6:: Come back to me.

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Pam’s soccer mom minivan came down with a raucous bang on its roof. Compacted and ready to be disposed of at any junkyard, which in redneck Louisiana meant any empty patch of lawn or vacant lot. If she wanted to retrieve any items from the paranoiac escape kit Pam kept stashed in her former van. She was shit out of luck. Not unless, she used the ‘Jaws of Life’ or in this case Eric’s hands. Because, this tangled mess was way above her vampiric strength.  Knowing from previous incidents tonight that she was not permitted to be anything, but helpful and expected to keep her fucking trap shut. She had no choice, but be on her best behavior. Thus, Pam dived right into the proverbial mayhem, which was now the solo purpose of her newfound undead life.

“Spy, then Queen Dearest, but before that we need to get rid…” her tone was neutral, there was a pinch of excitement in her crystal blue eyes, only visible to someone who knew her inside and out  and a shitload of her elation was flooding their bond.

Then again, nothing but pure boredom indicated in her demeanor.

Only a vampire would be so cryptic, just for the hell of it. Go figure!

“Let me check on them one last time and then we can go.” Eric interrupted in a voice just as calm before vamping, more like flew, like a lunatic into the house.

She had no problems understanding her Maker’s thought process.  From now on it was keep Sookie and the children protected above all else.

Walking into tonight’s vampire meeting required any trace of Sookie and the kids to be completely absent from their bodies before even thinking of doing anything else. Therefore, Pam disposed of her former soccer van in the property bayou. Even though, Eric owned a chop shop on the other side of the city capable of eradicating any trace that her van actually existed. But that was what one got, when he did not pass his flying genes onto his Childe and expected her finest performance at a moment’s notice.

The Joie de vivre joker, her Maker was. NOT!

Eric used the time to vamp straight into his downstairs daychamber in Lake House and took a second to really look at HIS family. Bathing in the tranquility that only their presence could grant him. This time, however, he consented to be entirely engulfed in the warmth of the bright light that HIS family emanated. If Eric did not sound crazy to himself he would have sworn it was the Sun itself. The feeling was one of a warm summer breeze, making his cold skin tingle under its rejuvenating power. The sense that told you that you were indeed alive and whispered in your ear that you belonged, that you existed and gave you affection and reasoning beyond just mere survival. The emotional chaos it evoked within Eric was beyond terrifying. Scaring him shitless with what would happen, if he were to allow the gates to fully open and consent to all what they meant to him in. What would happen to him?  To them? Eric was ill-equipped to take on that battle, not without having all the facts and means to protect himself, and them, if needed.

He was still pissed over the fact that Bobby had only gotten part of the supplies for the children and he had to improvise clean bed sheets, from the linen closet, into a diaper for Addy per his homework instructions. He made sure to cover them with the soft duvet for balminess, even rearranged some pillows on each side of the children in case they were to move in their sleep for some reason. Yes, it was utterly atypical for him to be so considerate or naïve to pretend like they were just taking the nap of their lives. But, the harsh reality was just too intolerable.  This feeling of belonging they projected put a smile on his face and literally warmed his cold dead body. He kissed the kids’ foreheads gently and left a lingering kiss on Sookie’s bountiful lips before he activated the security code and vamped to the kitchen upstairs.

“Desi, I want them and Octavia settled temporarily here for the next two nights. After that, the new house should be complete and ready to move in to permanently. Boys, you are to safeguard them with your lives for the next 7 days. We may be leaving for New York tomorrow, so have everything ready, if we have to depart.” Eric ordered in his usual authoritative manner.

They silently nodded to him in understanding before they began their assigned tasks. Desi started walking towards Eric’s daychamber and raised her phone showing him the baby monitor app in passing, earning her a genuine smile from him. She had already begun making a large pot of chicken noodle soup while the boys were making up a sleep schedule and double checking the various weapons secreted throughout the house.

All Eric wanted was to be with HIS family, but karma seemed to be a fucking mean old bitch on a mission tonight forcing him to grudgingly vamp outside to meet Pam. She was covered in mud up to her ankles and saliently waiting for him, while checking her perfect nails. Bored as EVER. She did not say anything as Eric picked her up and soared into the night sky. In less than half of a minute they had taken a shower, removed any trace of HIS family from their person, changed clothing and met in the office of yet another one of Eric’s safe houses.

Of course his desk proudly displayed a picture of Pam in all her Ibiza – stripper envy – glory.

All of his homes were known only to his bloodline, plus one or two worthy vampires from his time as a High Enforcer and the Kostovi family. Because, they were glamoured into never revealing the locations, even if it was to mean their own demise. He conducted all his business far away from any of his secured resting places for many reasons. With his main office in Fangtasia destroyed, Warehouse 3 was going to become the new vampire hubbub central. It took having to be discrete around bloodbags out of the equation all together.

Nowadays everyone was a fucking paparazzo it seemed..

“What of Queen Dearest?” Pam asked as she was stashing a silver dagger behind her back.

“We are keeping it casual” Eric smirked as he stashed one weapon after another on his person at vamp speed, seven in total.

Easily done with the expansive area he was working with. Two stakes: one wood and the other silver, it was always nice to have options. After all not everyone could pull brown or as Pam would say the guano color, properly. Three big ass knives: gold, iron and silver, you never knew where a vampire gathering could lead you too. One extra-large silver dagger, with a hook like bowed blade for maximum impairment and one kusarigama, a very handy tool with multipurpose applications. The last Eric mastered many centuries ago during his time in Japan as a High Enforcer accompanied with countless nights of sampling the local delicacy of exotic Geishas. That was one fucking weird ass nation with some of most austere social etiquettes, all right up to the moment you got their horny asses into your bed and then all bets were off.  Let us not forget that this was also where Eric mastered the exquisite art of tight binding: Kinbaku or bondage as the younglings nowadays like calling it. Only few splendors in this world could rival a striking body fully painted with tattoos of ancient tales of its ancestors, tightly wrapped in a tortoise shell tie, ready for whatever you wish to inflict on it.  Eric would have delightfully ventured down that memory lane of his past had it not been for Dr. Ludwig words ringing in his head on a constant loop. He needed to be more vigilant than ever before, since he had claimed HIS family. Eric was not going to take any chances of not having the proper weapons to defend them from whoever was after them – and him by extension.

His response to Pam’s question was his own painstaking way of saying that they would continue to follow the usual plan, know everything their Dearest Queen had her fangs into and if at any moment Eric said plastic fork, it meant he was dethroning her eternal teenage ass.  The original code word was butter knife, as that was what Eric used to imagine killing her with and he changed it about 50 years ago when the Queen’s Dearest child Andre decided Pam was to be his. The new phrase was a testament that Eric was indeed capable of keeping up with the times and most certainly it was a poetic justice.

