5:: Who are you?

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WARNING: This week’s AU train ride to the bayou of the Universe contains some VIOLENT turbulence.

As always, thank you jules3677 and treewitch7031 for all your help :)!


Eric Northman was the rip your heart out and slurp on it like a juice box, ask questions never, type of individual and it could not be blamed solely to his vampiric nature.  It was a hereditary attitude he had exhibited since birth such as being able to relentlessly follow orgasm after orgasm while never losing sight of the prey. He did not give a flying fuck what anyone had to say for themselves, it would not make a spit of difference in getting them off his shit list. Fatally crossing out their names in blood red was just like scratching a nuisance itch to him. No one was allowed to lay a finger on anything that was HIS in any capacity, shape or form and sure as fuck not on HIS Childe.

The fear that Pam has done something to harm HIS family in bratty jealousy and the all-consuming need to make her pay for it were forgotten the moment he felt her pain, well before he even exited the bathroom and saw the reason behind her terrifying agony. A bright blue orb, with mesmeric hue of a cloudless tropical sky and the size of a tennis ball had her pinned immobile against the wall. Any flesh that was not covered by her light pink thousand dollars worth of fabric from Stella McCartney was sautéing, filling the room with a ghastly stench of over baked epidermis and earsplitting screams. In true Pam style, though she was by no means thrilled over the treatment dedicated to recalibrating her body esthetics, she was beyond livid the second her precious attire began to scorch, cursing all fates for changing out of her prior atrocious Goth getup. Eric was only a mere hairsbreadth away from squeezing the curve out of the uninvited guest, when the next sequence of events stalled his action to a deathly idle.

Two identical, but smaller versions of the blue orb, the size of golf balls, just as breathtakingly exquisite, split from within it, whilst it was hovering in front his violently thrashing, and cursing, Childe. One darted at a lighting speed towards her balled right hand, pugnaciously prying it open and then to the yellow crystal, which he had previously discarded on the foot of the bed, disappearing inside of it. The second flew over the three comatose bodies currently sprawled on the bed and took a defensive stand as guard above them, pulsating rapidly and readily against counterattacks from any possible trajectory.

Eric possessed uncommonly fast speed of movement, sight and acute sense of smell as well as unprecedented strength for a vampire, but even if he were to be any ordinary vampire he could not have missed seeing the three strands of hair that Pam had been holding or the aroma of their origins. His gargantuan hand instinctively moved from reaching for the blue orb to wrapping around Pam’s throat like a like a vice for the umpteenth time this evening.

“Explain yourself!” He growled and had she not been blood of HIS own blood, she would have been finally dead a thousand times over tonight.

Even for Eric, tonight was turning to be too much, his patience was virtually nonexistent at present.

The Supernatural world held a very strict protocol on the severity of retribution, compensation in the form of punishment or the exclusive rights over who can enforce it. Seeing how one’s Maker held the title to ALL that was of their vampire Children the grand pleasure of dishing out His Childe’s punishment felt solely on Her Maker, Eric, so the larger blue orb ceased any further detention and meat sautéing, as it joined its little sibling above its charges and releasing it of its duty, allowing it too to return inside the yellow crystal. Once in position the larger blue orb started pulsating as well, prepared to ward against anything that would wish to cause any harm to the three peacefully and oblivious telepaths.

“I was going to have their DNA examined.” Pam answered truthfully, resigned to her fate, whatever it may be.

Eric hissed in full blown fury, extending his impressive fangs even further in frustration, whilst running his clenched fist through the wall, only a millimeter away from her stubborn head, all the way into the adjacent bedroom, which was also in a deplorable condition similar to the one they were currently occupying.

Eric lost it. He had fucking had it with her childish obsession.

“Dammit Pam, they are not fucking ZOMBIES!” he bellowed deafeningly in vexation, forcing any lingering plaster to fall off as the whole mansion shook.

“How can you be sure? Even you acknowledged it; their Supe smell is like nothing you have ever encountered. They show no vital signs. I am willing to bet my new Vuitton babies that in 24 hours their…” she bared her own fangs right back at him.

“THAT was your last warning, Childe!” He cut her off, most days he lived for teasing her on the subject of her unhealthy zombie obsession, but right now the only question was should this farce be ended in a quick or a laboriously painful true death.

There was a lot more to their enthralling Supe fragrance that either of them wanted or dared to acknowledge to themselves, for copious different reasons. Hiding behind her ZOMG theory was just Pam’s way of denying the inevitable truth, an implausible and incomprehensible one for a vampire’s way of thinking.

“Fine, but when their flesh starts to stink of rot and ….” She just could not help herself it seemed.

Eric completely and utterly lost it, going all section 8 sicko on her ass.

“ENOUGH!” He growled viciously and with his right hand around her neck Eric simply, with a twitch in his wrist, spun her body forcefully to face the wall ramming her head clear through it, while using his other hand to shred the back of Pam’s precious ensemble, ripping it completely and leaving her body fully exposed.

The blue orb elected that its services were no longer required, so it too swiftly retreated inside the yellow crystal, leaving the vampires to do whatever is that vampires do to resolve family feuds.  It clearly had no intention to call in the troops again to play fangbitrator or call 911 for the matter; this non compos mentis shit was most certainly not inscribed anywhere in its contract.

Eric sadistically entangled his fingers in Pam’s flaxen goldilocks yanking her head excruciatingly backwards, with such force that Pam violently arched her back as she presented her bare ass for whatever he was going to subject her to. He wrenched her head sideways and savagely sank his massive fangs into her throat making her scream in terror, her high pitched voice composed the most superb symphony to his ears. A massive spurt of her blood gushed far and wide, as it concurrently filled his mouth and with a lighting speed and a force of a thunder strike Eric brought his gigantic hand down on her naked right bottom cheek, willing her flesh to turn burning red and raw in pain.

“You are to respect my wishes Childe!” he growled incensed, spitting blood as the excess ran down his chin.



“One. Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.” Pam knew the drill better than anyone, having received it and seen it done to others so many times that it all came like a profoundly espoused muscle memory to her psyche.

“You are to NEVER inflict harm onto them directly nor indirectly in ANY physical nor emotional capacity!” he growled furiously again.



“Two. Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.” This time she felt the sting or more like a branding of her left side.

“You are to treat them as MINE!” he hissed wrathfully.



“Three. Yes, Master! Thank you, Master.” She also knew better than to show any sign of discomfort or plea for clemency.

“You are to protect them at ALL COST as MINE!” he bellowed, impelling the windows to rattle in protest as he also rapidly smashed her head numerous times in brutal quick succession through the wall with a force so great it almost propelled her whole body into the adjoining room.



