere fuckers until you let my sister and kids go!” Jason screamed louder. “I ain’t afraid of y’all dipshits. Where’re my sister and kids?”

“One more step and we start shooting. Fair warning.” The other twin announced.

“Y’all go ahead and do what you need to do, young man and we’ll do what we came here for.” Adele spoke evenly as she was slowly getting out of the truck to join her grandson.

It was a little after six thirty when Amelia and Octavia had set down to eat some dinner and not too long before they heard the commotion outside followed by rapid gunfire. It sounded like all hell was breaking loose by the front gate. Desi was just switching the laundry after serving them when her heart dropped to the floor hearing the petrifying resonances of flying bullets in the distance. Amelia instantly dropped her fork and ran outside in a panic ignoring her teacher’s protest to stay put. She was a girl of action through and through. The Flash had nothing on her, she was by the main gate before you could say Jack Robinson.

“The hell’s wrong witcha y’all fucktarts?” Jason yelled crouching a little on instincts after hearing the barrage of warning shots released into the sky.

“Jason, language!”

“Your granddaughter and kids ain’t here. You need to turn around and leave now. Those were the only warning shots y’all getting.”

“Fuck y’all. I know that’s BUHL-SHEE-YET, coz I KNOW they’re in there.”


“You need to vacate the premises. Now!” the twins said in unison in their usual hair-raising way.

“Fuck y’all creeps. I ain’t going anywhere. I’ma mold y’all two like them wet sloppy clays in one of them spinning things in the next second, if y’all don’t bring my sister and kids out. Y’all hear me?”

“Jason Mitchell Stackhouse the next foul word out of ya and you’ll be picking your own switch. Ya hear me, young man?” only Gran will insist on having a clean fight.

“The fuck’s going on out here?” Amelia huffed trying to catch her breath once she finally got to them.

Her legs felt like they were on fire, a mile and a half sprint would do that to you. She could not remember the last time she ran for any other reason than being chased in her bed during sex. Not even during gym class in high school, she somehow always had her period on those days.

“Ya too, young lady. Watch yer language, that’s no way for a proper lady to talk like.” Adele chastised wagging her finger at her.

The look all four of them gave Adele said it all. Youth had one foot permanently planted in hell these days.

“Is she fo real?” Amelia managed to wheeze out in one extra short exhale before she turned to the twins for confirmation that her hearing has not failed her after the alien invasion of endorphins into her body.

“Gran washed my mouth with soup more times than I care fo. Care to try her?” Jason smirked threateningly.

“I suggest you let my grandbabies go or we’re going to have ourselves a big ole problem. Hand me your phone Jason.”

“What fo?” he looked at her utterly confused.

“To call the police so I can get my babies home with me.” She told him as she reached for the phone inside his front breast packet.

Amelia who was still half out of it, trying to get her panting lungs to cooperate with simple things like breathing, panicked at hearing that. Eric was positively going to kill them, if they did not prevent the police from getting involved. The powerful spellbinding words were falling out of her lips before she had any time to fully think through her next act of recklessness for the day. Adele and Jason on the other hand only had enough time to each shoot her a glare that could teach ice something about freezing cold before they hit the ground right where they stood.

“Sweet.” Both twins grinned staring at the fallen bodies in front them.


“Good job, witch. Watcha do to them anyway?” One of the twins said as he started opening the front gate.

“Sleeping beauty. It was even that or turn them into cats. I panicked.” She shrugged.

“How long till they wake up?”

“Honestly I’ve no idea. I uhhh…tweaked the spell on the spot to give it a…. uhhh …..extra kick punch. Octavia is going to kill me.” She huffed irritated.

“Ya be fine.”

“Yeah, well you’re not the one who’s still on probation for using ‘unlisted’ magic.”

Both boys just snickered recalling Pam’s tale of Amelia’s last punishment for setting the pizza delivery guy’s shoes on fire after he politely told her he will gladly take his tip payment with her on her knees. Let just say Amelia will never eat pizza again.

“What’re doing?” Amelia asked panicky.

“Relax, I ain’t gonna kill him. Don’t hex me or I swear I’ll shoot your witchy ass.” He called over his shoulder as he turned Jason on his stomach and started patting his back pockets.

“What’re looking for?” she asked still gasping for breath.

“Checking fo ID, what do ya think?”


“So we know where to go drop them off. Get yer ass outta yer head, woman.” The other twin next to her spoke startling her and causing her to yelp and jump into the air.

Yep, her nerves were shot to shit, that was for sure.

“Watch your mouth TwinThing One. Let’s just bring them inside the house and have Eric…”

“kill them.” He cut her off indifferently, like he was talking what the weather would be like tomorrow.

Hurricanes with raining hell from a pissed off Ancient Viking was a safe bet for a prediction.