“Do you have any suspicion who the spy may be?”  Pam asked as they vamped over to the garage.

“I have too many.” Eric laughed. ”I walked into Fangtasia tonight, after I checked on all my other businesses and the night was like any other. I have a good one Pam. SSDD – Same shit different day. “Eric announced proudly while driving like a total maniac.

“So is SSDT – Same shit different toilet. Whatever, just name the assholes already!”

“Granny’s earlier words came to mind: They are coming. The paths are to cross once more, strive for abeyance shadows.” Eric imitated the Ancient Pythoness voice, as if he had spent centuries practicing doing just that. ”Wouldn’t it be fucking nice for once if she told me who the fuck was coming? Andre? The Queen? New York? Or that fucking Union? Those fuckers need to be destroyed immediately. Or how about Sookie and the children, and who are they really to me? That would be a good one to figure out right about the fuck NOW!” He hissed in frustration.

“So we are calling them the Union?”

“Yes. I need you to get Bubba here to watch over the remaining Stackhouses. He is to watch from a distance. I need more time with them. I need you to go and find out why “they ain’t right. “ He ordered as he was flying in and out of traffic.

Well, she did try to warn him that he could have picked a better batch of bloodbags for entertaining his midlife crisis with. Nonetheless, Pam remained mute and was setting everything up. Vamp typing on her phone like her undead life depended on how fast she executed his orders. Glamouring the shit out of the Shifter was something to look forward to, for sure.

“The fact that my Maker is on his way here is another interesting development.” He continued thoughtfully.

The moment Eric laid eyes on HIS family he felt his Maker probing their blood bond and proceed towards his immediate location. Making him wonder, if he is the only one in the dark over what was occurring.

“I’m so excited.” Pam actually smiled, fangs prominent.

Eric answered her in kind, also looking forward to seeing his Maker. Probably the only creature that could assist him in discovering who HIS family was and what was transpiring around and to him.

“As am I, my Childe, but before he arrives I want all the witches, vampires, FotS and whatever Supe aiding them in this fucked up Union of theirs slain immediately!” He barked infuriatedly as he parked his car 5 miles from Warehouse 3.

“Good bye, SSDD.” Pam deadpanned in her usual bored tone as they vamped to the torture chamber holding their three prisoners.

Eric just smiled broadly at her as he grabbed one of the chairs and sat directly in front of the three naked men at vamp speed. He then stretched his massive warrior body agonizingly slow to allow them a view of every one of his chiseled muscles as they flexed in order of progression. Starting with his strong calves, all the way to the bulging cords of his neck and laced his fingers behind his head as he observed them. Let the Jedi mind fuckery begin!

Pam had seen his work so many times that she sedately leaned against the wall ready for his command to just leap in for the kill.

They had been wearing black from head to toe, as the remnants of their clothes on the floor revealed. Black paint camouflaging their faces, hair and hands.  Clearly men that understood the art of war, as they were all of an impressive muscular built, broad shoulders, strong legs and arms, tall and obviously military trained. Shackled by their hands and feet, like fresh meat at a butcher shop. Eric remained silent as he watched them try to control every twitch and shiver, every muscle spasm of their naked bodies hanging midair in the cold damp cell. He listened to their steady heart beats, just patiently scrutinizing how long it took them to blink. They definitely had extensive training, because the smell of fear was not overpowering and displayed their true warrior sprints. Impressive.

“There is no camouflaging from Supes for you. I can see, smell, and hear you in the dark better than you can see on a bright sunny day. You smell delicious.” Eric declared serenely, dropping his razor sharp fangs with an audible snap, while balancing the chair on its two back legs. “You smell strongly of testosterone, adrenaline, endorphins, a little fear and are no doubt internally chanting mind over matter and repeating your name, rank and serial number to yourselves. You come from the best current human militaries, true warriors indeed. What you humans fail to understand is that we Supernaturals can actually smell the chemistry of your blood and once we do, we never forget it. We can track it back to every one of your kin, we can follow it to every place you have been in the past month in just one night, and we can even determine how long you have spent at any given place by sampling how saturated the residue of your stench is in the air. Some Supe species can even track your whole life in less than an hour and some of us have eternity. Imagine what damage we can do with that much time. Now, I also know that I can glamour the information I want from you, but where would the fun be in that?”

Eric declared nonchalantly as he shifted his weight forward placing his elbows on his strong thighs and lacing his fingers together. Taking another couple of seconds just to observe and let them fully absorb his speech. It was always a pleasure to let bloodbags into their little secret that, indeed, there was more than one thing that goes bump in the night.  If they only knew, every one of them would be working at NASA trying to figure out a way to relocate their pathetic asses as far away from Earth as possible.

Their vitals stayed steady, impressive.

“My senses are so acute that I can fully sense every single molecule in the air within half a mile, I can see more clearly than the Hubble Space Telescope within a mile and I can hear and identify every noise within two miles. That is without me even trying, now can you imagine if I were to fully concentrate on all my Supe senses?” Eric was the picture of serenity as he spoke.

He stretched his long muscular legs out from under him again, this time crossing them at his ankles and laced his fingers behind his head. It always unnerved humans to see vampires acting so mundanely. He took another second to really take in their essences for analysis as promised. He even dramatically took in a whiff of air, and did the hand gesture for theatrics.

Their vitals remained static, very impressive.

“Now, what you also don’t know is that Supes can smell magic. The one currently surrounding you is certainly powerful. Be that as it may, it’s not enough to restrain me. I can either kill you quicker than you can blink or I can torture you for the full length of you woeful lifespans.”

Their vitals remained stable, warriors indeed. He took the time to contemplate if it was their training or if it was the magic controlling their vitals, because there was very little spike in their heart beats when he spoke. He had to act very cautiously, he did not have a single clue as to what the true intent of this ancient spell was. After a thousand years Eric obeyed one rule when it came to magic, you did not fuck with it unless you knew who its intended target was AND how to stop it in case it all went to shit. Which it always did with magic, hence his one and only rule.

“You reek of witches, but witches are not in possession of spells as powerful as this. They wouldn’t even know how to deal with magic thousands of years old. There is also the faint secondhand trace of a Supe old enough to know all about such magic surrounding you. I am not interested in your FotS organization, the witches or vampires aiding you, the human government or any other bullshit you want to keep close to your beating hearts. I am interested only in the fucking mystical Supe at the helm of all of this shit.” Eric calmly outlined.