He was moving at a whirlwind speed and that time she did not feel the ruthless sting of his enormous hand, he must have picked a piece of broken furniture lying nearby, because she felt the unbearable pain of every single one of the thousand or so wood splinters lodging in her mangled raw flesh and coccyx bone, as he tore the flesh off her right ass cheek. Heavyweight spurt after spurt of blood was gushing in every direction, Pam could actually hear the sound of her own wrenched flesh thumping onto the floor right before it disintegrated into ashes. She did not dare to cry out or try to escape. If she did, it would only infuriate Eric to the point of no possible return.

“Four. YES, MASTER! Thank you, Master.” came Pam’s muffled voice as she did her best to try and not bite down at the drywall to suppress the cry threatening to escape her.

“They were always MINE, are to be ALWAYS MINE and will always be ONLY MINE! Do you understand Childe?” Eric roared with all his strength, yanking her head back from the massive hole in the wall.



“Five. YES, MASTER! THANK YOU, MASTER.” Pam answered loudly in full obedience as the blood gushing flesh of her left ass cheek was too brutally ripped from her.


Not a single tear, not a single cry for mercy, not a single attempt to either fight or flee for her undead life. Pam knew her existence would have been forfeited right then and there, on that very spot. It had been centuries since he subjected her to this type of bloody physical punishment, however the rules since time stood still. Pam counted her blessings at the lack of his beloved silver toys or the fact the he was far too infuriated with her in order to bear enough patience to drag her to one of his torture dungeons for the full wrath of his ire.

Spinning her around and forcing her to face him, he maliciously ordered.

“Dispose of your FULL closet to Warehouse 1 for the next month and stock up on True Blood for a healthy diet for the duration.” He hissed, still infuriated.

Hopefully the 10,000sq.ft. double height structure would fit it all. Sigh. She did have nine houses in the Shreveport area alone, all paid for by Eric of course. Five of which were converted to function as nothing more than a giant storeroom and the other four had any and all niches stuffed to the brim with her fashionista regalia. Sure, vampires had no practical need for kitchen cabinetry, double oven stoves or guest bathrooms, but Pamela Ravenscroft sure found use for them.  Heavy duty sigh.

“Master?” Pam was really and truly scared shitless now for the faith of her beloved children, but did not dare to ask out loud of what that may be.

“Enjoy Walmart, Childe and only a quarter of a grand in allowance. Figure it out you have the gift of numbers.” Eric smirked in triumph with a crooked, sinister smirk.

“Master, I beg of your mercy….” Her voice was as shaken as it could get.

“Keep pushing me, Childe and you will be raiding the Goodwill’s fashion collections for the next century.” His smirk turned even more malicious.

A single large red tear slipped down Pam’s right cheek as she froze motionless.

Eric untangled his massive hand from her matted hair to palm her face as his left hand cupped the back of her head pulling her up and forward towards him, he leaned down and licked her bloody teardrop in satisfaction.

“Good girl.”

“Thank you, Master.” She whispered back to him.

“Be very careful Pamela, you still have not received your punishment from earlier; you do not want to bait me into doing something you may truly regret. Am I understood Childe?” Eric demanded.

“Yes, Master.” Her shaky grating voice held back as much as of her fear as she could muster, but not nearly enough.

For the sake of her beloved babies: all the shoes, purses, jewelry and artfully stitched irreplaceable fabrics she held holy in this world, she caught with both of her hands what he was laying down more than just loud and clear. A hundred and ninety seven years ago she learned the full meaning of obedience after Eric set all her darling children in a blazing bonfire for not following orders to his satisfaction. She still mourned annually for their loss and held a vigil in their honor, every September 3rd at 2:37am.  Candles, black mourning dress, head lace veil and all.

“Excellent” Eric took an unneeded breath. ”You need to learn to embrace this Pam.“

“Yes, Master.” Pam took an unneeded breath as she answered him with all candor. “I will.”

“I am not asking you to become their best friend, Pam. I am asking you to show me the respect I am rightfully due.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Drink, my Childe.” Eric said in a tranquil voice after he sank his fangs into his own wrist in offering to her.

No matter what, he loved her and loathed feeling her pain, even if it were to be gone in less than five minutes. He could also feel through their bond that she fully understood the error of her way and had no intentions of further provoking him on the subject ever again. The five edicts he issued to her were eternally imprinted into her psyche. The point of this exercise was not to simply cause her excruciating physical pain, it was to correct her behavior and it was apparent that he succeeded in doing so, no need to drag it out further.

Pam latched on immediately showing no hesitation, she could instantly feel the accelerated tingling sensation within her body as the healing properties of her Maker’s powerful ancient blood tripled the speed of her recovery, giving a rejuvenating boost to their blood tie and intensifying their connection. Internally however, she was torn between enduring the inflicted agony to prove to her Master that she absolutely comprehended his words and worrying that, if she were to do so, it would show disrespect for the precious gift of his blood he professed her worthy of. Feeling her emotional quandary Eric gently smoothed her hair behind her ear, sending her reassurance through their bond.

Pam slowly closed her eyes as more of their combined essences intertwined within her. She sent bucket loads of sincere gratitude for Eric’s high esteem for her through their bond. Only a truly caring Maker would demand for nothing but the absolute best comportment of its Childe, because only such Makers believed in their Children’s true worth and not just their absolute ownership over them.

“Pam, you do not have to abide their company if you do not wish.”

You could always tell with Eric if he was dead serious, incensed or upset in anyway, he dropped his contractions, modern euphemism and his accent would become pronounced.

“Are you kidding me? There is no chance in hell I’m missing out on you playing lead in “Who’s your daddy?”  You need me now more than ever and we both know that you turned me, because there are way too many things you will gladly have me take care of instead of doing it yourself.” Pam smiled excitedly with blood dripping down her chin, plainly laying the groundwork for her next proposal.

Eric slowly closed his eyes for an entirely different reason than being enveloped in wholehearted gratitude.  The primary motive behind her turning sure as fuck was never about Pam taking up as his personal fashionista drill sergeant, but try telling her that. Sigh. Ignoring whatever her internal teenage hormonal brain was conjuring, Eric wordlessly turned away to enter the bathroom once more, as he hollered back at her over his shoulder and efficiently putting a stop to whatever it was she was plotting this time around.


“But Eric you said …”

“I said NO. “

“Not celebrating their arrival is a bad omen Eric.” Pam tried to reason.

“Look around, you should have spoken of this sooner.” Eric smirked at her vamping back into the room.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Noted. How long before the meeting?”

“One hour and forty seven minutes. There are two prisoners in Warehouse 3 ready for questioning.”

“Wonderful, we will leave in an hour until then see to your tasks as ordered.” With that, Eric dismissed Pam with a flick of his wrist already reaching to pick Addy up.

