Total Eclipse

Total Eclipce by mp5KOVA
After a visit to a toy store, during which Sookie Stackhouse found herself grudgingly caught within the mayhem in an attempted assassination of the local La vampires. Only to wake and discover that she & her family had been claimed by the Area 5 Vampire Sheriff. HIGH rating is warranted. Just playing w/ many what if’s in CH’s sandbox, the characters belong to her: Story is VERY AU.

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Even as a creepy Uncle he is HOooOOoT as fuck… LOL

Even as a creepy Uncle he is HOooOOoT as fuck… LOL

Not sure if the Viking would approve LOL, but I sure do because that man clearly can’t do anything wrong in my eyes!!!!


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The Newest Witchhunt on FF

The Newest Witchhunt on FF


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And so my heart danced, and with it my soul, for love, in any form, will always be a reason to celebrate.

“We are nothing more and nothing less than stardust”
A powerful post I highly recommend



No matter how you feel about the Supreme Court’s ruling today, I hope that you look at someone you love and cherish and celebrate who they are are what they bring to you.

Of all the things we will come to lament and regret in our short time on this planet, love, kindness, and compassion will never be among them.

Today, I honour and celebrate you and all of humanity, no matter your race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political stance, or geographical location. Thank you for adding to my experience.

We are beings of temporal eternity.

We are beautiful and terrible.

Magical and mundane.

Fantastic and familiar.

We are the dichotomy.

The sublime coincidence.

We are; will be; have always been

Titanic in our tininess.

We are glorious.

We are nothing more and nothing less than stardust.




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NO WAY, JOSE !!!! 1st place in the Energize W.I.P. Awards for :: Total Eclipse by – yours truly ::

EnergizeWIPawards 2015- 1st place mp5KOVA

So yeah, I’m as shocked as you!   WOW !!!
I never EVER won anything for writing. Heck, I was told my whole life to stick to math and science. Sooo…

In your FACE, Karma!!! I’m officially making you MY biatch!!!


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6 days left!

6 days left!

YES – you guys rock – 265 nominations!!! Check out the updated Newbies list and if you don’t see your favorite new story there make sure you nominate it by June 12th, 2015.
Also voting for the Energize W.I.P. Awards ends tonight, so let your voice be heard in there too 🙂 (

Thank you Robin for all the hard work you do for this fandom 🙂

You Want Blood Awards

Half way thru nominations…

I have managed to get the nominations updated thru today so please before you nominate make sure to check to see if they have not already been nominated.  *Saves me some time to not have to re check the same stories over and over!*

So far there have been 265 nominations I have several emails out so a few more nominations will be added as soon as people answer me.

Also I will be making the voting polls from the nominee page so if you see a typo or something else wrong please leave me a message so I can get it corrected soon.

Way to go guys!

Click the link here to be taken to the nominee’s page



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VOTE! VOTE! Energize W.I.P Contest

It’s time to vote!!!! Go and share your love for reading with some incredibly talented writers :))))




It´s time to vote!

The voting will be open from

02. June – 07. June 2015

Winners will be announced 08. June 2015


N.C. Eleonara
Energize W.I.P Awards

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Congratulations! The Far Reach made the list for Energizer W.I.P Awards

Imagine my surprise that Total Eclipse has been nominated in the Energizer W.I.P Awards (*Wow!! Thanks guys!!!) amongst some incredible writers. Go check them out under the category :: Most Promising Southern Vampire Mystery Fanfiction.
Voting is from June 2nd to 7th, 2015 !!
Natsgirl, Congrats and can I say I love The Far Reach ❤
Congrats to ALL other nominees 🙂



The Far Reach was nominated for the Energizer W.I.P Most Promising Southern Vampire Mystery Fanfiction.  The story stands in heady company.  My story is in competition with authors and stories I love to read.

 Voting opens June 2nd and closes June 7th.  Click on the banner to find the site.  Take a look at the nominees and vote for your favorite!

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