He was still the picture of serenity with his crossed legs outstretched, fingers laced behind his head as he crooked his signature left eyebrow, fixed his piercing blue eyes directly into theirs indicating that this was when glamour became a mean old bitch, little boys. Royally fucked did not cover what they really were at the moment. They just did not know that glamour also worked so much more smoothly when you focused your prey’s mind on to the very spot that you too wanted to tap into. Pun fully intended, boys.

“Then you know that we are only soldiers that simply carry out orders and are not given all the Intel pertaining to the conflict.” a man in his yearly thirties, light brown eyes and hair, larger than his amigos, and obviously in charge, answered Eric with the same calm demeanor.

“Well, ain’t life a mean ole bitch?” Eric said smiling with his fangs prominent and shifted his weight backwards balancing the chair on only one leg as he turned to gloat to Pam.

Unfortunately for Eric, as always his attempt on redneck language was just that, an attempt.

“You’re bringing SSDD back, Master.” Pam duly answered checking the tips of her perfect painted nails.

“Whatever My Childe needs, My Childe gets.” Eric purred at her with so much lust in his voice that he all but fucked her senseless against the wall.

Eric smiled brightly at Pam, the little circus display of his superior balance rattled the men enough to produce a spike in their vitals. He cheated again, he was actually flying.

Nevertheless, one of them reacted to the animalistic connotation in his words. Cheap trick on his part, but the quickest way to rile the true FotS and it never seemed to fail. A new idiotic religion against vampires under the name of The Fellowship of the Sun, who seemed to always get a little skittish when reminded of how vampires reproduced. Eric smiled, mostly because Pam and he had been aware of Andre’s presence since they exited the car and were expecting him to open the door to the torture chamber in just three, two, … and we all knew how much Pam loved the little prick, who has been relentlessly chasing after her for the last 50 years. A true creepy Supe Stalker now that was something you did not wish upon your worst enemies. He almost laughed out loud when the little shit barged in.

Judging by the feelings Pam was sending through their bond she was most definitely giving him the finger when they heard the familiar voice, earning her yet another bright smile.

“Sheriff. Pamela, my dear!” A creepy boy, who appeared to be in the awkward teenage years of sixteen or seventeen, and clearly in his sadistic 800’s, greeted Eric tersely with a nod and purred Pam’s name.

“Andre.” Eric acknowledged him with a blank expression and a return nod. Pam just nodded.

This little shit could suck the fun out of undead life in a nanosecond. What Eric really wanted to do was kill the sick bastard for looking at Pam’s face let alone her body. Ain’t life a bitch, indeed? Andre could be an Emperor for all the flying fucks Eric gave, if he ever touched his Childe he would instantly lose his head. It was that fucking simple!

“I was informed that we’d captured those responsible.” Andre announced as he circled the men, who were currently hanging stretched out in midair. Shackled by their hands to the ceiling and anchored to the floor with same heavy duty chains, like they were his own living art work.

“Correct.” Eric answered.

However, Andre was not informed enough to know that he was not allowed access to them until after Eric was through questioning them. Obviously someone did not do their job properly and Eric now needed to clean house tonight on top of everything else.

“And what have we learned, Sheriff?” Andre asked taking a deep swift of their air.

“So far we have one true FotS.” Eric replied boringly.

“And what of this magic smell?” Andre hissed irately.

“Of an ancient origin.” Eric blandly replied.

Asshole! You have a nose, didn’t you just fucking use it a second ago?

“Indeed.” Andre said gleefully as he vamped to acquire an enormous knife hanging next to Pam, brushing against her body in the process before he began tearing like a rabid animal into the chest of the largest of the captives. The grown man screamed as his body registered the pain.

Andre was just doing what Andre always did, being the true sadistic little psychopath he was.

Warriors, as those were rare these days, and deserved to be gifted to a swift death and most importantly Eric did not know anything of the magic surrounding them.

Andre, you impatient Moron!

“I advise caution!” Eric stressed hurriedly.

“Who sent you?” Andre growled with so much loathing in his eyes it was a wonder the prisoners were still breathing as he split their kidneys and spleen wide open in one swift move, making them scream in terror as the large knife mangled their flesh.

Eric sent an urgent wave of caution towards Pam, this level of carnal bloodlust was excessive even for a psycho like little shit Andre. The more of the men’s blood that covered him, the more saturated the stench of ancient magic permeated the room. It was turning Andre into a savage beast in under a nanosecond, quickly sinking into him and in a clear path to take control over Eric and Pam. A feeling of pure bloodlust in its prime form: kill everything.

“You will never get to MY Queen!” Andre boomed the magic words, that seemed to trigger the spell like an atomic bomb as the heads of the three prisoners fell to the floor and he savagely sunk his fangs into the severed throat of the last one.

Fucking psychotic Andre!

Everything happened too fast even for Eric. The magic of the spell was released with such power that Eric had only enough time to shield Pam’s body with his own. The so recognizable feeling of darkness, hate and need for blood possessed him unreservedly. When, all of a sudden instead of attacking the two vampires next to him, Eric was safely sucked into a space of nonexistence.  Pure blackness, flattened emotion, inability to feel anything of one’s physique. Stuck in nowhere in its true meaning. It was like he was trapped in a fluid suspension of a colloidal solid.  All his senses were inoperative. He could not smell, see, hear or move in any direction. Yet, somehow he felt his essence to be one of a bright burning light. His vision started to clear and Eric noted three free floating Waxing Gibbous in the vast distance. He darted towards them at top speed, running on pure instinct. The likes, if he had been summoned by them. The closer he got the more he recognized the inimitable ambrosia of HIS family. First he felt Addy, her hammering heartbeat, then her fear. Her need for her mother and father so vividly, like he had a permanent blood bond with her. Like she was of his own flesh and blood. Eric did not know how to react to that! Unbelievable! After that he felt Hunter. The terror and determination in his small figure while he searched for his mother, his sister, his entire family. Unfuckingbelievable! Last, and for some reason he was very surprised to feel Sookie. Though, logically who was he expecting it to be, but her? She radiated her unique warmth even now. However, she felt as if she was lost in pursuit of something barely out of her grasp. The moment she detected the new presence she instinctively shielded the children behind her, though she also instinctively knew she was safe with this stranger. Her beauty was breathtaking, as always. There was nothing more than Eric wanted than to embrace them, to protect them for eternity.

“Come back to me, my Valkyrie.” Eric spoke softly as he slowly offered Sookie what felt should be his right hand followed by his left in the direction of the children.

“Who are you?” she asked, a little stunned and unsure. She sensed she should know the answer and much more.