“As you wish Master”

Pam huffed audibly her disappointment, vamping out of the bedroom, phone at hand, fully ready to lay her frustration on the unsuspecting construction crew four floors down.  He could be so pigheaded sometimes, but so could she and there was no way she would miss her one and only chance of throwing one of those baby showers she had read about. She just needed to be persistent and belligerent enough. It never failed to get her what she wanted.

Eric felt great satisfaction over Pam’s vexation and wasted no time in stripping HIS three breathers of their blood mattered torn clothing, shoes and all accessories. Thank Odin for small and HUGE favors that Addy’s hair bow turned out to be a simple clip-on and most importantly HIS daughter was being a perfect daddy’s little girl by sporting a CLEAN diaper, making him sigh in delight. Eric smiled over how easy it was to change a diaper and his undeniable ability to provide the best care for fulfilling every need of HIS family. Eric Northman did not know that he was obviously due for his own vampiric rude awakening. Flinging the discarded outfits, excluding Sookie’s jewelry and diadem, which he crossly crushed in his hand, no Lover of HIS would ever wear such cheap imitations. Everything was heaped in a pile on the floor with full intentions of obtaining exact replicas of their clothing, the only items he would allow from their previous lives were kept in a separate pile.  It was all done to purely satisfy Eric’s irrefutable feeling of ownership, he owned every last thing about them: they were HIS.

His cock was rock hard, which was turning into a constant occurrence when it came to HIS Lover, he took a couple of seconds to truly admire HIS Valkyrie’s divinely sculpted body. With an appreciative hiss his alpha male fangs snapped into place and a resounding purr vibrated deep from within his chiseled warrior’s chest with glee. She was nothing short of a gift sent personally to him by the almighty Gods. Smooth voluptuous curves in all the right places, warm soft skin begging to be touched, squeezed, kissed, licked, nibbled and rubbed all over.  With just the tip of his fingers Eric followed the spellbinding valleys of her heavenly topography in a treacherous slow motion from the crook of her neck to the arches of her toes. He crawled onto the bed by her feet, spreading them shoulder length apart and bend down to HIS Angel’s body burying his nose into her sun radiating skin, deeply inhaling and taking her ambrosial essence inside him. Repeating his journey in reverse by tracing his large palms with his wide spread fingers in attempt to cover every inch of her warmth radiating figure under his awestruck ministration. Her delicate small feet, her well-toned caves, her soft inner thighs, her smooth vulva lips. Using just the apex of his right middle finger of his outstretched arm he parted her inner lips slowly and very very gradually, taking his time to fully relish the feeling of her, Eric encircled just the outline of her burning hot, winsomely tight, yet annoyingly dry, sex entrance. A forceful growl escaped his lips, Eric was not sure if it was over the elation of her unfuckingbelievably scorching sheath, over the even more unfathomable tightness of her purity or in frustration over the fact that his touch had no influence whatsoever over her comatose body. In truth all of the above.  Her body temperature stayed the same, there was no spike in her heart beat, her body was just as limp as before, not a moan or gasp for air, fucking NOTHING! Following the mapped out route with his hound like nose Eric submerged his whole face in the most beautiful pussy he has ever had the pleasure to make acquaintance with.  If those gorgeous pink lips could purr, Eric vowed to every known God and deity that soon, very fucking soon, he would have HIS naughty little kitten singing his praises and begging for his large cock. That was right after he gave Sookie her well-deserved punishment for making him wait so long. He once again growled in outrage over his inability to run his fangs and cold tongue along the flawless stretch of her rear rosebud all the way up to the loveliest bud of her unspoiled clitoris, not without playing Russian roulette with his sanity at present. If only he did not have to deal with the shit of the upcoming meeting. Eric settled on lifting her bountifully painted derrière, spread wide and lifting it upwards, causing her well define legs to fall onto her chest and bend her like a pretzel as she presented herself to him before he drew the said path with his inflated nostrils capturing as much of her quintessence as possible.

MINE, MINE, MINE, ONLY MINE was the only words he could hear roaring inside his head.

“FUCK Lover, you smell divine and you are all MINE and ONLY MINE!” he whisper-hissed in a lustful husky tone as he finished encircling her delicate clit with the tip of his nose.

The tantalizing perfume of her chastity alone could easily bring the annihilation of entire realms, it was that powerful in its innocent allure. Using his large thumbs Eric separated her inner vulva lips taking a long deep whiff of her virginal, still fucking dry as a desert, opening. Never in his millennium some years on this earth has he not been met with nothing but geysering enthusiasm from his sexual exploits, female and male alike, for fucks sake even from creatures of undefinable sexes. After all, what vampire would discriminate against blood and sex in their right mind? Unable to hold his inner roaring beast at bay any longer Eric thundered a venomous snarl and snuck his humongous hands around her waistline to her perfect breasts, painfully sinking his claw like fingers into HIS girls, clutching and wrenching them so ruthlessly in his frustrated state that flaming blood red marks were left in his reckoning. Efficiently branding them and her as HIS and only HIS and thankfully taking some of the edge off his buildup irritation.

Hearing Pam’s loud threat to the life of some interior designer was enough to snap him out of his trance like state and remind him that there was still much to be done before the night was over. Eric licked his lips and readjusted his turgid cock inside his painfully tight jeans in anticipation for when he would be able to properly worship her body for the perfection it truly was. He gently lowered her body back to the bed and got up to proceed with the evening plans. Sigh. HIS girls sure looked beautiful wearing his sigil, making Eric smile in satisfaction.

When would they fucking WAKE ALREADY? His patience was holding by a thread.

Eric, lifted Addy’s limp body to his broad chest, unable to decipher the foreign emotions that it evoked within him Eric decided to cease opposing it and gave into the temptation and placed a gentle kiss on her small head as he started walking towards the en-suite bathroom.  He absently wondered if he was still under the influence of Sookie’s drug fueled blood, his desire and tenderness towards them was atypical for a vampire at the very least and particularly for this vampire.

After checking the water temperature one last time he took notice of the scattered bath salts, soaps and shampoos. Still cradling Addy’s warm body close to him Eric neatly stacked all the little bottles and containers. Looking around for clean towels and finding none, due to the extensive damage done to the house earlier, he vamped back to the bedroom and placed Addy back on the bed. He made sure to cover their naked bodies, if only for his own selfish reasons and sent a call for Pam through their bond.

She was at his side instantly.

“I am going to take them to the house at Cross Lake and call Mrs. Kostova and her sons to look after them.  Make sure the dogs downstairs stay put and don’t follow us. I am guessing the crystal is somehow suppressing their scent, but I don’t want to take any chances. Have they asked anything about tonight? Also tell Alcide he has 48 hours to finish the house, money is no object and he can hire additional help if needed. The entire house is to be child friendly.”

