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What I am going to do is the following

What I am going to do is the following

Thank you Robin, I’m happy to receive the defibrillator shock to the heart :)) I just wish I didn’t write my little rant in such anger and under a minute, because after reading it again and seeing all of my typos I can’t seem to find the ‘edit’ button to crawl under and hide my illiterate *ass for all of eternity LOL
ps. my sincere apology to all subjected in sifting through that epic garbage of mine

You Want Blood Awards

An empty podium stands in the front of the room where everyone is waiting for notification about what is going to happen to our beloved fandom. A door in the back opens and in walks a simple woman surrounded by two very famous members of said fandom: Eric Northman and Godric.  The impressive vampires stand to each side of the podium to provide their support. The woman takes her place behind the podium and is nervously shuffling and straightening of her note cards.

*cough cough, deep breath*

“Testing….Testing… Can everyone hear me? Anyone still here? Heck, I’m continuing anyway. Okay, I am not an eloquent writer like some of the amazing women in this fandom. I don’t even have the ability to proof read my own posts often not finding the mistakes until days after it was posted so I will depend on someone else for that. *You know who…

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