Somehow Sookie felt like she more than knew this magnificent creature, she knew him better than she knew her own self. It was like she had a direct connection to his very core, his soul. She had no doubt that he would always love and protect them and never stop searching for them, no matter what it cost. No matter how many attempts or how much times it took to break the hex that was ripping them all apart. She felt like they all belonged, like time and space never existed for them, not in a concept that she could wrap her head around.

“You have always known me, my Angel.” He soothed her gently.

Not wanting to scare her off, because he too knew her better than he knew his own self and there was no question that she would tear him to pieces, without any hesitation, if she so much as suspected him to be a threat to her or was it their babies? Thus, breaking whatever it was that connected them all together.

The children on the other hand inched towards him the second they sensed him, instantly feeling safer in his presence. The yang to their entire yin they felt.

“We are safe here, my beloved Warrior.” Sookie felt the need to comfort his fears.

“I miss you all, Lover. Return to me, my Sookie!” Eric felt like pleading, begging for a miracle.

The connection between them quickly began to fade into shimmering dust, ripping them away from Eric for the frillionith time it seemed and it hurt so fucking much. It was unbearable. The pain was so intense it reached beyond time and distance. Eric’s vision was fast refocusing back on the torture chamber, back to his reality. He was a mere hairsbreadth away from reaching the children when they darted back to help their mother as he heard her fading voice.

“Not until I find…” Sookie screamed in horror at losing Eric for the millionth time, again.

Eric never got to hear what it was she was searching for. The memories of what just happened, where he had been and any information he had learned of how they were connected to him was quickly fading in Eric’s cognizance. All he was left with was the emptiness he felt in the center of his chest, surrounded by a burning pain for HIS family. He landed right back on top of reality just as quickly as he had been hijacked from it. He was gone less than a second and brought back to the exact moment that Pam’s Supe Stalker Andre was about to tear into her like a fucking deranged animal in pursuit of an optimum prize. Foam dripping off his fangs the likes of a vile beast, whilst staring at Pam. No way would she survive, if he got his fangs and cock into her. Contrary to any other day when Pam could easily clean the streets with the fucker.

The stench of powerful magic was reeking off Andre’s pubescent body and he was moving at the speed of someone million years his senior and one of pure madness. He was no longer in control of his mind or actions, or strength. That was for fucking certain.

Eric had less than a fraction of a second to first somehow suppress the bloodlust trying to overtake Pam and him all over again, before killing Andre. If, necessary.

Everything was happening at such a fast rate that it was unbelievable for someone even as old as Eric to witness. Yet, unfuckingbelievable seemed to be his best buddy tonight, as Eric was somehow able to experience everything in ultra-slow motion. Matrix style: sleek moving cow, evasion of milk bullets and all. The whole Kung Pow scene was just short of Eminem flawlessly rap/screaming in Andre’s ear “Go to sleep bitch! Die, mothafucka, die! Time’s up, bitch, close ya eyes!” Eric could not only detect the magically boosted bloodlust, he could actually tangibly observe it from all angles. Stalk it and analyze it in vivid details. It called for nothing less than destruction. It tasted of vacuity and rot. He could make out its physical form of a black luminosity. Reminding him of the one that burst out of his chest earlier tonight. The one that called for Eric to protect HIS family above everything. The thought of them ignited the burning pain in the center of his core. Lighting the match and setting him ablaze. Eric could have sworn he felt Sookie pushing her sunny warmth through his heart. As though, she was trying to help Eric release his own pure black pellet of energy to fight off the ancient magic threatening Pam and him.

Whatever happened next was way too fast for Eric to recall.

All he knew was the next time his mind came back into focus there was no trace of any magic anywhere and little shithead Andre was letting out one of his usual whimpered hisses as he landed directly into Eric proffered hands. Everything seemed to be back to normal, if only magic was not a mean old bitch. Eric did not trust Andre even more now, if that was even possible. He quickly searched for Pam in his blood while she assured him that she was just dandy and silently asked him ‘WTF?’ just happened. Eric really did not know and had no time to answer her as he slammed Andre into the floor with all his might. He restrained himself just enough at the last second, resulting in only smashing Andre’s skull into million tiny pieces and successfully liquefying all of his spinal cord into undead bone marrow or the SoB would most definitely been no more.

“Control your urges youngling or I will control them for you!” Eric snarled in Andre’s face as he displayed his alpha male strength and fangs to him right before he pinned him utterly immobile to the stone floor with his right 15 and a half size steel-toe boot.

One wrong move and the little shit was dead, for good. Double entendre intended.

Andre only snarled and hissed in response as his crippled body refused to cooperate with his all-consuming desire to fight back. There was something beyond satisfying to see the little prick so vulnerable and broken as Eric had his foot strategically placed over his throat.  Just one definitive stomp was all it would take to sever the asshats’ head. To say that Eric was not tempted to pretend to lose his balance was the understatement of his millennium long undead life.

“Pam, get him some bagged blood.” Eric ordered never taking his eyes off her pathetic stalker. His tone read loud and clear that he would not fault her, if she decided to take her sweet ass time executing his wishes.

In fact he encouraged it. Andre was not going anywhere.

And boy, did she? Pam did not come back for at a couple of minutes and in vampires’ terms that felt like an eternity. Making Andre roar in pain the entire time. If, Eric was not so entertained watching the little asswipe suffer so beautifully he would have gone into downtime. The sight was far too exquisite to miss. Pam just hurled the three cold bags of blood at Andre all the while thinking that even the shit deemed TrueBlood would be a waste on someone like him. The healing process on Andre’s body started instantaneously, but evidently not fast enough as he was still lying motionlessly compelling Eric to bend down and stuff the first bag into his mouth as he used his foot to forcefully assist him into puncture it with his fangs. Just short from shattering all his teeth in the process. The little shit was lucky vampires did not gag, because the bag was most certainly stuffed deep down his throat.

“Are you in control of yourself now or do you need further help feeding yourself?” Eric smirked at him from above.

“I’m perfectly in control.” Andree hissed right before he quickly downed the other two bags of cold blood. “Can you say the same of yourself, Northman? Next time you try to restrain me from killing prisoners you better have a very good reason, Sheriff!” Andre growled back displaying his fangs as he vamped towards the door.

By the fuckedup way he was moving Andre was still in need of at least a couple of more bags of blood to recover wholly.

He stopped at the threshold, his skull still wide open and smirked as he looked at the mangled corpses in triumph. They looked like carcasses which animals, birds, insects, Mother Nature herself had been nibbling on.

Andre locked his piercing stare into Pam’s eyes and tapped the tip of his right fang with his tongue, before he was out of there.

Twisted Little Fuck!