“No nothing, it’s like they didn’t smell, see or hear anything. I glamoured one and found out they have no memory of ever being ejected from the house or of any sun sphere.”

Though to glamour any type of were was a task not as easily done as said, it was like a self-built supernatural protection ward among the species. Pam’s second vampire gift was an impressively strong ability in effortlessly influencing others and not just in single digits. She held the very rare gift of mass glamouring. However Pam would gladly trade everything that made her so special for her bloodline hereditary talent to fly, every last fucker of them but her it seemed. Sigh.

“Excellent, keep it that way. I am going to fly them over there and minimize spreading their enticing scent all over the place, come and get me in an hour and have a preliminary report ready for me before the meeting.”

“I’ve been sending all the incoming intel to your phone.”

“Very good, call the witch Octavia to perform a scent suppressing spell to be safe, before the dogs move to fix the upper floors.  Send the jet to get her ASAP, after that I want her to stay for a week to guard them. She is my best bet since I can’t hire the appropriate Supes for it yet.“ Eric growled the last part, he was not happy over that bit of annoying information preventing him from properly protecting HIS family.

“What should I tell her of whom she is to bodyguard?”

“Very important pets of an associate of mine” he fired back instantly. The less people knew how much they meant to him the safer they would be.

“She is not going to be happy over a last minute summons” Pam murmured” Why can’t you do it? The last time I had dealings with her she threw a full blown hissy fit coloring my hair virtually permanent green for no good reason.” Pam hissed outraged.

“I wouldn’t call talking her assistant into taking off for an entire week of a fuckfest, without so much as a word of warning and leaving her to single handedly deal with numerous prior engagements, no good reason Pam.” Eric laughed remembering all the things the older witch really wanted do subject Pam and her irritating as hell fucktoy too.

To placate the furious witch Eric ended up tracking them down the next night in Ibiza of all places. Pam sure knew how to do Spring Break in style, stoned off her ever loving mind on some half assed spell curtesy of her fuckbudy amongst no less drugged out willing participants. Decked out in neon necklaces and bracelets, stripper envy neon bathing suit, neon whistle and all, the full idiotic shebang. He almost did not recognize her and had to do a double take to believe that indeed it was HIS uptight and vainest of a Childe jumping to the cacophony of what some utter moron deemed to be music.

A sight to behold for eternity!

It is well known fact in the Supe community that an angry witch is not good for anyone’s health, plus Octavia and Eric had a somewhat mutually respectful working rapport with one another.  Fifty years ago young Octavia Fant found herself the prime obsession of one of Eric’s underlings and they struck a deal that has benefited them ever since. Seeing the extraordinary power she exhibited so early on Eric offered her his full protection and aid in further education in exchange of exclusive rights over her services. The witch became one of the most powerful in the new world. Also thanks to Eric’s honorable word to always watch out for her, Octavia never let anyone push her around. In exchange for his protection Eric gained a very loyal and well feared ally.

So when Pam ended up sporting neon green hair and an inability to climax for a whole month in retaliation for her little stunt Eric had no objections to Pam’s undeserved injustice whatsoever, she got off easily if you were to ask him. Amelia Broadway, the dimwitted assistant not so much, she was subjected to receive an involuntary orgasm, so powerful it was borderline painful, if she were to make four consecutive steps in any direction for an entire month. A suitable retribution for her sexual prowess and post abandonment, rendering her looking like a total nutcase for abruptly stopping every second step she took and almost useless for the duration of her punishment. It took the young witch half a year to even look at someone wantonly after that. Pam was too warded with said punishment; however it failed miserably in her horny case. It lasted exactly 11 seconds and 238 orgasms before Eric figured out what was happening and why Pam was vamping in elation in all directions within the tight confines of his office, before he urgently placed a phone call to Octavia advising her to come up with anything not involving Pam getting her rocks off or she may as well be doing her a favor.

“The crime did NOT fit the punishment” Pam hissed furious.

“Be glad you cleared your impromptu vacation with me before taking off or the punishment would have most certainly fit the crime. Ibiza Pam, really?”

“I am not suicidal.” Pam huffed in indignation as she continued on with her defense stratagem “That shit with the deranged maenad called for some much needed me time afterwards, plus we weren’t going to stay there the whole time.”

“Don’t remind me of that psychotic bitch EVER! Nor of your fucking nonstop ranting over unfair treatment EITHER! After breaking every last sex toy in the state of Louisiana from fucking overuse and nearly draining a hundred fangbangers claiming them inadequate, cleaning up your messes and having to listen to your unbearable whining was no walk in the park for me either, Childe.” A cold shudder ran down his body just thinking about it, he was the one in truth being chastised, if you were to ask for his take on Pam’s unfortunately just the latest of countless shenanigan.

Longest fucking month of his undead life! Though her creative attempts to go incognito and conceal the utter disaster nesting on the top of her head were most definitely amusing.

“With pleasure.” Pam hissed back not wanting to be reminded of neither event just as much. Impossible to achieve seeing how every single one of Eric’s office desks proudly displayed a framed snapshot of Pam’s House and Trance wild side from said unfortunate night.

Eric boisterously laughed knowing full well the source behind Pam’s eternal irritation and not missing out on the chance to prolong her suffering further.

“See to all the witch’s needs with nothing but a sincere smile on your face Pam.” Eric ordered between laughs.

“Yes, Master.” Pam answered, as if just uttering the words was bringing her to the doorsteps of her true death.

“And stay away from that pixie headed assistant of hers, I have enough on my plate as it is” those two together spelled delinquency in capital letters every fucking time and required strict supervision, for which he had neither the will or patience for. Sigh.

“Should I instruct her not to bring her along?”

“No, just don’t fuck her Pam.”

“Eric do you realize that she does this one thing…” her voice was all dreamy like.

“Stay the fuck away from her Pam! That is an order.” his voice was all business.

“You’re no fun.” she huffed.

“Careful Childe!” Eric gave her his signature raised eyebrow in warning.

Surely she was not challenging him to a repeat treatment over her bratty attitude so soon?

“Yes, Master!” Pam instantly diverted her eyes to the floor and bared her neck in submission.

If Pam could shake in fear she would have, she needed to tread very carefully with how tense he obviously was tonight, it seemed that anything could set him off on the path for summoning his deranged inner berserker.

“You are dismissed” and with that she was gone before he was finished talking.

Next Eric sent a text to his head housekeeper instructing her that she and her two young twins presence are needed immediately at the lake house.  He quickly skimmed the book thick pamphlet Dr. Ludwig left him with and sent a substantial text massage to his dayman Bobby with instructions to provide him with all the urgent provisions HIS family required. He doubted that he would have use for any of them this evening, but wanted to be fully prepared if they were to mysteriously wake. Hope sprang eternal in all species, it seemed.

