28 May

Thank you hisviks for making this into a manageable list for the SVM/TB lovers out there ❤
Ok, peeps check out the numerous nominations and Beehl the Constipated Cat in this year Fanatic Fanfic Multifandom Awards…
Make sure you vote for your favorites on May 31st, 2015!!!!!
I know I will. 🙂

Fang meets Fairy and other encounters

I am breaking my vow of silence (also known as I’m on vacation people) but word reached me through mysterious ways that I’ve been nominated in several categories for the Fanatic Fanfic Multifandom Awardsand then I looked… you guys nominated Beehl! I don’t even know how that’s allowed hence the dying of laughter and Beehl might actually shit himself because of it… and is it wrong of me that I really, and I mean REALLY, want Meridian’s awesome fic The Revealing of Andre to beat out the Fifty Shades hussies in the Favorite Risque Fanfic category courtesy of the Master Torturer? (I mean seriously people make this happen! I’ll vow to make a special Beehl the Constipated Cat just for the occasion!).

So I’m truly humbled by the nominations, when I pointed people that way I really meant it for some other writers who may have gotten overlooked in…

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