“I vote that constitutes as sexual harassment in the work place, Eric. If not that, the vermin will agree that there is enough probable cause to kill my stalker on the reasonable suspicion that his ass may be cursed.” She deadpanned, checking her nails.

Eric was circling the three corpses scrutinizing them closely. The damage was stunning, a true piece of art. Every blood vessel had exploded and every vital organ had been shredded to nothing. All their muscle tissue had been ripped from their flesh and they had been skinned with the most painful precision. Fucking magnificent! It called for Eric’s beast to roar, shake its cage and cry a call for battle, for blood. The savagery was exceptional and exacerbating his bloodlust.  Eric purred in pleasure and adjusted his engorged cock as he laughed at Pam’s words, though he did commend her passion for wanting to kill the little shit.

“What do you see Pam?” Eric added thoughtfully in Old Norse.

It was their go to language, when they did not want others to be privy to their true intentions. It was one of the first things Eric educated her on, what it encompassed to be the Viking’s Childe, use devices only a handful of creatures would be old and experienced to know of.

“That even Dearest Andre isn’t this skillful in only 3 seconds.” She answered him back in his long dead mother’s tongue, while circling the tip of her fangs.

The sight was beyond picturesque to their vampiric nature.

“Exactly and what do you remember of those 3 seconds?” Eric asked, while sending her calm through their bond since she was still very young and more prone to go into bloodlust from marvels such as this one.

“Andre being his usual ass, bloodlust, you disappearing from the bond. Twice. You spanking Andre as usual.” Pam listed each event in a bored tone.

“Exactly and nothing of what happened to the ancient magic.” Eric finished off in the exact same manner.

Though, the burning pain in his chest made him feel like there was a lot more that happened in those short 3 seconds.

“Fine, we need the witch.” Pam deadpanned.

“Exactly! While you are setting that up, hide the bodies and clean the room. Say good bye to SSDD, Pam. Queen’s dearest Childe just strapped one hell of a shit just got real bomb on. SJGR, fyi!” Eric smirked at her, proud of himself for getting a point in their ongoing game of using modern euphemisms and two points for any acronyms.

And they say vampires are stuck behind the times. HA fucking HA! Take that you fuckers!

“You know that little prick is unstable and can go off at any second. I say throw his ass in here and wait for the Queen to come collect him, then sit and watch her court go to zombies’ wonderland.”

“As enticing as that sounds, he is my only connection to finding out the mystical Supe behind all of this.”

“That is assuming we didn’t get cursed along with his crazy ass.” Pam pointed out, not thrilled about it one bit.

The only magic that ever agreed to her fashion senses was her turning. Other than that, it always came with an inauspicious outcome to her impeccable looks.

“Only one way to find out now. I want to know beforehand about everything that little shit even thinks about doing!” He hissed frustrated.

“Eric this time it may not be avoidable…” Pam tried to approach the subject gently knowing the mood it sent her Maker in.

“I don’t give a fuck about what the Pythoness says. I don’t want to be a fucking King, Pam!” Eric roared.

“And what of your Maker?” she asked cool as a fucking cucumber.

“Leave him out of this, unless he makes it a Maker’s command I am not budging on this.”

“You know he will never do that to you.”

“Exactly! You want the job? I can make it happen for you Pam.” Eric crooked his eyebrow at her.

“Hell to the NO! Undead life just got interesting. I’m not about to miss on all the fun by spending my time with some stuck up mummies.”

“Then don’t ever bring it up again. Remember you still have one more punishment to serve. Queen Pamela does have a nice ring to it.” Eric laughed boisterously as he exited the torture chamber leaving her to carry out his orders.

He walked through the warehouse paying extra attention to everything and everyone around. Who was talking to whom, their clothes, the language they used, their mannerisms, every movement and tic they made. All his senses were screaming that shit was just not right. It went way beyond Eric’s usual paranoia and the Viking’s safeguarded conduct was something legends were fueled with. This time he was not just concerned with his own safety or that of his Childe’s. No. Now he had three innocent little Angels to worry about too. Though, he could not remember why they were so important to him he could feel in the epicenter of his core that they were the reason he existed.

All the fuckary his undead life has been so far, was to prepare him for their arrival, HIS Family, HIS living family.

The vampires that owed him fealty were positively on edge. The suspense in the air could be cut with a dull knife. Every step Eric made, he could sense the probing eyes on him. Any other being would have been freaking the fuck out right about now. However, Eric Northman walked like he owned the place and everyone in it. Because, he fucking did! There was no time to dwell on trivial things, you were either with him or against him.  The lights in the whole building were dim to sooth their sensitive Supe eyesight, though Eric felt like he had never seen so clearly before. He walked into his office and was satisfied that at least one thing went right this fucked up night. All of his paperwork and personal effects from Fangtasia were neatly stacked in their appropriate places. He sat in his chair and tried to reach his Maker on the phone with no success, it went straight to voicemail. He tried to probe their bond, something he had not done in a very long time and found it very peculiar that it was tightly closed on the other end. Eric used the next ten minutes before the meeting to check his voicemail and emails, unfortunately none of his spies in Louisiana or other kingdoms had any valuable intel over the mayhem transpiring across the New world for the last three months.

When Pam entered his office Eric gave her a silent nod of acknowledgment as he rose and followed her into the conference room.

Most Sheriffs liked setting their courts in a typical fashion of raised platforms and thrones forcing their audience to stand on their feet, not this vampire. Did he have such a space? Hell yeah he did, all Area 5 Warehouses contained one. He used it explicitly when dealing with baby vamps, they needed to fully understand the long held vampire beliefs and closely guarded ancient traditions of his kind.  However, Eric personally preferred the setting of his conference room. The heavy antique table stretching far with him at the head, his chair intimidatingly larger than the rest. It could not be anything else, if it were to host his massive 6’5” frame. Every vampire in the room knew what the notches on the table leg next to him represented. For every time he had to rip it off and use it as a stake. A very effective crude reminder of who was ultimately in charge.  Eric the fucking Norseman that was who! Eric sustained a love/hate relationship with technology nowadays. Nonetheless, he could not deny that having everything in one state of the art central console sure beat the shit out of pigeons and smoke signals. Mostly he preferred this setting for allowing only the elders in his retinue to be seated, while the younglings had to rightfully stand back and last but not least there was something beautiful at putting your opponent at ease right before they saw you flying like a maniac over the table to send them to their true death. That one second of pure horror in their eyes was what undead life was all about and Eric the Norseman reveled in it.

“Report!” Eric ordered with full authoritative tenor as he entered the room.

He was not in a mood for any further bullshit tonight or heads were going to roll.