He was in the process of ripping the bed sheets to use for securing Addy and Hunter to his chest when he felt the silent vibration of his phone in his back jean pocket alerting him that some cretin thought they could demand an audience with him. Eric hissed in irritation, everyone knew the protocol is to refer to his second in command, his annoying as hell Childe, in nights as such. Unless it was his arguably more annoying Queen of Louisiana, for which he currently had no tolerance to deal with.

“WHAT?” he barked into his phone without even battering to look at the caller ID, fuck it, he will seize the throne by the end of tonight, if it meant he will be left in peace to deal with the needs of HIS family.

“Master we have a breach in security!” came Bobby full on panicked screech.

“How so?” Eric asked even more annoyed than he surmised he would be after first recognizing the voice of his certainly soon to be dead dayman.

“Someone was somehow able to gain access by hacking your phone Master. The idiot sent me instruction to obtain baby items of all things. I’ve already contacted Spider to take care of it.” Bobby was busting with pride for his ability to serve his Master like no other ever could, just short of pounding his chest like King Kong in celebration.

“You fucking imbecile! Call Spider back to cancel the order and see to every last item on that list” Eric growled back, fucking 100K down the drain for nothing all thanks to this utter moron.

Knowing that his weird as fuck go-to techi guy was not the sure, here is your refund type, the money should rightfully come out of Bobby’s inane ass. However Eric could never fault someone for looking after his best interests, he will just have to bite the bullet on that one and it was not like it made even a dent in his assents. Just proving to him that the bullshit brigade was still in full force tonight; rapidly firing one shitsling after another in his direction.

“What?” came Bobby’s dumbfounded response, not believing what he was hearing.

“Do as you are told, you do not want me to repeat myself!” Eric growled, effectively crushing the phone into million tiny pieces while envisioning it to be Bobby’s pathetic neck.

Four seconds shitload of paperwork, well nil in Bobby’s case, human underlings were not even on the bottom of vampires totem pole. After all they held just as much stock as any other pitiful bloodbag: to be discarded as one desired.

Eric once more sent a call for Pam through their bond. Just when is this shitstorm going to fucking end?

“I am in need of a phone.” He simply stated as she vamped next to him.

Who happened to your old one this time?” Pam asked irritably.

This annoying little habit of his for destroying phones, computers, doors and a slew of all kinds of other shit, whenever someone pissed him off taught her long ago to preorder and stash them in bulks all over the place for occasions just as such.

“NOW, Pamela!” Eric barked, clearly not in a mood.

“Here” she handed him a new phone couple seconds later, preloaded with all his contacts and app preferences. Thank you iCloud for automatic synchronizing and celebrity nudity.

“You know Eric these bad boys aren’t cheap, especially after forking the ridiculous fee for Spider to turn them more cryptic then the Ancient Pythoness.”

“Do you really want to go there Pam? I can fucking break a thousand of them and still not be even close to the damage you did on my Black AE card just last month.” Eric declared as he tenderly lifted Sookie’s body in his embracing hands.

Pam lifted her right eyebrow taking in the sight of her Maker. Eric the fucking Norseman had the two rancid snack packs tightly wrapped like burritos inside of a redneck makeshift Bjorn baby carrier to the front of his chest whilst cradling their mummified like mother in his arms.  If she was sure she could get away with it she would have snapped a quick picture to memorialize his current alpha male pose. Proud new Papa bear in sooth, just barely shy of his spread out peacock crown tattering behind him. Unfuckingbelievable, the zombie apocalypse was surely around the corner. All she could do was to stare back at him with a blank expression; vampires did not do the whole mouth hanging wide open after all.

“I need you to find exact replicas of their clothing.” Eric was wearing an unprecedentedly broad smile over his grand achievement to tend HIS family; this vampire was in for a major reality check.

“There are no labels Eric!” Pam all but screeched in outrage as she vamp rummaged through the pile of cloths on the floor.

“Figure it out Pam and get a couple extras of her dress” this time his smile turned purely predatory as he flew backwards through the open window located just behind him, protectively clutching HIS family to him with his massive hands.

They could not fit him more perfectly and he sure could not be more perfect for them; Yep, major reality check coming right up!

“Sure thing perv.” Pam snickered perceptively of the unfortunate doom for said garments.

Eric thunderous laugh was his only response as he shot straight into the sky with a speed of a meteor sent on a collision mission. The solitude of flying was one of his favorite activities, but having HIS precious family along for the ride could arguably make it his all-time favorite, just their mere presence could center him as none other ever could prior and simultaneously unnerve him just as intensely. Their abrupt arrival into his undead life was an enigma, a blessing and a curse all wrapped into one. Eric clung to them so tightly close to his stone hard body that he was sure that if they were awake they would have squirmed in painful protest, but as relaxed as he was over his impeccable ability in the aeronautical means of transport, after centuries of mastering this vampire gift of his it was like a second layer to his cold skin and he felt confident in taking flight no less than preforming any other mundane motion. Yet there was this irrational fear of him dropping them midair vehemently nagging and taunting him in the back of his mind. He chose to forgo his usual flying routes over wooded areas, they did provide for better concealment and avoidance of mortals’ prying eyes. He opted to take the straight approach directly over the city. There were multiple reasons behind his decision; the rancid smells of burnt gas fuels, pungent southern foods, urban litter and such would easily mask any trace of their alluring smell. Isolated woodlands were where Supes favored lurking and he was not going to take the chance even from a thousand feet in the air.

The flight was only a few seconds short of a half minute at the speed he was ripping through the night sky. Nevertheless in order to subdue his growing paranoia over their overall safety he flew at an unusually high altitude across the vast metropolis, just at the cusp of freezing temperature. When he quickly glanced down at the peaceful expressions of HIS family and observed their eyelids gathering ice and their kissable lips turning blue Eric all but forgot about aerodynamics and flew straight into a full blown panic in the literal sense of the word.

He practically took the front door to his lake house off its hinges in his hysterical panicking. Vamping at ungodly speed through the house like none other than the all-powerful Sun was on his fanged ass. He blasted his state of the art shower to scorching heat successfully converting the confined space of his daychamber into a proper Nordic sauna while frantically rubbing any surface of their persons anywhere he could get his large hands on, while still clinging to them in utter terror. Vamp speed has never been so useful before. Though he did not need to Eric was actually holding his proverbial breath as he sent a prayer to anyone willing to hear him, in that exact moment he was ready to sell his very soul. If he even possessed such a thing plus the Devil was brave enough to take on that hot mess, Eric would have traded it for HIS family without so much as a single thought. The hot steam and rough ministration of his frenzied hands bought their ghostly pale color back to their normal healthy tone in no time, forcing Eric to sigh in heartfelt gratitude after what felt to him like an eternity of being stuck in perdition.