“Glamour them” she grunted turning to face him head on.

“Amelia, honestly do you think the Viking won’t slaughter any stranger inside his house the second he gets a whiff of their smell?” he countered raising his right eyebrow in typical Eric’s fashion at her.

“But they are their family.” She pointed to the two sleeping bodies on the ground in indignation.

“Even more reason for him to do it. He claimed them, Amelia. C’mon now, ya know what that means. Yer a witch, ain’t ya?” He shook his head as he went to help his twin brother load the bodies into Jason’s truck.

kidnapped is the word I’ll use. Fucking ego-centric Supes.” She murmured under her breath as she stomped back to the house to let Octavia and Desi in on the current turn of events.

“Look at it this way at least we giving’em a chance for him to change his mind.” he called after her.

“Fat chance that is.” She huffed.

After some debate of who should go to Bon Temps to do the honors of dropping off Adele and Jason to safety it was decided the boys were going to stay behind to guard the house while the women undertook the task. They first went to Jason’s house and after seeing the despicable state his bachelor pad was in decided that laying him on the couch still wearing his clothes from the day. It would just be any other Tuesday for him. Adele on the other hand they quickly changed into one of her long night gowns and laid her on her bed. Desi used the chance to take a video of the inside of the farm house to document what Eric’s new found family usual choices for food were. Their toiletries, the inside of Sookie’s closet, the kids toy box and movie collection anything that would help them feel comfortable in their new home. It was not up to her to pass judgment like Amelia, who never stopped her bitching that what Eric was doing was beyond sick. A cold shiver ran through her entire body every time she thought of a vampire having three Fairies on tap, two of which were innocent little babies. Octavia and Desi tried in vain to assure her that just by seeing the way the Viking’s eye lit up every time the subject of HIS family came up it was obvious even to a blind person he will never do anything to hurt them. Finally they just told her to shut it.

They got back to the Lake house with ten minutes to spare before the sun went down and Eric would rise for the day. In reality he rose one to two hours before dusk for the last couple centuries, but the shitstorm from the night before must have taken a lot out of him, because he did not open his eyes until the precise moment the sun was no longer on the horizon. Vampires succumb to the sun’s power just as abruptly as they come back to full consciousness with all their senses on full alert. To them the whole process was just a blink of time. The first couple of centuries the sensation is a little unnerving, but just like everything thing else the novelty wears out eventually. In Eric’s case he no longer experienced that split second where your mind needed to catch up with your magically built-in protection guards of audiovisual and smell. He was acutely aware of his surrounding these days, how he got there and most importantly why he was feeling like he had just risen from the dead. The whole process was integrated into his psyche like a second layer of skin by now.

What Eric was not used to though was smelling secondhand traces of strangers inside his house. Strangers related to HIS family. That was all Eric need to know about them to literally fly off his rocker and roar like a homicidal manic scaring the crap out of the three women in the kitchen nervously awaiting his arrival.

“Where are they?” he thundered appearing in front of them out of nowhere is an instant.

“Amelia cast a sleeping smell on them and we took them back to their homes.” Octavia answered. The cold murderous look in his blazing cold eyes was frightening her quicker than she could manage to remember to breathe.

“How long before they wake?” he hissed.

“Five days tops. I think.” Amelia whispered.

“You think?” he snarled.

“I improvised.” She tried to defend herself. She already had an ear full about it from her teacher, didn’t they see she was pressed for time?

“Fucking Jason Stackhouse. I’m going to slay that worthless redneck.” He hissed.

“Eric they knew Sookie and the kids were here.” Octavia said heavily.

“I know. The fucker showed up last tight too.”

“What do you need us to do?”

“I’ll take care of it. FUUUUCK.” He roared again, every window and piece of furniture in the entire house shook “I need to be in New Orleans in less than an hour. FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. If they come back detain them.” He took an unneeded breath to center himself before he continued “Did anything else happened today?”

“No, just them showing up and we were able to successfully cast the protection ward I told you about earlier on the new house.”

“Good. I need to leave immediately. NO ONE is allowed anywhere near MY family. Am I clear?” he grunted irately.

“Yes.” Came as a collective answer from all three women like they have been rehearsing it with the twins as the conductors.

Jason fucking Stackhouse was a fucking dead bloodbag.

Just fucking great. This night was turning to be another fucking shitstorm right from the fucking start. Fucking great, in-fucking-deed.