“We found the apartment they were staying in, nothing but four mattresses on the floor. The smell was less than a week old. They must have flown in, as I lost their tracks abruptly one mile south of the private airstrip in West Shreveport. I believe a smell suppressing spell was cast by whoever delivered them to Louisiana.” Heidi, a vampire not even three decades old spoke immediately from the back of the room. She was a petite little thing that can track like no one’s business, a very useful vampire gift.

“What did you find from their phones?” Eric asked, never ceasing to watch Pam’s stalker Andre. Seated on his left. Like a hawk.

One move, you little worthless piece of shit!

The slightest wrong move and he would cease to existing, was Eric’s current mantra as he sat there pretending to be a statue, just like any other vampire in the room. The room was deadly quiet, not a particle in the air in motion.

His kind was not burdened by trivial functions as breathing and showing any facial or any kind of body reaction to the world around them was the greatest display of weakness. Thus, vampires guarded everything single thing about themselves, their thoughts, their blood ties to one another, their age, their likes and dislikes. It was ingrained into them the moment their turning took effect to never reveal their true intention to anyone, if they were to continue existing.

“Spider traced the purchase of the four burner phones from a convenience store with no cameras 5 miles north of Fangtasia. In the last five days they received calls…” she answered again until Eric impatiently cut her off with just a flick of his wrist.

“Spider, here.” A robotic sounding voice came loudly through the phone console situated in the center of the large table the second Heidi dialed the last digit to connect to him.

Everyone knew that Eric Northman despised secondhand information when he could go straight to the source. Even one that sounded like it had chain smoked his way through corporate America and blasted a picture of a fucking yellow cartoon bird across every monitor inside the conference room. For all Eric knew Spider could be a teenage girl named Molly in Iowa. All that was known for certain is that the Supernatural Council approved Spider services, which meant whoever it was had been magically bound to secrecy and most likely a Supe itself.

“Report.” was all Eric said.

“The information of who the four men are. Names, ranks, date of birth, etc. was sent to your phones two hours ago. Their week-long stay in Shreveport was only captured a handful of times on CCTV and they were meticulously careful to conceal their identities, I was only able to identify them from the pictures you sent me of their faces. They received a call from other disposable phones, which were purchased over 10 years ago and thus making them more than untraceable at exactly 8am each morning that lasted exactly 15 seconds each. The calls come from all different, extremely remote locations, around the States, where a stoplight is a county luxury with again virtually no way to trace them. I am sifting through any available surveillance footage around the locations corresponding to the timeframes in search of potential suspects. Whoever is behind this is categorically someone who knows how to cover their tracks I’m afraid, as I’m coming up short in all my attempts, the four men virtually stopped existing five years ago.”

“What is their connection to the FotS?”

“Only that the FotS are taking credit for the ongoing bombings.”

“Inform me immediately if you find anything of interest.” Eric hissed, frustrated, as he disconnected, using the phone that sat in front of him.

This was definitely not good. Not good at all. Eric did not give a shit what their names were or the fact that one was a former member of Seal Team Six, another of British SAS and the other two of Delta Force. What he wanted to know was how they were connected to the FotS agenda and who was truly behind their orders. Torturing their extended families would be just as futile, as men such as those never revealed their missions for exactly this type of reason.

Sensing that her Maker was a second away from losing his marbles and going into a full blown murderous rampage Pam hurriedly, yet never dropping the boredom in her voice, spoke up. Thank the God of all zombies he was not under the influence of the little Fairy’s blood any longer or Shreveport would most definitely cease to exist. If he even stopped there. We all have our way to coping with extreme stress, in Eric’s case it was mass murder. It has been centuries since he was that pissed off. Pam had no choice on staying quiet she was his second in command after all.

“What is known so far is that in the last three months there have been ongoing bombings only in the New world spreading across the continent from West to East. We are calling those responsible the Union as there are evidence of FotS, witches, vampires and a group of unidentified Supe specie aiding them. Most likelihood of otherworldly origin and now confirmed military bloodbags involvement. There is a pattern of one month cooling off period in between each attack. There is also a pattern in progression starting in California, then Nevada, Texas and now Louisiana. They are moving South and suspected to ingress to the North after Florida and New York, targeting the most vampire populated areas, centering on the most influential, oldest and strongest vampires.  7 final deaths are confirmed. All vampires 200 years old or younger and of no political standing. They were too slow to ‘get the fuck away’ from the bombs’ blasting radius, obviously. The Union morons were either completely inept or the entire scene was a deliberate decoy to camouflage their real target/goal. In a single night they carry coordinated attacks going after monarchs, Sheriffs and anyone over a thousand years old, explicitly. There is a spy amongst us for them to possess such Intel and ….”

“Yet, only the Viking was attacked in Louisiana.”  Accalu, an older than dirt itself vampire, spoke harshly interrupting her as she listed off.

He was an over 3,500 years old Assyrian, breathtakingly attractive and exceedingly intimidating all at once. A true Ancient according to vampire standards. The oldest one in the New world and the closest vampire to Eric outside his bloodline. When Eric was first tasked as a High Enforcer for vampire law Accalu was appointed as his trainer. An unbreakable bond had been formed between them ever since. When Accalu was later tasked as a Great Enforcer for all Supernatural law by the High Council he accepted the job under one condition. To personally appoint the next vampire they were in need of. That was how Eric joined him a few centuries later as being not only the Old Bat’s little puppet, but the High Council fucktoy as well. He was still on the fence for having to serve the last century of his unavoidable contract, or as Eric liked to call it his unjust and fuckedup punishment. In not only dealing with vampires’ utmost idiots, but a whole slew of cracked up Supes. Was it educational? You could bet your pesky ass and sharp fangs it was. He could now kill Supe species that most vampires had never heard of faster than green grass through a goose, as the local scholars so poetically put it. Was it a colossal pain in Eric’s proud ass to deal with lunatics capable of far worse than draining you or silver poisoning you? Damn fuckin’ straight it was. Some of those fuckers were no joke with their abilities to cloak and throw unhealthy sunny/fire balls at you. Eric suspected his Maker had something to do with Accalu not only being his mentor, since the Ancient vampire was not only over humanity, but all Supes at that point, but the Ancient’s relocation to his area. Though, none of them would ever fess up to it. Vampires as old as Accalu preferred their solitude and the majority of them despised the bullshit of politics and for that they seldom ventured outside the Old world of Europe. Where, the political fuckary was kept to a minimum by ancient values of brutal and swift justice.

“The Queen and the other Sheriffs saw this coming and astutely protected themselves by leaving their areas for the needed duration.” Andre hissed outraged.

“Well, how convenient for Her Majesty to take a much needed vacation now.” Accalu responded to him dryly.