“FUUUUUCK!” he shouted, how many times can a vampire experience a proverbial cardiac arrest, no fucking wonder bloodbags were so fucking fragile.

Still feeling unsettled and so unlike himself Eric wasted no time gently laying all three of them on his emperor custom sized bed along with a makeshift sack containing the yellow crystal stone and numerous vials and pouches from Dr. Ludwig. He patted the back of his jeans belt and was truly glad that the rolled pamphlet was still there (last thing he needed was to have to call the little hell troll to tell her that a dog ate his homework). He moved on autopilot, opting to give them a bath tomorrow night and took each one of them with him consecutively into the shower stall. Making sure to very tenderly wash every nook and cranny of their bodies, he paid extra special attention to keep their air supply free of any obstruction and far away from the water stream. Just the intolerable thought that he almost lost them countless times in one single night had him more vigilant and tense than he ever thought he was capable of.  Of course he could not resist and play a little with Sookie’s enthralling assets, he did end up getting lost for a while in a tug of war with HIS girls, aka the most perfect pair of breasts and he may have not so innocently caged her against the tile wall with her back to him as he sheathed his dick between her crossed thighs rubbing one off against the most warmly inviting pussy just to calm his nerves. Best hand/body job ever, leaving him deliriously giddy over his nothing short of wretched pubescent antics.  The selfish vampire inside him was determined to take advantage of the current situation and that was that.

Eric walked back into the bedroom naked, absently toweling his long golden hair as he checked on the gathered Intel of tonight’s bombing using his phone, which was nothing he already did not know or suspect of. He decided to wait for Pam to brief him on their way to the meeting and turned his attention back to HIS family, which took precedence over everything from now on, even if others were not aware of it yet. They looked angelic all snuggled together, just showered, dried and smelling fresh in his large bed, as if they had always belonged there and that was simply because they always have in his eyes. Eric readily joined them and happily rearranged their bodies as his personal electric blankets.

First he read through the 67 page report about the only five living members of the Stackhouse family, which was unusually short for his techi guy Spider and left him with even more questions and confusion of who HIS family really was than before. It all read like a bad attempt for a summary report of War and Peace by a first grader. Their full names, dates and places of birth, financial assets or their total lack of any, more like their never ending debt. For fuck sake the report he had him do, out of pure curiosity, over his long gone human kin had more meat to it than this shit.

The Stackhouses obviously favored home births, because mysteriously there were no hospital records for any of them. Eric’s bullshit meter was instantly raised specifically in regards to the two younglings currently laying on his chest, he was also surprised to find that he has been absently caressing them the entire time. Eric just could not fathom where this need for tenderness towards them was coming from; it was so atypical for a vampire. There was no father listed for Hunter and Addy just Sookie as their birth mother, though peculiarly there was no OBGYN evidence of any recorded pregnancy or even a single shred of trail suggesting it could have been a closed adaption. None of her bank statements showed her receiving any form of child support, not even government supplements. It was like someone mysteriously just dropped the children off in to her care with the needed paperwork right at her front doorstep. Supe conspiracy anyone?

What was even more maddening was that Sookie did not check any parenting books from the local library prior to the day Addy was supposedly born.  She did exhibit a broad love for reading, the topic raging from any ancient civilization to border line pornographic romance novels. Eric laughed out loud. HIS innocent Angel had hidden naughty depths to her intellect, which he had no objections unlocking in the future. Oh, the fun they will have together.

The Stackhouses also did not believe in any form of social media, actually there was no evidence for them even owning a single computer let alone internet access. Who the fuck does not in this day and age? The pictures Spider provided were of Sookie and her brother Jason from their high school year book. There were no pictures for Addy and Hunter and the only one of Adele, their grand grandmother, was from some weird ass club The Descendants of the Glorious Death gathering. The Fuck redneck bullshit was that? Eric shook his head; only in Louisiana. Seems they acquired cell phones services only six months ago and only the most basic one at that. They kept such an extremely low profile that it had Eric audibly wonder what they were trying to hide. The Stackhouse clan was also rumored to be the town freaks, though no particular reason was given other than “they ain’t right”.  Double what the fuck? Adele seemed to be the only well-respected member of Bon Temps and there were some very colorful descriptions of young Mr. Stackhouse from the local female population, successfully painting him as the surrounding towns’ insatiable tomcat. A man after Eric’s heart, too bad they will never cross paths.

HIS Valkyrie was a barmaid of all things, well not anymore that was for fucking sure and working for none other than Sam Merlotte of all creatures. Eric kept a very tight vigilance on all Supes in his area and was well aware of the lonesome Shifter, a pathetic waste of supernatural genetics with that self-loathing and self-imposed Supe isolation attitude of his. The rumor had it that HIS Angel and her Boss had recently been spotted on dates and that was it for Eric.

His vision was instantly reduced to nothing but a bright burning bloodthirsty red: The Shifter was FUCKING DEAD!

Fuck the shitload of paperwork, it was going to consist of one single sentence: NONE TOUCHES WHAT IS MINE!

His new IPhone was once more history as he crushed it into million pieces in his livid state. He turned his gaze to Sookie staring at her though slit eyes, she was lucky she was comatose and very fucking unlucky that her already substantial punishment just doubled in its severity. Knowing himself well enough that if he did not leave the room immediately he was going to let her have it right then and there. He abruptly jumped off the bed forcing himself to calm down by pacing back in forth with his hands tightly tugging at his golden hair. She was not even awake yet and driving him as crazy as to act so like a pathetic bloodbag.

He could not bring himself to read anything else about them tonight and it was also plainly obvious that Spider’s phone interviews and digital espionage was not going to cut it, thus he decided that in order to get what he needed he would have to send some boots on the ground so Pam will just have to lower herself and wear some fucking Nike’s and a damn checked shirt if needed.

He speedily applied the malodorous herbs to their skin, grabbed Dr. Ludwig’s pamphlet and secluded himself inside his office far away from Sookie in the hopes to forget the last bit of information and not fly into a murderous rage and immediately go after the fucking poor excuse for a Shifter.

As he was diligently doing his homework Eric was plagued with even more questions. First and foremost, sure he never produced nor cared after any human children, but really who knew how many towheaded bright blue eyed snotters he may have sired with his love for cumming inside the warmth of any female snatch, but when did the rearing of a child turn into a full time fucking job? From what he could remember from his human life you feed them, you bath them, you watch after them until they are ready to take up a sword or work the fields to earn their keep. There were no fucking special developmental brain foods or the importance of fully understanding your child’s psychology and his people did just fucking fine thank you very fucking much. This shit read like he was going to be pursuing a PhD in rocket science. On top of it all according to his buddy Google, Addy and Hunter’s clothing sizes were for someone 4-6 months older then who Sookie claimed them to be and the games the little hell troll recommended he obtain were for children even years older than they were. Fucking Ludwig was obviously going senile with old age.