Eric vamped back, with the speed of a derailed freight train on a collision mission, down to his daychamber, back to HIS family. He had only enough time to kiss them each and say a quick prayer to the Gods to keep them safe until he returned. He reached for the sky blue vial on the night stand and curses Ludwig for the frillionith time when the substance magically disappeared the instant it was in his hand. There was no other alternative, but to wait for his next dosage right before sunrise today, that did not mean he could not punch a hole in the wall in annoyance over it. He should have left for NOLA last night for his meeting with the Queen, but then his need to be with HIS precious Angels seemed to override all his logic nowadays. He flew to one of his numerous home to shower, put on a bespoke suite which always helped when dealing with a vain bitch like Sophie-Anne and grabbed a couple of his trusted weapons in case the suite was not doing it. The entire time his mind was reeling with countless way of exterminating the persistent redneck thorn in his pesky ass, Jason fucking Stackhouse. This threat to HIS family was unacceptable. Period. Of course he was not going to simply kill him without torturing him for information of how he was able to overcome his glamour.

All in due time Viking, he reminded himself, before shooting into the star ridden sky on his way to New Orleans.

Flying was one of Eric’s favorite activities when he needed to center himself and clear his thoughts. Tonight flying was a more tranquil experience than in the past millennium and it had nothing to do with the panoramic scenery of twinkling lights before him. Eric was not alone he had HIS family with him, they were humming the sweetest opus known to supekind inside him. Coursing through his powerful ancient blood like petite warm sun rays gifting him with the sensation of life and rejuvenation. Softly vibrating and composing a hypnotic murmur that had even his inner bloodthirsty beast purr in genuine ecstasy. Until HIS family melodic hum unexpectedly turned to the most horrifying sound Eric has ever heard. An excruciating pain took over his entire body and he descended into a sound breaking speed of freefall. The blazing pain around his undead heart whenever he was away from HIS Angels was so paralyzing it made him want to tear open his own ribcage and rip the useless thing out of him.

Something terribly horrific was happening to HIS family.

Eric did not think, did not debate and did not even act on instincts. He was speeding through the night sky with the force of The Big Bang towards HIS family by the time his head cleared of the raging pain. Nothing and no one was safe in his reckoning as trees were being uprooted and thrown like leaves into the air from the bayou area hundreds of miles below him. He was only 10 minutes into his flight to NOLA when he felt his undead life being yanked from under him. Without HIS family there was no Eric the Norseman, not any more after he had found them. He had no sense of time and distance as his mind was swirling in horror as he pushed his body beyond breaking point to get back to them. His efforts tripled when he heard the screams coming from the Lake House in the distance.

“Do something! Aren’t you a fucking doctor?” Pam yelled.

“I can’t do anything vampire. She has to release the little one willingly on her own.” Came Ludwig strained voice.

Eric’s felt his undead heart explode in his chest when the Lake house finally appeared on the horizon and he saw it engulfed by a massive bright sphere of pure sunlight.

“Make her!” he could hear Pam scream in outrage as the house was now feet away from him.

“I can’t force her vampire.” Ludwig yelled back.

Eric destroyed every single door in his way as he flew like a berserker straight into his underground daychamber and felt his undead heart exploding into million pieces for a second time in less than a second at the sight in front of him. Two small bright blue orbs where hovering over Sookie and Addy’s limp bodies, while Pam and Ludwig seemed to watch helplessly on the sideline accompanied by none other than his arch-nemesis the sunny rondure. Both of HIS Angels’ eyes were wide open and there was white foam dripping down their contorted faces. He roared an ear piercing call for battle causing the entire house to shake violently when he took in the deathly blue color of HIS little girl. The untamable beast inside him tore through its cage in its desire to shed blood on the entire world until there was nothing left.

His vision reduced to nothing, but burning bloodthirsty red.


“Vampire, there’s nothi….”

“MOVE!” Eric boomed to both Ludwig and Pam sending them flying as he reached for HIS girls.

He had shredded his clothes off of him by the time he scooped them both up and caged them against his cold granite chest. Wanting to have them as close to him as possible, as he held on to them for dear undead life. He brushed his lips against HIS Valkyrie left ear and did the only think there was to do.

Eric the Norseman pleaded for a miracle. Pleaded to HIS Valkyrie and the Gods for HIS little girl.

“Let her come to me, Lover. I give you my word no harm will come to OUR little one, whilst she is with me.” He whispered. “I beg of you my Angel let her go, for you are killing her. I promise you we will be right here waiting for YOU and OUR son when you return. Now let her come to me, Lover. Please, I beg of you.”

His voice was smooth and reassuring, though he had never felt more panicked and desperate in his entire existence on earth. His eyes was rimmed red. He kissed her below her left ear and felt Sookie slightly twitch in his arms before the most glorious sound Eric had ever heard echoed throughout the room. HIS precious little girl gulped for air twice before her raspy cry vibrated against his chest, filling him up with unparalleled bliss. Her petite warm fingers dug into his cold skin like tiny half-moons in dire need for comfort right before her delicate lashes fluttered rapidly as she opened her beautiful eyes.

The Queen could go fuck herself with a rusted chainsaw for all Eric Northman cared.



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