“I see seven vampires of age older than a thousand years at this table, you being one of them that also weren’t attacked tonight. Do you have something to say for yourself Accalu?” Andre roared back at him, dropping his fangs loudly.

The flea ridden rodents inside little dumbass Andre’s head were obviously on the fritz or had abandoned that sinking ship all together, if he seriously thought he will keep said head in the next second.

“Watch your words and tone, youngling, when addressing your betters or I will gladly educate you on your errors.” with your final death was implied in Accalu’s unfazed tenor.

One word, tic or anything short from dropping on his knees and presenting his skinny pubescent neck in an utter show of submission and the Queen’s Dearest Childe was going to find out why the Ancient vampire never got a nickname, as his birth giving name of ‘The Devourer’ was more than befitting. Accalu fuse on assholio was also shorter than Thalia’s, if one could believe it. He had a hereditary immunization against it.

If Accalu went after Andre, Eric’s old friend was doomed to be the next King of Louisiana. Since, her Majesty was too immaturely egocentric to rightfully acknowledge Accula’s fair reprisal to seniors disrespect and then shit was most definitely going to get real. Accalu was the type of vampire, who would joyfully cut his own dick off before he permitted any fellow royals to suck up to him all the while they were planning how to take him out.

Ah, the beauty of vampire double-crossing! Pardon, politics.

“ENOUGH!” Eric boomed irritated. No way was he going to allow his old friend to lower himself as a King of all things or catch whatever curse/flu Andre was infected with. “There is a spy among us or they would have attacked the Queen’s court and I want to know who it is. That is an order!” and if anyone was going to kill the little dipshit Eric had the dibs on that shit the night they first met.

“Do we know what their true intentions are?” another Ancient vampire from Eric’s days as a High Enforcer asked.

“The Supe grapevine hasn’t produced any viable suspects so far.” a third former High Enforcer answered him.

All meetings in Area 5, such as this one, were lead and spoken only by the elders unless a youngling was directly addressed or had some invaluable information to add to the table. Without breaking down the nitty-gritty stats of vampire world populace it was easy even for a day old baby vamp to ascertain that Eric’s Area was occupied by the majority of the oldest, strongest and fearsome of their kind in the world. The average age of his retinue was of no less than 500 years old and comprised of vampires who he previously had dealings with prior to accepting the position of a Sheriff and amounted to a total of 78. Which was an extraordinary large number, especially for a rural area as Northern Louisiana. Making a lot of monarchs including Queen’s Dearest and other Wanna Bes extra tense and put him on many a shit list, just on principal. There were 23 of those who did not meet the criteria, but compensated by possessing some extraordinary vampire gifts and then there were the 7 of them who surpassed it by millennium and then some, 4 of which were vampires he had served as a High Enforcer with. If said 4 ever decided to write their memoirs, let just say shit couldn’t get more real than that. One also had to keep in mind that there were only 12 vampires currently in the New world, who were of age greater than that of the Viking. Making him and his territory that much more fearsome for having the majority of legendary Ancients in one Area and ultimately under his personal command. Last were the 9 odd balls that did not fit in any of the above categories, because they were either serving a punishment or were forced upon Eric under a decree of some sort to reside within his area. Who was serving a punishment was questionable there. Those were also the ones that could not take a step in any given direction without someone tattling all about it back to Eric.

The simple reasoning behind his impressive loyal retinue and the elevated interested in some of his kind to prove themselves worthy of joining it was that Eric was a rare vampire of honor ie. you do what you were told without fucking it up and he was not going to make you fetch him a fresh bag of blood just for shit and giggles as most in his position liked to do. Well, with the exception of the one night monthly mandatory appearance as Fangtasia circus, as a vampire monkey. But, that was honorably and more than generously supplemented, as a deduction to their fealty tax and a good reminder that the Norseman was their boss. No exceptions. However, fail him and the consequences were fatal. Which was also why some avoided it like the black plague and baby vamps were warned to stay clear of his area for their first couple of centuries. His honorable word did not only pertain to vampires business, it was Eric’s attitude when dealing with all Supe species. Thus making Area 5 also the highest populated area for all types of Supes. The fact that Dr. Ludwig had her home base in Shreveport should say enough and she loathed the egocentric Viking with a passion.

The room remained quiet for a couple of more seconds until Accalu spoke up again.

“There have been a great number of vampires relocating across the continent in the last past 3 months. Area 5 has the strictest of policy for approving a permanent resident in the New world. As so, there haven’t been any new faces lurking around. However, some of the surrounding Sheriffs have been tempted by bribes. Area 1 has the highest number of new vampire residents, all exceedingly rich.” His voice was a picture of tranquil as he calmly stared down Andre the Pipsqueak.

Accalu was also a rarity for a vampire, much like his protégé Eric. He was too old to be bothered with bullshit and nonsense at his age. He preferred to calmly and bluntly state exactly what he thought or planned of doing directly in someone’s face. Much like Eric, if he said he was going to send you to your true death he intended to do it then and there. There was no avoiding it, nowhere one could run or hide in all the realms. He had no time or patience for the niceties of any politics and if he ever felt like lowering himself to play Supe intrigues, well you would never see him coming. Though, he much favored serenity these days he would not think twice for being deathly serious to make his point.

“I assure you Accalu Our Queen of the State of Louisiana, Sheriff of Area 1, my Maker, to whom you have sworn fealty, has screened all the new residents appropriately to ensure all of our safety.” Andre could not help without responding, hissing his words and emphasizing his and his mommy’s superiority.

“How many new vampires have been registered in the state?” Eric asked next, if Accalu was going after Andre there was jack shit anyone could do to stop him.

“21.” Andre replied tersely.

“Who was the handicap idiot in Warehouse 1?” Thalia asked.

“Thomas Beasley, 53 years old, with a letter of recommendation from the Queen of California – San Jose. I was in the process of redirecting him to other areas he can seek residence, when all hell broke loose.” Eric answered.

“When did you discover the bomb devices, Northman?” Pam’s Supe Stalker hissed at him with his fangs prominently on display.

And there it was, the real reason why the little fuck was sitting at this table, for which he was more than unworthy of. Well, besides staring at Pam like she was to be his personal fuck toy.

“I smelled very faint stench of magic when I first arrived in Fangtasia tonight, Andre.” Eric informed him.

“Yet, only the Viking has been able to detect the bombs in advance in all three months.”  Andre smirked staring directly at Accalu.

“I have a lot more experience with magic than most.  A full century as a Great Enforcer, to be exact, to fine tune my skills.” Eric raised his eyebrow at the full room.