He was lost in his thoughts and subconsciously tapping into Pam’s shopaholic mania as he was ordering anything that displayed Daddy’s little (…) on the front when he heard the approaching vehicle announcing the arrival of his housekeeper and her sons. He quickly checked on HIS family well-being before vamping upstairs to deal with them.

“Good evening Master Eric.” a good looking woman in her fifties with dark hair and piercing green eyes greeted him with a broad smile, followed by two well-built young men in their early twenties.

“Good evening to you too Desi, boys.” He gave them each a nod which they silently returned.

“How can we be of service tonight?”

“First do I have you permission to glamour you in order to keep the information confidential?” Eric was all business straight out of the gate.

Yes, he did not need to ask for their permission, however the Kostovi family has been exceptionally loyal servants to his entire bloodline for numerous centuries and had rightfully earned their respect. Especially the patience they displayed when dealing with his spoiled bratty Childe. Though only humans they were granted full protection and it even extended to Eric working his connections for the boys to be stationed at the nearby Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City, to their mother’s delight and their utter disappointment.

“Of course” all three answered in union.

“Good, as of this night there are three new additions to the Northman clan.” Eric announced proudly.

“Congratulations Master!” Desi clapped enthusiastically when she worriedly asked next “Wait, aren’t you supposed to be in the ground with them for the next three days?”

“Ah, there is the rub they are of the breathing variety. A young mother with two younglings.” the smile never left his face.

“OOOOkey.” Desi really did not know how to react to that, except to pray that they will not be her Master’s choice for dinner.

“Desi, relax I’m not going to drain them in fact I AM keeping them as MINE, the reason I wanted you and the boys here is because I’m needed to attend a meeting in a little while and I need you to look after them in case they wake.” Eric spoke in a very calm voice in an attempt to subdue their elevated heart beats, though internally he was not the least bit happy that anyone would suggest he indulged in the teacups blood. “Fangtasia was bombed tonight and they got caught up in it, resulting in them falling into a coma. The doctor informed me that most likely they wouldn’t wake for a week, but if they do I need you to inform me immediately.”

“Yes, Master”

“Boys, you are to guard them with your lives and call me if you see anything suspicious.”

“Yes, Master!” they answered in union, a very fucking annoying habit of theirs.

“Bobby will be here shortly with provisions and Octavia is on her way to give you a hand for the next week. I will arrange for the boys leave with Colonel Flood later tonight. You are to treat and regard them as MINE. Am I understood?” he raised his signature eyebrow at them.

“Yes, Master” they all somehow managed to get out.

All three just stared at him with their mouths hanging open, making Eric laugh loudly and wonder if he was indeed going crazy. He caught their eyes with his and promptly pulled them one by one under his glamour.

“You will not divulge their existence to anyone under any circumstances. You will not allow them to leave my daychamber under any circumstances!” he ordered, almost growling.

“Yes, Master.” They all answered with dreamy like voices proving that his glamour has taking full effect.

“Excellent. Her name is Sookie and the children names are Hunter and Addy.”

“How old are they?” asked Desi, the boys stayed quiet as usual.

“She is almost 25, the boy is almost two and the girl is 6 months old. Here are the instructions for their care the doctor provided me with. I have read them and familiarized myself, you are expected to do the same and pass them to Octavia.” He gave her what looked like a book with nothing but a blank face.

Surely he was not going to approach raising children like he was following some kind of a car manual, was he? Desi gaped at him in earnest as she wordlessly accepted the proffered material. OH boy! Well, he will figure it out soon enough, let him live out his fantasy for as long as he could.

The front door opened and in came Bobby the moronic dayman huffing and puffing like he just ran a 10K marathon carrying million shopping bags.

“Master, I was able to obtain the organic foods, but the only stores open at this time at night selling baby paraphernalia are Walmart or Walgreens and none of them have the quality you required, but no doubt will do just as fine. There’s a baby boutique in Shreveport that carries the high-end brands, but it’s closed until Monday or I can order them online and pay the extra to have everything shipped over night for you. What would you like me to do, Master?” He finished with a tone that said he did not see what the big deal was over some crazy ass diapers and baby bottles of all things.

Eric was on him so fast Bobby did not even have time to blink before he found himself pinned against the wall and staring at a pair of very scary looking razor sharp fangs.

“Bobby, you will do exactly what you are told and accomplish it in the exact time you are given and not a second after. I do not give a single fuck how you do it, you can wake up the store owners and buy the damn store itself for all I care. Do you understand?” Eric hissed with such venom making the gown man in his grip literally piss himself in fear.

“Yes, Master.” Bobby gulped out as the warm liquid trailed down his legs.

“This was your one and only fuckup boy. Am I clear?” Eric crooked an eyebrow and did not even wait for response as he tossing him to the side like a dirty rag “Get out of my fucking sight. NOW!” at least he did not shit himself as most tend to do.

The boys just doubled over laughing as Bobby and his drenched pants made a hasty exit, earning them a very angry look from their mother.

“What?” they asked in sync.

“Don’t you dare give me that what or y’all be next!” she threatened.

That had Eric doubled in laughter internally as he recalled the last time their mother laid down the law on them with the biggest wooden spoon he had ever seen. He was still in the midst of revisiting the pleasant memory when he heard an unfamiliar vehicle approach the main gate, what really surprised him was that the intruder was not repelled by the strong wards he had in place to turn around and leave immediately and instead he could clearly make out the idiot getting out of what Eric surmised to be a truck.

“Stay here and guard them!” he barked as he vamped out of the house and took flight in the direction of the soon to be dead fool.

There was only one detectable heartbeat, the smell was familiar and very close to that of HIS family, so close that no other than Jason Stackhouse himself was currently dangling halfway from the front silver coded gate and so preoccupied with what he was doing that it was almost a half-minute before he even saw the hovering vampire in midair only inches away from his face on the other side of said gate.

“The Fuuuck!” Jason yelped as he lost his footing and landed square on his ass with a loud thud on the harsh asphalt.

Eric was in front of him instantly as his right eyebrow went into his hairline in an unspoken question.

“Sum’bitch dat hurt! Hey man, y’all can’t just snuk up on s’body like dat or y’all just askin’ fo’ trouble!” Jason huffed as he got up and started brushing himself off.

Great, a full blooded redneck. Another one of Louisiana’s bright and brilliant geniuses, a dime a dozen in these parts unfortunately.  Eric refused to even respond to whatever the fuck kind of English that was and just continued to stare at the dimwit.

“Y’all deaf or s’thing?”

“What are you doing here boy?” Eric asked impatiently.

“Y’all first, who the fuck are you?” Jason asked just as impatiently.

Eric just growled back in warning that now was the time for Jason to start singing like a canary before he ripped his head clean off.

“Fuck ya fanger, where’s my sister?” Jason shouted as he took an attack position.

“And why would you think your sister is anywhere near here boy?” Eric asked curiously.

“FUCK YA, I ain’t no boy and I ain’t thinkin’ I KNOW Sookie and the kids are in here!”

“And how exactly do you know that boy?”

“I ain’t afraid of ya fanger, let my sister and kids go or we’re gotta have r’selves a big ole problem, y’all hear me?” Jason crooked his own eyebrow in challenge.

“Boy you are obviously too stupid to know what’s good for. Look at me!” Eric ordered, he was done listening to nonsense and glamouring the idiot it was.

Jason may not have inherited his sister’s freaky mind reading ability, but he was somehow able to sense people’s emotions and shift in energy around him as well as influence them back and though he was unable to feel the vampire his senses was screaming that something was way off just like when he first approached the gateway. The energy in the air was getting thicker and stronger by the second and seemed to be concentrating directly towards his head and it was becoming impossible to repel when suddenly he remembered of vampires ability to fuck with people’s minds by staring them in the eyes.

“Hold that thought Goldilocks!” Jason shouted and frantically started tapping the top of his thick head in search for his sunglasses, never taking his eyes off the vampire.

Jason smiled in utter triumph as he proudly slid them down his face; a true southern gentleman never took off his sunglasses even during the night. Fucker didn’t know who he messin’ with!

Eric just raised both of his eyebrows in pure disbelief, almighty Odin please tell him HIS family was not as dumb as this poor excuse of cerebral space and how the fuck did he know that Eric was trying to glamour him. Eric was in his face instantly using the full power of his glamour, the last bloodbag he did that to end up being spoon feed for the rest of his pathetic life. No fucking sunglasses were going to prevent him from finding what he needed to know.

“You will tell me how you of this, BOY!” he hissed.

“I can feel my sister inside the house.” Jason answered in a robotic matter unable to fight off the vampire influence any longer.


“I don’t know.”

“Have you always been able to feel your sister?”


“Can you also feel the children?”


“Have you always been able to feel the children?”


“Since when then?”

Jason just stared back blankly making Eric growl in irritation. Glamouring was not an exact science and one needed to word his question just right to get the information he wanted.

“When exactly can you feel the children?”

“Only when they’re close.”

“How close?”

“A thousand feet.”

“But you can always feel your sister no matter the distance. Correct?”


“Do you usually sense their overall presence or can you feel their actual emotions?”



“Can you do that with other people too?”


No matter how hard Eric tried to push through, there was this invisible force field guarding that part of Jason’s brain repelling him every time he came anywhere near it and somehow lessening Eric’s overall glamouring effect.

Very interesting.

“What else can you do?”


Very fucking interesting indeed.

“Can your sister do that too?”


“Can the children?”


“Can your grandmother do that?”


“Do they have any special abilities of their own?”


FUCK, so not what Eric wanted to hear.

“Does your Grandmother have any special abilities?”


“Does anyone know where you are?”


“Does anyone know you went to look for your sister and the kids?”

“my Gran.”

“You will now go home and forget me and that you even came here tonight. You will tell you grandmother that you found your sister’s and her kids’ burned ashes in front of a bar called Fangtasia. Do you understand?” Eric growled angrily.

“Yes.” Jason answered obediently and swayed from side to side from the sheer force of Eric’s glamour as he turned back to get into his truck.

Eric did not move from the spot he was in, he was trying to decipher all he had learned about HIS family and not getting anywhere, just more fucking unanswered questions. In normal circumstances Jason would have not survived after Eric was done with him, at the very least he would have been detained for further questioning. However, the lake house was lacking the proper room for that and taking him right now may arouse unwanted interested from others. Plus he really was pressed for time as he could feel Pam getting closer by the second. He needed to assert caution and patience when dealing with finding out who HIS family was or he could easily put them on the radar of too many spying creatures. He was still contemplating what the best course of action would be, when Pam all but drove straight into him clearly not in a mood.

“We have a problem.” Eric calmly stated.

“No shit! I have been trying to call you for the last half hour.”

“About what?” Eric asked irritated as hell, just when is this night going to fucking end already?

“André is going to be at the meeting.”

Eric just hissed at hearing the name. Fuck, the Queen’s Childe was the last vampire Eric needed sniffing around him right now.

“Oh, that’s not all, she somehow knows that you found the bombs hours prior to the explosion and is PISSED she wasn’t informed about your plan. You were right there is a spy lurking around.”

“Fuck!” he roared.

“Wait, I’m not done. What do they say these days, oh yeah, it gets better! Rumor has it that as a punishment she will be loaning you out to New York for a month as that is where the next attack is expected to happen.”

“FUUUUUCK” Eric roared, kicking Pam’s car sending it flying high into the air.

“God dammit, Eric! This is my third car you’ve destroyed in less than a year!” Pam shouted at him.

Eric just gave her a warning look. He had way bigger fucking problems on his hands then replacing Pam’s fucking soccer mom minivan.


So, yeah…. Eric could easily be the poster child for Anger Management and Sex Addicts, but isn’t that why we love his vampire butt *snicker* so much? 🙂

What are your thoughts: Love it, hate it or maybe leave it? I would love to get your feedback 🙂

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5 responses to “5:: Who are you?

  1. WolvesHaveReturned

    May 28, 2015 at 1:47 am

    Interesting things you’re exploring! I like the way Eric is slowly becoming attached to the kids, and Jason being empathic is a nice twist! He’s a fun character to read!

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  2. valleystitcher

    June 7, 2016 at 6:27 pm

    I haven’t done anything all evening but read this delightful story. This is so much fun. Thank you.

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    • mp5KOVA

      June 7, 2016 at 7:40 pm

      Ow thank you so much,
      the crazy thing is that in the last week people have been pm-ing me and leaving comments to write more and the truth is there is no better inspiration than hearing from you guys. So, now I am -rereading the last chapter and have word open outlining ch.8 :)))) Please don’t be shy and let me know what you like or hate, believe me in all helps.
      XOXO M


  3. valleystitcher

    June 8, 2016 at 6:40 am

    This story has the spirit and roots of Angela. Gosh I miss her. Finding your story an adventure that I look forward to reading.

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  4. valleystitcher

    June 8, 2016 at 6:42 am

    I am excited that you will continue with this story.

    This story has the spirit and roots of Angela. Gosh I miss her. Finding your story an adventure that I look forward to reading.

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