“How did they get them inside your Area 5 place of business, Sheriff?”

“That is still unknown as there is 5 minutes of CCTV video missing at precisely 10:45 am. Close enough to pose as someone who can have a reason to be there if they got caught as the staff and delivery men don’t come in until 11 am. They we able to hack into the surveillance cameras and replace the feed with a loop footage, nonetheless the nanosecond of flicker in the video was a dead giveaway.”

“What do you know of the magic on the devices?”

“Only that I’ve never encounter such a powerful cloaking spell.”

“So how were you able to find them then, Northman?” Andre barked out, unable to hold back his irritation over Eric’s nonchalant bearing.

“I followed the smell of magic accompanied by the foreign stench of the males I’d never encountered in the bar before.” Eric answered him, unfazed as ever.

He had to or one of the many vampires presently surrounding him would have sensed that something was amiss with his answer and those night loving fuckers had nothing better to do with their endless time, but gossip. Plot someone’s true death or stick their pesky noses into shit that did not concern them, just for something to do to conquer their boredom. They did not need the details that while he was doing just that, right before Fangtasia opened its door for business tonight and failing miserably at it, since the cloaking was successfully bouncing off the magic odor all over the damn place. Getting Eric so pissed off he was ready to bomb the whole place to hell himself. That was until he received a little outside aid in discovering the devices. He received more than just that, it was an unexpected and ominous phone call from none other than the Ancient Pythoness, herself, to warn him that they were coming. Whoever the fuck that was and if by any chance it was in regards to HIS family unexpected arrival Eric was not going to say shit about shit to anyone. Right before she gave him another fucked up riddle of where to find the four bombs as an afterthought before she hung up on him. The Old Bat could never manage to say a fucking simple hello without making you scratch your whole body in utter loss. You might find it funny, however Eric was anything but laughing trying to decode that to “honor the spellbinding tide unseen in the tetralogy of our life giver” was to literally having to flush the fucking fourth toilet inside the fucking female bathroom in four fucking quick successions in order for the device to reveal itself to the world. They got even more fucking ominous after that. He was ready to blow up the place with the crazy old bitch inside of it by the time he had all four bombs in his hands.

“Why was not Our Queen informed immediately of this discovery?” Andre roared in outrage.

“Because there are too many unknown players aiding this Union and the night needed to proceed as they expected in order to force their hands into revealing who they are, youngling.” Accalu answered him instead with a tenor screaming an ear piercing DUHHHH, Stupid!

“You knew of this?” Andre demanded glaring at the Ancient sitting at the other end seat of the massive antique table.

“No. It is the logical move, would you say youngling?” Accalu answered serine as a Hindu monk.

He was not going to give the little shit the satisfaction of true death only to get stuck as the head of the state, there was nothing this Ancient was more over than politics nowadays.

“Yet, nothing was accomplished by the Sheriff’s failing his duty to report to Our Queen!” Andre hissed back.

“To the contrary, we now have proof that the human Authorities are also involved.” Thalia answered irritated instead.

Andre only smirked in a sadistic satisfaction remembering the lovely three corpses he left in his reckoning. Whilst licking his lips lustfully at, more than just disgusted by it, Pam.

“If you were successful in locating all the devices why was the club still under attack?” Andre continue never dropping the smirk off his fugly face.

If vampires rose after turning carrying their former human imperfections Eric was willing to bet his whole fortune the little adolescent would have been sporting one of the worst pimple ridden faces in history.

“They coordinated having a second van, rigged with the fifth bomb, to crash into the building as a preliminary cause for the bar blowing to shit. The driver was never found most likely it was operated remotely.” Pam answered him, bored as fuck for having to deal with her Supe Stalker tonight.

Just as undead life was starting to get interesting and Andre had to bring mundane back.

“What of the young child seen screaming in warning before that?” William T. Compton, the Queen’s appointed Investigator of the state of Louisiana asked abruptly from the back of the room.

A rancid douchebag that could not find his own ass with a marked map and a spot light, making everyone question how he got the position to begin with.

Hearing the mention of HIS son, HIS family and the uber curiosity in the worthless vampire voice had Eric’s beast roaring in demand for his confederate’s blood to be spilled that instant.

Eric was a nanosecond away from flipping his shit, when Pam calmly intercepted.

“The delicious snack pack on scene is no more. A girl just can’t help herself sometimes in the midst of excitement.”

She was not lying per se, she needed to shut the little snotter up quickly or the blaring mini-hominid was going to ruin her Master’s plan of catching the bombers and the family of three screeching bloodbags did smell delicious after all.

Ah, fairies. Yummy!

The implication of Pam words and the satisfaction in her voice, not to mention the hunger inundating their bond, had Eric’s beast ready to bend her over the table and remind her once more how off limits the three fae were to anybody, but him. Eric was barely keeping it together.

NO ONE was taking HIS family from him.

“Die assured at first sunrise, Billy boy, that my greedy Childe had been dealt her due punishment for not following our laws in regards to shunning youngling’s blood. Said behavior is not tolerated by anyone in my Area!” Eric spoke with nothing but firmness in his manner, putting the matter to rest finally and wanting to take this meeting as far away from HIS family as quickly as possible.

“What is this teacup you speak of Compton?” Andre asked Bill, the mental midget with the IQ of a fencepost, now more intrigued than ever.


By the almighty Odin, Eric may have to just seize the throne tonight. Even, if that was the last thing he wanted or needed right now or ever!

“He was heard of having prior knowledge of the bombings a minute before it all happened.” Bill quickly fired back, the worthless excuse for supernatural anything, seemed to have found the most detrimental night to finally rise up to the challenge of the position he was appointed to.

“And how did this miniature bloodbag know of this information?” Andre demanded. Excitement written all over his sparkling eyes for something other than Pam.

“As I had told you my greedy Childe was overly excited, due to bloodlust, preventing me from finding any Intel on the matter.” Eric answered concisely.

Just one more mention of HIS Angels, just one more word of HIS family and Eric was going to lose his shit all together tonight.

“And what of the other female child that was also seen present?” Bill challenged, there was something is his voice that said he needed the information for far more than just for the sake of being the appointed Vampire Investigator of the state of Louisiana.

Ah, Shit just hit the fan!

Accalu thought, he had sensed Eric’s instant fury the moment the insignificant vampire first brought up the subject. Only because he knew Eric intimately and was aware of most of the Viking’s telltale signs. Now, it all read as Eric was in a full berserker’s mode and no one on this world could restrain his protégé.

Short of a Maker’s command.


Mmm, guys you were kind of quiet after the last chapter. I assure you any feedback is appreciated.

Happy Holidays y’all 🙂

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